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Christoph Naumova

Christoph Naumova - as he's known on Second Life - is a closet furry from Chicago, Illinois.

A gay Nazi and the leader of an in-game, "for teh lulz" so-called military organization known as the "Vanguard Armed Forces", as well as a stressed little snow-kitty :(. Christoph claims to be a psychiatrist in real life, always too busy for anything else except psychiatry, Counter-Strike, and Second Life, although he also seems to have enough time to himself for sleeping, stringing people along with falsehoods, regularly confusing real life with fantasy, and burying furries into his lap while tail-fucking them.

Christoph has had a long history on SL, He sticks to the same lie/story before moving onto a new one. It's no doubt that Christoph is not stupid, in the sense that he can remember who knows which story about him. Multiple professions that he has claimed to have been involved in include; Professional Gaming, Psychiatry, English Major, and an editor. In truth, there are sources that have pointed to him actually living with his parents. This is the most logical case, because most furries live with their parents until they are in their late 20s. Christoph has been said to actually be under the age of 18, and still has birthday parties with delicious cake. We all can agree Christoph's life is full of win

His Only Pride in Life

As previously stated, Christoph actually runs the Vanguard SL military, based on WWII German armies. The creativity gone into the military is as unique as Starfinder Photo manipulations and traces. On SL, there are multiple groups of fags that carry fake guns to compensate for their lack of penises. Vanguard was created from a dramafest in Merczateers, and so he copied another military known as the Ordo and made titles matching language, and small subgroups for his amusement. There are frequent cockslaps between Ordo and Christoph's Vanguard, usually resulting in Christoph BAWWWING from butthurt due to their lack of member. He was evicted from his old sim by intLib after Christoph refused to pay rent, and threw a bitchy-fit which can only be compared to that of a furry's.

On SL, his profile reads:

Im a mighty morphing power ranger.

No, I am not a fascist. I am not a racist. Do not assume me to be one. It's actually quite wrong to be so.

I do not recruit.

Disclaimer: You may not like me, you may have your little "opinions", but there's an issue. They're like assholes, everyone has one and nobody cares. I'm still above you in every aspect. Also, by IM'ing me you note that your conversations are logged by LL's offered ability - For legal issues


—Christoph's SL profile.

This, of course, is all speculation and you should just believe what Chris tells you because he's never wrong.

You wanna make the snow mew cum?

Video proof



Christoph was recently recorded while having phonesex with another furry. The conversation is long, and involves much scritching. It starts with a furry asking if he wants to spend all night with him. They then decide on tails and paws. The latter includes tail-fucking, and Christoph moaning over the phone. The video blatantly puts it that he is stressed-snow kitty.

How Christoph Gets Off

As previously mentioned, Christoph likes to promise the people he claims to care about money, room and board, and a life of luxury and ease. (It should be noted he usually preys upon those who are in a poor mental or physical condition and desperate to get out of their rut) The longer things go on, however, the more the promise starts to deteriorate. The ease starts to grow less easy and the luxury turns more and more into an "earned privilege". Here's an example of a typical scenario with Christoph and someone who can stroke his ego:

Week 1: "You're interesting..."
Month 1: "I love you..."
Month 2: "I just want you to be happy..."
Month 3: "I promise I'll fly you up here to Chicago and give you room and board right away!"
Month 4 onward: "[insert random excuse for breaking promises here]"

It also should be said that Christoph loves talking on the telephone. After knowing someone for a few days, he will get their telephone number, or skype name. This is where Christoph starts teh Rape He actually will masturbate on phone, especially if it involves cubfurs. Most of these calls will most likely involve sounds of him fapping his small penis.


Some time before last Thursday, Christoph and a fox furry by the name of "Miles05 Reitveld" have been Partnered in Second Life. During this time, Chris has cheated on Miles time and time again, both in real life and online. This doesn't bother Miles, however, due to the following.

