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Circlist is a pro-circumcision website and mailing list; the website tries its best to look NPOV without actually claiming to be. The site consists of retards who ignore all contradicting evidence of all kinds in favor of their limited scope of understanding. I mean, really! Who needs human rights when you just want to get off?

Reasons For Circumcision

The dubious medical benefits that Circlist claims for circumcision are only a front; in reality, Circlist members like circumcision for one of two reasons:

  • they have a circumcision fetish, or;
  • they are from the USA and hate/hated being uncircumcised simply because uncut is the minority in the US.

The lulzy part is that many of them will try to hide this, though it is so transparent that they were removed from Wikipedia's circumcision article for being a "gay erotic fantasy" site. On the Circlist site you can find much angst from uncircumcised men about how they resent their parents for not having someone take a knife to their penis as babies, and how parents who oppose circumcision are the worst parents in the world. Do you tell your son to get you a beer from the fridge while you watch football? Do you beat your wife? Don't worry! At least you decided your kid shouldn't get the chance to decide for himself when it comes to an irreversable and permanent operation on someone else's body who you won't ever get to touch anyways.

Reasons Against Circumcision

According to Circlist, the only reasons against circumcision are the risks of the operation itself. There is no such thing as a botched circumcision, ever. Posts from circumcised men who are unhappy with their penis are not allowed on Circlist, nor are posts from uncut men who like their foreskin, since it's best to ignore any conflicting arguments when it's not convenient for the site's mainstream opinion. In fact, according to Circlist, the anti-circumcision movement is made up only of childless foreskin fetishists. Some even go so far as to compare them to the Nazis.

The "Circlist Mini Gallery"

Before and after images are provided for informational purposes only and not for the purposes of fapping. Note: they are not the same penis.
Despite the tattooed thong, this man does NOT simply want to be circumcised because of a body modification fetish.
Jake Waskett, Circlist Member, Wikipedia Editor (Jakew)
Not a circlist member, you idiots

The Circlist Mini Gallery is a site authored by a Circlist member; it is undeniable evidence that all of the people on Circlist feel the way they do because of their circumcision fetish. The front page is "passworded" as it is "not aimed at the general public" and you "need to become a Circlist member" to access the gallery; in reality, it is a shitty JavaScript redirect, and you can find the password ("procirc") simply by looking at the source of the page.

Despite the gallery's claims that it is not "intentionally meant to be pornographic", it contains a few short stories describing circumcision in great detail; some of said stories contain underaged characters. With A+ lines like this, there is no doubt that these stories are bad porn:

I opened my eyes. Dad was standing to my left. "I've just circumcised my son.
I have turned my boy into a man by cutting off his foreskin. Now he is a man.

Also, the idea of mutilation appears to be a central theme in some of the stories, despite the pro-circumcision movement's adamant denial that male circumcision should be considered mutilation.

Leaked Posts Gallery

Members of CIRCLIST agree to not share postings to the list or from the archives with anyone and to keep information gained from membership in CIRCLIST confidential. This is mainly so that they don't get proven that they're retards by someone slightly more intelligent than themselves and also because it makes them feel elite.

uncut = uncircumcised
cut = circumcised
RIC = routine infant circumcision

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