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Somebody tell Chris Hansen.
Holy Shit.

The Christian Boy Love Forum is a place where Pedophiles try to justify their sickfuckedness with crap from the Bible. They claim that Jesus was a superhero Boy lover who roamed the deserts buggering children with his uber-meat. Currently it is unknown whether this is true, because nobody reads the Bible.

Obviously the population of the forum is wholly comprised of seedy old men. But those who post anonymously are appropriately labeled as 'Youth??', so as to give the false impression that there are actually children who enjoy the company of lonely old men who ultimately want to fuck them in the ass.

But not Pedos, apparently

Apparently, there is a difference between Boylove and Pedophilia. Everyone claims that they are not Pedophiles, but that they are Boylovers. This is odd, considering that Boylove IS the definition of Pedophilia.

And to further that idea, there are even numerous posts that describe intimate experiences with their 'Young Friends', details on how to lure children into your company using psychology (not different than heterosexual men cheating and lying to women to get pussy), and how they lust taking them 'all the way'. The rest of the posts consist of shitty poems, sob stories, and cheesy prayer sessions where they kiss God's ass after realizing that maybe it was wrong to groom their neighbors 10 year old son into sodomy. The main page has a motto stating "Where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there among them." Matthew 18:20. Sounds like they're into orgies as well.

"Oh wait!, God wanted me to be a Pedo! That makes it OK!"

A pattern of amusing behavior is evident when reading the crap that spans endlessly throughout the website. Unlike typical Pedophiles that know that what they are doing is wrong, these pedophiles add a hint of Christianity to the ingredients. They use the ol' 'Sin, Repent, Sin Repent' method, which has provided Christians an endless outlet of 'I can do whatever the fuck I want and still go to heaven'. You will commonly find a post titled "Prayer" which is not an actual group prayer, but a way for members to try and convince each other that they are indeed Christian.

... "Give them to us"

Great Posts

The original Swirl Face.
Jesuslol candybar.jpg
CBLF Jesus

"As the Bible says, You will be ashamed of the Terebinth Trees you have chosen. The Terebinth trees, of course, are symbols of pagan fertility cults. Where there would be cute boy prostitutes to visit after you'd done the pagan fertility dance. Oh, BTW, Yahweh hates that shit."

"From the point of view of religious history, the next step on YouTube, of course, will be the chance to watch videos of boys being castrated."

Discussion about YouTube videos of boys...Something about Terebinth trees

"Comedy is when a boy in a YouTube video gets his budding sexuality lopped off with a knife. One wants more and more: the sight; the sex; the six ounces of bloody sausage wrapped up in butcher paper. And carried in a basket in a parade! Fortunately the Jews were clever enough to come up with the spectacle of a mock-castration (circumcision) which is a sufficiently engaging enough piece of physical trauma-theater to perpetuate itself through the centuries. And which we Christians inherit. At least, we inherit it if we're savvy enough to understand that God is trying to speak DIRECTLY to the anxieties that drive our pedophile behaviors through the lovingly cruel sacrament of circumcision."


"Walked into an ice cream shop today...and there behind the counter is this awesome blonde 11 year old boy god. I was so overwhelmed by him...that I had an immediate anxiety attack and started to cry. He was so very very very exactly like a boy I was in love with when I was 18. All the pain of having lost that boy came flooding in."

Trip to the Ice cream store, and lost love

"Before I go I thought I would share some thoughts about a pretty good movie I saw last night on DVD. It just came out and it's called 300. ...and so were the boys who were in this movie. I loved the scenes with the boys in them, although the depictions of how a Spartan boy was brought up was somewhat hard to take. I kept wanting to jump into the movie and gather the boys into my arms and give them comfort and love. Another interesting thing was the mention of Athenian philosophers and Boylovers. That was really cool."

This is Blasphemy, This is Madness!

"I just spent the whole weekend camping and cuddling 2 beautiful boys I had never met before!" "... will be circumspect and tell you to look up your local SCA group and see if you can hook up with a household (start on their websites and see if anyone is physically near you). Camping events often go a whole weekend, or a few last for a week, and people don't leave their kids behind, it's good family fun!"

Good family fun!

"It IS a classic BL situation, if you think about it. A boy who misses his father, finds another friend, keeps him in the bedroom closet for awhile, they become psychically linked, cry when they have to separate, etc."

Reply to a thread lusting over Elliot from ET

"I don't fully understand the concept of "Christian Boylove".Boylove and Christianity aren't really compatible.Men,according to the bible, are supposed to be attracted to woman, anything outside of that is sinful(according to the bible).Boylove is basically just homosexuality,which the bible condemns(See Leviticus 20:13).To be a boylover is fine, I just don't think you should fool yourself into believing you can be a boylover AND a christian.If the bible were true, then by being a boylover, you'd go to hell."

"I actually agree with Jimmy. Christ is awesome because he forgives but we're not supposed to sin because we know God will forgive us. That is in effect taking God's gift of love and forgiveness for grated. On the other hand, God told us to love everyone, therefore to some extent we must be attracted to boys and girls. It's alright to appreciate all of God's creation."

Justifying Boylove with Christianity

A Letter from Mark Miner

When you use someone else's words, you acknowledge this with a citation. This is considered a pretty standard etiquette, and violation of it will get you thrown out of academia. Removing the citations, as you have done, amounts to plagiarism. Please also consider acknowledging the other four posts you have copied onto your ED CBLF page.

Oh Sorry!

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