*****: Hey, Miles! Are you on?
*****: Aw damn. Okay, well, I gotta talk to you about something
important that doesn't have anything to do with your vendor stuff or Twilight
Town. I'd appreciate it if you could get back to me so I can get back to you so
we can put our heads together. This is about Christoph...and I don't think
you're gonna like it, but it has to be said...Sorry. *hugs*
Miles05 Reitveld: Well, what's going on? Realize that any quarrels between you
and him aren't related to me at all. I wasn't there, and I can't do anything
about it.
*****: ANYWAY, I'll come right out and say it. *ahem* He's cheating
on ya. With me. :D Or was, until I finally got tired of it. BUT he's still
semi-sorta cheating on you with *****, so...Supposedly, he's been "trying to
tell you" for some time now.  Since July 12th or 13th. But you've been
"perpetually ill" or "otherwise offline" and "beyond contact," he says. "I
wanted to tell him personally," he adds, "which is why I didn't send him an
offline IM."
*****: Regardless, I got tired of keeping you in the dark, rudeness
or not. So...yeah. Feel free to stab either ***** or I in the eyes next
chance you get. He assured us he was going to "break up with you", but
apparently never did, so...
*****: I'm blathering now.  Whee!  *coughs and hugs*  Sorry...
Contact me if you need me.
[2008/01/17 9:40]  *****: You can have your boyfriend back, Miles.
He lied to me.  He lied to my sister to cover his own ass.  He's nothing but a
lying, cheating son of a bitch. I think the only person he DIDN'T like to was
his girlfriend, ***** . And I'm not so sure about that.  But he lied
about bringing us up there and has been for the past several months.  He lied
about you dying.  He lied about being in love with *****, probably, or being
in love with you.  He just lies to cover his ass and make sure people he wants
to use are hearing everything they want to hear instead of the truth until
confronted by more than one party.  And even then, he has to lie to make the
"lesser of two evils" hate him less. can have that lying sack of
shit back.  He killed *****...and he killed me.  Emotionally.  I'm never going
to trust anyone again...
[2008/01/17 9:42]  *****: Oh, and he also lied about giving *****
a new avatar.  But that's relatively minor.
[2008/01/17 14:34]  Miles05 Reitveld: These issues don't sound good at all! I'm
sorry this happened. Also, for clarification on my side, he isn't my boyfriend.
Hmm... I never thought he would mix the RL and roleplay elements so far... (You
can't tell if he's roleplaying or speaking something that he means, which can be
confusing). Again, sorry that all happened to you.

It may be worth mentioning that despite the fact "Christoph Naumova" is and has been the one and only person listed in Miles05's "Partner" spot in Second Life, he and Christoph both claim up and down that Miles was talking about someone entirely different, having misunderstood the message sent to begin with. (At least that's what Christoph claims.) Despite this, Chris claims 100% loyalty to Miles and regularly brings up the fact that Miles is going to die some time soon to whomever he's trying to impress at the time.

Miles05 Owns the Twilight Town sim in Second Life, this is his only joy except for awesome Nintendo games, and his iPhone. The sim is another Furry sim in Second Life, and to take note, is easily crashable being Havok 3, and the high amount of primitives in the construction. The sim is based on the Fabulous Kingdom Hearts.

Christoph is Not Amused!

After seeing the horrifying allegations issued against him in this article, Christoph threatened hot legal action against the creator of this article and the site on which it's posted. This, of course, resulted in Lulz. Christoph will threaten Legal action against anyone that attempts to spread info about his SL self. In truth he will manipulate the TOS, and try to crush willpower. In the end, he is powerless, and treats the Internet like serious business.

Later, to explain his immature reaction to the article, he posted in his profile that he's a changed boy, and that the legal suit is something he would have done back in '07. Now he is attempting to say that he's awesome because of this article, when in fact the parody nature also states the truth. He then explains that his actions that he did try to take were for the lulz, but we all know furries have no concept of the lulz, so they fail. We all know the truth, so we can laugh as he tries to save face.

Sweet, delicious Internet dox

Because it is against ED policy to post anything that involves IRL info, only internets info will be placed.

