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What you're about to see may disturb you.

On the 28th of April, 2011, several pictures of Chris dressed in drag were leaked by Surfshack Tito. It is disturbing how much he resembles his mother, as well as how genuinely happy and at peace he looks in these photos.

Remember, he is straight.

On July 5th, Chris made a new Facebook account and plastered it with pictures of his disgusting ass in the vain hopes of losing his virginity but the only people attracted to him was a single mom and a seventeen year old girl. He closed the account a couple days later.

Ol' Chrissy was also spotted on a tranny forum (a few months after the infamous 'tomgirl pictures') under the name 'KookyDashy' he made posts about him telling Snorlax and Bob that he was a tomgirl and other shit no one cares about, people found out it was Chris because he mentioned Sonichu without making fun of it and, as we all know, Chris is the only one that takes his abomination seriously.

Chris is now living the life of a tomgirl.

This Image Sums Up the Horror That Is Tomgirlism

ChrisChan Recidivism.jpg
Gaze Upon the Banana Hammock and Dispair

Now that this image is fresh in your mind, try to imagine that Prissy Petunia here spent his next four videos trying to be an intimidating baddass.

The Calling Out Saga

On August 6th, 2011 Chris'tard "officially" came back to the internet. He posted videos of demanding $1000 dollars mailed to his house. He also blackmailed other people to stop acting like him.
Way to not know that Extortion, especially across state lines, leads to legal trouble, conviction, incarceration and sweet, sweet jailhouse assrape in his diaper-rash encrusted poopchute. But hey, at least he'd finally lose his cursed virginity.

Calling out "Tito"

Calling out "Thorg"

Calling Out "Alec Benson Leary"

And now, Buffalo Bill

Chris doesn't seem to know that when someone compares him to Buffalo Bill...they mean it as an insult.

Would you Fuck Him?

"'Coz Chris-Chan would Totally Fuck Himself."


Yes, Chris. It is that cold. We feel Cold in our souls every time we see you.

CWC and The HedgehogTomgirls

Bizarro-Christine just released the Official Soundtrack to Bob Chandler last heart attack. It's called CWC and The HedgehogTomgirls and like all of Chris's previous musical masterpieces, it is made entirely of recordings of Chris singing bad cover versions accompanied only by a boombox playing the original track.
The difference between this album and the previous steaming piles of copyright assrape is this record boldly proclaims "I'm a Diva Trapped in the Body of an Autistard" instead of just "I'm an Autistard".

Jackie Saga II: Electric Mr.Popo's Poo

In late February of 2012, trolls leaks a series of extremely strange (even by Chris'tard Standards) videos. So far these include:

  • A Video where Chris farts on a Chocolate Cake.
  • Re-enacting a Bizarre "Date" with a Blow-up Doll.
  • Forgot the Glitter: A Strip-Tease in a Walmart Dressing Room.
  • A Voyeur Video about his Mom Eating. (Freud would have a Field Day.)
  • Another Creepy Strip-Tease.
  • Fucks the Blow-Up doll while muttering "Who's Your Brony." (Cue Trolls calling his house and yelling "BRRROONNNAAAAYYYY!!!")
  • A Katy Perry Cover Sung in Utter Darkness.
  • A disturbing "Cheerleader" routine.

Supposedly, this display of....of...whatever it is was done for the benefit of Jacklyn Romy, a she-Troll who got Chris to cosplay as Mr. Popo and Grimace back in 2010.

A New Theory Emerges

There is some talk going around that Chris' attempt to transform into a female form is not one of choice by rather a chemical punishment against him. A small minority are claiming that Chris is showing signs of taking chemical castration drugs. There has been no record of him being found guilty or charged with a crime like rape or molesting kids but they claim, like before, Chris played the autistic retard card when he was caught with a more minor crime, such as talking dirty to a kid or feeling up a girl against her wishes, things he has done before, and to get out of being charged it was offered up that he start chemical castration. This argument does explain his current lack of desire for sex and the secondary female sex traits he's developing like boobs. The argument also claims that female hormones tend to help men grow hair back as testorone causes baldness, but since chemical castration attacks the male hormone, it doesn't and this is one proof that he's not taking female hormones. These conspiracy seekers believe that the Trans-phase was an excuse made up by either Rocky or Chris' mother to hide this fact because, would you rather be known as a fag or a child molester?

See Also

Chris wearing his mother's undergarments.

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