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Metal Asperchu is fucking hardcore, motherfuckers.
Sonichu is not homophobic anymore in Asperchu.
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Asperchu promotes the movie Twilight: The New Moon -- all of these are actual movie posters for it.
The only food in CWCville is the mayor Ian Brandon Anderson's "special" Fanta brew. Oh no!

Started in December 2009, Asperchu is a hilarious parody of Ian Brandon Anderson in every way. The only differences are that he has assburgers instead of high-functioning autism and that he has friends. Unlike other webcomics where they either produce a lot and are lacking comedic ability like most of the popular webcomics or they are hilarious but update only once a year like legorobotic comics, Asperchu manages to shat out funny comics at a rate of more than one per day. As a way to make fun of Ian Brandon Anderson's poor writing skills, they are also riddled with typos such as "copyright 209".

The first month it started, the comic's creator emailed Ian about them and Ian was pissed off seeing himself parodied and so ignored his further emails.

Then in January 2010, the wiki's .php files were edited (so the ads would appear on top of every page) again to change the ads to ones for Asperchu's wiki. The wiki also contains other sonichu parodies. Jack Thaddeus then took the credit for the new ads.

Ian made many angry new videos and thus another new saga in his life was born.

The Real Chris Chan of course endorsed the comics.

If you pay attention while reading the comics, you can notice that the characters facepalm a lot when dealing with Asperchu.

Alec, Evan, Sean, and Mao

Asperchu is written by four guys, Alec Benson Leary, Sean, Mao, and Evan, Mao, who makes the videos, has a voice a little like TheGreggMays, but less sadistic teenager and more smug. This guy is really really really smug. His first video to Ian Brandon Anderson just said, "Go fuck yourself". Then he used that as in every single phrase in every one of his videos.

Mao also plays up being Chinese when his family probably immigrated to the USA 300 years ago and he's never set foot in China nor is fluent in Chinese. Meo and Alec also do not know the difference between Chinese and Japanese. In this video, Mao poses as a Chinese character but does a Japanese accent. In the comic, this red sonichu guy "Punchy" is supposed to be Chinese but he always mixes up Rs and Ls, which is a Japanese thing and in Issue 1, Page 28 the guy says, "For honor and grory of China! Banzai!!" Bonzai is a Japanese expression, not Chinese.

Ian's Reaction

Well now Asperchu parodied Ian in a lot of ways, but the main way was his behavior. Below is only one of many examples.

<video type="youtube" id="UPQYVTyNgZQ" width="250" height="187" desc="Ian, of course, was totally blind to this and mainly was pissed about being drawn as fat and being set on fire." frame="true" position="center"/>

<video type="youtube" id="cQTIVB_Jyls" width="250" height="187" desc="His initial reaction is below. Jump to 1:03 for hilarity as he screams a furious scream! Also notice after talking about manboobs, he straightens his sports bra." frame="true" position="center"/>

<video type="youtube" id="ncX4KOlHtzA" width="250" height="187" desc="Later, he gave a more thought-out reaction." frame="true" position="center"/>

Cogsdev Strikes

Amazingly, this picture, implicating incest between him and his mother, did not offend him.

In January 2010, the Asperchu ads had replaced the gay porn on Chris-chan's cwcipedia wiki. But then on February 1st, 2010, this image replaced the Asperchu ads. It was full size 800×989px right at the top of cwcipedia. Chris responded with his CURSE-YE-HA-ME-HAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! even though it early had been parodied heavily in Asperchu:

<video type="youtube" id="Ww80k0AyUUw" width="250" height="187" desc="SUPER SAIYAN!!" frame="true" position="center"/>

After this, CWCipedia featured an Asperchu comic on the top of every page. However, as of February 26, 2010, the comics were replaced with a clip featuring a close-up of a man's genital area, and then an orgasm (obviously signalling Jack Thaddeus reclaiming the ad space). However much he denies this, Chris likely touches himself to this.