Counter-Strike: Source: Messiah
Second Life: Christoph Naumova
Vanguard Sim: Wolfenstein/Leviathan
Planetside 2: DVSDelrith, Waterson Server, NC
Steam: AJSA Delrith

[19:02] Christoph Naumova: Anyway, nice ED article about me. I don't mind anything about myself, but the Miles stuff is a bit overdone, since you did exclude the other half of the conversation, and he was speaking about Shinrasin Xu. In any sense, I'll give that a week before I post your SSN, both your sisters work and home number, and forward the website/address and a subpoena for slander to you, and most likely have your sister fired and you guys evicted. It's cool to hate me, but not people related to me. Thanks. <3
[19:05] Christoph Naumova: Also you should know in your state it is legal to prosecute you for slander and anything damaging to ones reputation, but I'd be having miles do it, since I don't mind people talking trash about myself. So yeah. Since your sister is a dispatcher and what not, I'm pretty sure she'd be angry if I contacted her and gave her everything until my hearts content. You have a good one thing.

Hiding in Planetside 2

Having run out of furries to molest and seeing his Nazi fetish roleplay group run into the ground in second life, Furher Snowmew took off to a new Vidyagame in Planetside 2 playing for the New Conglomerate faction on the Waterson server. He goes by the name DVSDelrith, or just Delrith. He had a picture taken of himself at an SOE live event in which it was hard to miss his fat, pimply foureyed ginger ass taking up half the screen. If asked, he will promptly deny having any knowledge of Second Life, Furries, or Christoph Naumova, Snowmew, etc Dispite having several of those Second Life groups mentioned elsewhere in this page, on his steam profile *A profile he has since locked after his dark past had it's beans spilled all over the internets"

On the topic of Planetside 2, he also had his account banned in the late days of the beta, or early days of the launch for stat padding with an alt, but brownnosed his way into getting his account unbanned

The Everlasting Snowmew video has since seen a revival in visitors, as players from all factions and servers watch in horror, the perverted and disgusting past of the fabled Waterson Leaderboard champ and DVS Clan "Community Manager"

He has locked down his steam page, and no longer streams on the game, needless to say. HE'S A STRESSED SNOW KITTY

If you aren't Snowmew, then why all the Snowmew groups? Also apparentley professional gamers have ban records


Warning: tl;dr

[0:57]  xx: we all know Christoph is a perv
[0:57]  xx: naumova
[0:58]  xx: well back in the day i was good friends with miles and I met Christoph through lumi and Marcus go figure
[0:59]  xx: this was along time ago back when me MJ mald and duke lived on a huge parcel, after lumi brought Christoph by we all became friends and he started coming and hanging out at our parcel more and more
[1:00]  xx: because voice wasn't out yet and blah blah
[1:00]  xx: so we swap skype names and we get into a big ass call
[1:00]  xx: well Christoph took a strong liking to me but i was already with someone and he was with miles
[1:01]  xx: one day he asked me for my cell number because he wanted to talk to me some more and not have to sit up in a chair
[1:01]  xx: so i gave it to him
[1:02]  xx: we talked on my cell and such but like he never gave me his number, it was always him calling me after a skype call, his number would always come up private, he said it was because he worked for the government
[1:03]  xx: well we talked and he would start saying things like "Your so cute in all your pics and your such a great artist, I have a tough time trusting people but I trust you"
[1:03]  xx: till he got to the point where he asked me to be his second mate
[1:03]  xx: and I was like wtf you got miles and your GAY
[1:03]  xx: he was like miles isn't around and I'm not that gay
[1:04]  xx: he kept asking and shit, "so DO you like me any?" I would always say well your funny, and that's about it,
[1:05]  xx: then out of the blue he asked me if i would like to make the snow mew happy I didn't know this at the time but apparently snow mew is his name in bed like sex name and wot not
[1:05]  xx: then he started to play with him self and begged me to do the same
[1:06]  xx: at the time I lived in a dorm with two other girls
[1:06]  xx: I told him no and he's like comeone go into the bath room and play with your self for me
[1:07]  xx: at this point I was freaking out, so I just laid the phone down beside me and just let him finish, man but I could still hear him moaning and shit
[1:08]  xx: fucking perv and his phone sex and when he did this i was like oh god, I've just been phone raped
[1:08]  xx: also i found out over the past year I'm not his first
[1:08]  xx: he's done this to at least 9 other people that I know of


