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September 6th 2010

Chrissy posted a new video on Sept 6th, which can be viewed here. In it he informs us he is very much not dead, and in fact alive, healthy and well. He also notifies us that he hasn't dug up Patti. Even if that is true, poor Patti will no doubt be dug up from under his porch sometime soon, as Chris cannot sleep at night knowing there is an animal corpse nearby he hasn't violated. He then rambles incoherently about how the trolls blow smoke, NO ONE IS GONNA LISTEN TO IT ANY MORE!!!!!!!!!!!111!!!. But hey, guess what? He is gonna regain control of his life and ignore the trolls, so they can't play with him any more. His final message? Haters gonna hate, plus an awesome string twirl.

2010 Endeavors

Chris trying to look sexy for his school reunion.

As of August 27, 2010, Chris is butthurt that his class of 2000 has yet to have a reunion, because at prom a movie said "See you in 10 years". Chris believes the school by law has to host a reunion. Most likely his class has seen his videos and has had the reunion and not invited his fat ass, or thought he was dead. It also appears he may be balding.

Chris decided to tape a video tour of Ruckersville. Here he shows the highlights and favorite places of the town(big surprise, McDonalds and Burger King are a couple of the stops on the tour!)

Chris has stepped up his war against trolls with a new masterpiece.

He advises people to turn them in at their work place and DEMANDS THEY BE FIRED! Or turn them in to the police. He mentions that God will smite the trolls.

As of November 22, it appears Chris has again gotten butthurt at not having friends on FriendFace and has quit the internet forever. Time will tell.

His return

chris-chan has evolved into fabio, you know you want him.

Chris returned to the internet in 10/18/2013 showing off his lego skills in a McDonald's, as his house is too filthy to stand as a backdrop. It's noticed that chris looks more of a faggot than ever.

Da Update

So where is our hero now? You'll find him making hand-crafted amiibos of all of your favorite recolors, going for about $40. Whether you want to waste your money on probably-shit-smeared toys with crayola model magic plastered onto them is up to you. You'll be unsurprised to find that white knights are giving genuine reviews saying how these models have brought happiness into their mundane lives, and that he's somehow managed to make 70 sales, which you can see the full account here.

On the Chris-Tran side of the battlefield, I believe this one quote may be able to answer any question you may have about his transformation into a brave and strong woman:

Hey! Who wants to do me a Really Big Favor? Past context, unrelated things and all, I have just heard and learned of something of great interest to me: a Vee-String. They are pricey. To be curt, if anyone offers me a really big donation, which part of would allow me to order one, that person may discretely request a printed photograph of me modeling in it, in addition to the gifts of the $500 or $1000 levels (not at all on any of the lower levels). This is not a mandatory thing, but would be greatly appreciated.




Return of The Tran Fag

It seems as though we may be witnessing a new saga on the horizon as Chris has started to upload more videos of him in front of the camera. So far (as of November 3rd) the retard has uploaded three cringe videos to the damn internet. The first video is just giving thanks to all of his white knights for giving him more money for PSN and junk food and it seems as though he has dyed his fucking hair. The second one is him trying to apologize for being rude to the homos. The third one is the worst out off all of them. I don't even want to describe it. Seriously just watch the fucking video below. It should also be noted that he disabled comments on his official CwcvilleGuardian channel so you're gonna have to leave your comments on the CWC Library. However, the stupid fat prick has also managed to reveal his email to the internet on Fagbook in attempt to get lesbian china. For the record, it's [email protected].

<video type="youtube" id="ItdyLLnTvGg" width="300" height="225" desc="Thank You from Christine Chandler" frame="true" position="center"/> <video type="youtube" id="gWFbrUjSW7I" width="300" height="225" desc="Apology for past homophobic comments and homophobia" frame="true"


<video type="youtube" id="bg1GDDduK9Q" height="225" desc="HelloLadyFans" frame="true"


Sorry, Trump! I'm not voting for you and I don't think anybody else will, either.


Chris-chan stumps the Trump. (Now that Chris-chan's a shemale, he's a leftist.)