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August 30th 2010: PS3 Destruction

Three leaked videos (MovingFoward, MovingFurtherFoward, 100_2209.MOV) have appeared on the internets regarding his "Life Upgrade" (aka his PS3). He accidentally DELETED FUCKING EVERYTHING on his PS3 Harddrive, 2 days after that he beat the shit out of it with an edging stone, then stabbed it with scissors then ran over it with his car. It was discovered shortly after that the manchild was trolled (again),according to some leaked emails, he thought that if he destroyed his PS3, he would receive $9,001. Obviously he didn't think through this idea at all. He destroyed nearly $5,000 in his autism and never received the reward that he'd hoped for (no shit).He tried to make people think that he wanted to destroy it, to change his life and stop playing video games.
Sadly, this new direction in his life didn't last. He immediately went into withdrawal and spent his welfare money on a NEW PS3.

Chris gets a PS4

In March 2016, Chris bought himself a PS4 and decided to pretend someone sent it to him for some reason. Not only does Chris create videos with it, he also starts doing streams where he e-begs on youtube, with the comment sections predictably being filled with weens.
In these streams, Chris usually commentates over videos he uploaded years ago, and demanding that everyone treats him like a woman, as well as sending him money for things that will never get done. Chris also sometimes streams gameplay, most notably Destiny, in which said gameplay holds nothing of interest, and weens still spamming the comment sections.


<video type="youtube" id="rqTn8bORBt8" width="300" height="225" desc="CWC's Autism Tutorial HD with Commentary" frame="true" position="center"/>
Also, in a predictable display of stupidity, Chris realizes that doing nothing all day somehow leaves him no time to create more retarded comics, so decides to create the, uh, "company" of Sonichu Entertainment of America.
With this he plans to employ people to do his shit for him, despite the fact he can barely pay for himself, let alone other people (and his mom who actually pays for him is $2,000 in debt). With this grand scheme of "selling fun for the whole family", he plans to sell the usual gimmicky shit such as hats, t-shirt, mugs and many other "fine products".

<video type="youtube" id="HvlxLfyGOws" width="300" height="225" desc="Hurry up and submit your CV, spaces are filling up fast!" frame="true" position="center"/>