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Chuck Testa will be posted by the same
unfunny newfag until you like it.

August 14, 2011 a slightly funny and oh-so-exploitable video was posted on YouTube by Ojai Valley Taxidermy featuring taxidermist Chuck Testa. Like anything slightly humorous (and not at ALL warranting any further attention), the newfags banded together and turned Chuck Testa into a forced meme hoping to create the next Imma Let You Finish. Needless to say that the internet let out a groan as her ovaries grew bluer and the cancer continued to spread.

The Video



Following the spirit of the video, a Chuck Testa comic usually involves a dead animal or famous figure shown walking around a statement such as "oh wow, X is back?", only to have a render of Chuck Testa appear holding it up and the large, diagonal, OBNOXIOUS, orange text appearing with either "NOPE!" or "NOPE! It's Chuck Testa!". Other versions have spawned since everyone got fucking tired of so many rules to the comics, which limit all the exploiting potential, and consequently, the lulz. Now the biggest douche of taxidermy can be shown to be holding up anything that catches your attention. Why Testa feels that he should exist in a world of memes where his territory is already covered by classic troll face comics: your guess is as good as ours.

Capitalizing on /b/

The taxidermy business wasn't going very well for this califag, so he decided to hire a company to advertise him.

Aforementioned company created the video with the intention of going viral, effectively trolling all the newfags into advertising for them. Chuck trolled his way into the internet and created a forced meme all in one feral swoop. At least we can all rest assured that the dumbass hasn't figured out how to capitalize on JewTube partnerships and has only succeeded in selling a few T-shirts. Pretty raughable considering he's gotten over 4 million views.


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