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Wikipedia attaining World Domination; one citation at a time.

Widely known [citation needed] as Wikipedia's way of saying "I don't habeeb it, prove it", Citation Needed is easily noticed [citation needed] by usage of this tag: [citation needed], and generally indicates that users on Wikipedia mean serious business. [citation needed]


Wikipedia's effective moderation strategy.

Wikipedia has multiple methods of stating that citation is necessary, including: [verification needed], [specify], [93; and [CITE?]. Although different in appearance, they essentially mean the same thing: an assertion needs to be backed up with sources that meet Wikipedia's so-called policies.[citation needed]
Usage of the tags can sometimes lead to an edit war between the Wikipedophile who originally added the information to the article, and the bureaucratic fuck who doesn't believe him. The resulting reverts and "discussion" on the article's talk page can sometimes be the source of good quality lulz.[citation needed]


Citation Needed is to be used anytime a statement or piece of information (no matter how true, logical or plain common sense it may be) is not verified with a source linking from the article, no matter how doubtful the source is.[citation needed] Additionally, use of the "verification needed" tag can take place when a source other than The Guardian is cited,[citation needed] or when information might be considered original research, which is against TOW policies.



When a bureaucratic fuck uses enough "citation" needed tags, he or she will inevitably add the "Needs Additional References" template to the top of the article.[citation needed] Adding this tag basically establishes the article as a likely lie from the start[citation needed] and confirms to the rest of the Wikipedophiles that, if they hadn't guessed by now, the person who added the tag really does mean serious business.[citation needed]

Trolling TOW

Use[citation needed] of[citation needed] the[citation needed] citation[citation needed] needed[citation needed] tag[citation needed] excessively[citation needed] on[citation needed] Wikipedia[citation needed] will[citation needed] seldom[citation needed] be[citation needed] reverted.[citation needed] As[citation needed] such,[citation needed] it[citation needed] can[citation needed] be[citation needed] used[citation needed] for[citation needed] many[citation needed] lulz.[citation needed]

Other ways of trolling with the tag include adding it to unverifiable but blatantly obvious material.[citation needed]

TrOWling: 2.0

Tags go HERE.[citation needed]

  1. Add [citation needed] tags
  2. Add moar [citation needed] tags
  3. ????
  4. PROFIT!!! [citation needed]


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