Fake CWCipedia

After Jack Thaddeus reclaimed ad space on Chris' site, it seems that Asperpedia wasn't quite done yet. Very recently, Something on CWCipedia occured, hiding all Recent Changes and instead putting a link to an "updadted CWCipedia" (see link below). After only two seconds on the site (five if you're retarded, and three days if you're a girl), it is easy to tell that this is a troll site. There is not much evidence suggesting that Asperpedia was behind this, but due to chronological proximity and the website claiming that all Sonichu ideas and characters are copyrighted to Mao, they are the prime suspects as of now.

Taking Over CWCipedia

On March 19, 2010, this saga was taken to the next level. It all began when a small edit to the User Rights Log was made:

17:28, 19 March 2010 WikiSysop (Talk | contribs) changed group membership for User:Mao from (none) to bot, sysop, bureaucrat, oversight

Note who exactly is getting promoted to wiki-God power here. Mao. It wasn't long after Mao somehow gained this power that Alec, Sean, and Evan got their own equally powerful accounts (strangely, they do not show up in the User Rights Log). They are currently defiling pretty much everything on the site, much as they had done with their Fake CWCipedia. However, they made a terrible error: while they have placed gay porn on the main site page, our beloved Jack Thaddeus is no longer able to put up his own gay porn ads. This has only just begun, so it is so far unclear whether their dick move towards Jack outweighs the overall trolling towards Ian.

It can now be seen that this latest act has unleashed hell. Chris allowed no accounts to be made on his site other than his. A quick look through the CWCipedia Recent Changes shows that the Asperpals have hacked that away, and trolls are flooding the place and changing basically everything. What will happen when the manchild that is Ian Brandon Anderson returns to his website only to find what Mao has done? We can only wait.

On March 21, 2010, Ian Brandon Anderson returned to his CWCipedia to find it a hellhole containing his worst nightmares: homosexuality, trolls, and the possibility of being a permavirgin. As you can see here, his reaction was the butthurt everybody saw coming. It appears that the CWCipedia hack, along with the trollings of Surfshack Tito and heartbreak over Heather, has driven the manchild to finally swear to leave the internet! Oh, wait...I believe he's done this before. Give him a week, he'll be back with a new account. Oh, and he still thinks Sonichu is an original character that he can make money off of without running into legal trouble. Hell, he should totally try to make money off of it. Watch him wind up on the national news getting sued by Sega and Nintendo for copying their own original ideas. Perhaps he'll totally flip out and make the entire world know of his faggotry! However, unless either a new account or this lawsuit occurs soon, the internet will be deprived of Christian Weston Chandler-related lulz. Once again, it is unclear whether the Asperpals deserve to be commended or burned at the stake for this.

Well, will ya look at that? After a grand total of 36 hours tops, the manchild broke his word to complain about some voice actor on a shitty cartoon show. Also, it appears that the CWCipedia WikiSysop undid everything the Asperpals and the trolls they released did on the wiki, evidenced by the account I made to document the madness not merely being banned, but simply no longer existing. That was short lived, huh?

Mao hacked CWCipedia again... again.

On May 26, 2010, the CWCipedia started being vandalized again. On the 27th, Chris abandoned the CWCipedia, and the site was quickly filled with penises, homosexual images, and over 9000 Dr. Robotnik images. While it's never directly stated that the Asperpals were the culprits yet again (in fact, a cartoon on the new main CWCipedia page is apparently made by some guy named Tim Buckley), the Asperpedia has some hints towards it. Mao says "the purchase went through", implying that he bought out the CWCipedia again. Another Asperpedia guy, Edward (who seems to be Mao's assistant webmaster or something) believes that Mao bought the CWCipedia.

May 30, 2010

Mao hacked the CWCipedia. We know this. Chris, however, in his departure video, relinquished the CWCipedia, and Sonichu by extension (although he didn't know this). Alec, being the oppurtunist that he has truly shown himself to be, went ahead and BOUGHT THE SITE. Not only does this give him CWCipedia, but he also has Sonichu. In another unexpected move, Alec is co-writing a new Sonichu series (dubbed "Sonichu Season 2") with Vivian Gee (aka "vivtheg" and "hamsty"), another of Chris' enemies. Apparently, this new series is an extension of Asperchu.

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