Story Two:

[1:13]  xx: I met Chris way back around January of like 2006, I met him with my friend corporalchris (now banned because of Christoph) at the time Christoph was partnered to oreo lagerloff, who was actually like a 18-19 year old in Virginia I believe
[1:13]  xx: at that time Chris was scripting/building weapons to sell in his venders so he could go and visit Oreo in person
[1:14]  xx: over the month, Christoph gathered enough money and went to visit Oreo, and they did "stuff" I really don't know what; I never wanted to ask...oreo is like 270 pounds IRL >.>
[1:15] xx: according to oreo, Christoph looks like a teenager, and was very stuck-up and snotty; and according to Christoph, "I would never have sex with that piece of fat shit; and when I refused, he started to whine."
[1:16]  xx: since I was mainly friends with oreo and such at the time; I lost contact with Chris until I ran into him again in taco; he was in some tyrial avatar from Diablo 2, and was hopping around; I started talking to him again and he wasn't hitting on me as much (I used a female white fox those days)
[1:17]  xx: when miles opened up twilight town is when I got to know Chris much better; 
[1:17]  xx: that's when the nightmare began D:
[1:17]  xx: every day he would IM me and start asking, "will you give the snowmew a muzzlejob" and all this other crap, even though I didn't want to
[1:18]  xx: I was warned by foxalin to NOT give him my IRL phone number because Christoph extorted him, and was going to give away personal info to LL; so foxalin left SL, and made an alt; who's name will remain secret.
[1:18]  xx: he said he has balls of yarn at home
[1:20]  xx: well I lied to Christoph, after hearing this warning and told him that I had skype; and that I cannot give my hom enumber because I live with my parents; and I had lost my cell phone. So he had my skype number, and called me on that
[1:21]  xx: at first I has extremely shy on skype, because my voice is high and stuff; I was worried about being made fun of; and at the time I believed Chris has a PhD and stuff
[1:22]  xx: he would always call me on skype and then if it was a group call he'd kick everyone out of the call just so he could say stuff like, "I want to buy you a collar IRL so I can leash you and use your body for my penis"
[1:22]  xx: or he'd say stuff like, "I'm rubbing my cock right now thinking of your fluffiness"
[1:23]  xx: and it creeped me out; I would just giggle and say, "you are?" or "You're silly/funny" because I DIDN'T want to encourage him; but he kept doing it
[1:24]  xx: this only pissed off Christoph, because I wouldn't respond to his IM's asking for muzzlejobs... 
[1:25]  xx: I basically just began to ignore him, and he stopped IMing; guess he got the hint... He also told me things like, "I own balls of yarn IRL, and I would love you to come over sometime to my house so we can play with them; I like younger furs"
[1:25]  xx: not until recently did I find out he's younger than me


Why he fails:

Since Christoph doesn't need true friends, just hoes to boss around for awhile,
then kick out. He has no connections to people sexually, his hands suffice. He
also is secretly a Jewish Black man from Russia who wants to corrupt the
internets into XXXRusSIaSExpAdxXX and turn the fail-SL Militaries into the
XxxruSsiaSEXpaDXxX's IRON CURTAIN. Startling new evidence;

[20:16]  [CENSORED]: We must end Christoph's reign of terror on Soviet-controlled Eastern Berlin!
[20:16]  Tyenshinsi Takaaki: SHUT YOUR FACE
[20:17]  Moose Denja: I fuck dick
[20:17]  Moose Denja: :D
[20:17]  Yellow Hyland: :D
[20:17]  [CENSORED]: He's a poorly educated Jewish Nigger, declared commie Puppet-Governor by Stalin himself!
(His gay troops defending the lies of their Communist-Propaganda.)
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