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Male Lesbianism

I am a "gaaaaaaaaaybian", a male-lesbian.


—Chris-chan reveals his true sexuality.

On February 5th, Chris-chan very intelligently decided to upload a video stating that he is, in fact, gay, (maybe hoping this would shut our mouths up) and of course the users responded very enthusiastically. Just after he noticed the amount of lulz his new video was producing, he decided to delete it. However a good fellow reupload it for great justice. Note how he says he respects the "gay population", even though he's said gay people were bad, sinful, deserve to die in an explosion, and going straight to HELL! (God help him) Sauce:[1]

Comin' Out the Closet!



He has now decided to jump back into the closet. He apparently came out because Clyde made an obvious fake death threat on one of his dearest gal-pals that only a retarded person would believe - this means that if someone else makes such a threat, they can get Chris to do another video!

If you skip to 1:23, you can see him strugglin' to break his last piece of evidence: a fucking BUTT-DILDO. He also states how he has to look at a poster of Sailor Moon daily or he'll turn gay. Further evidence that Chris struggles to maintain his heterosexuality on a daily basis. But the whole premise of Chris enjoying Sailor Moon is highly ironic considering the show is renowned for having homosexuals, lesbians, and transsexual characters. Unfortunately for him, once you're out, you can't go back in.