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Civcraft is a place where Minecraft players go to die, and for AnCaps to masturbate on, and Anarchists to do nothing on, and is the brainchild of the moron, ttk2, who created it as a political experiment for redditfags to play on.

The server first appeared as AnCap Minecraft at some point in 2012. The AnCaps ruined the server, and ttk2 decided to recreate it because he has no friends IRL. And so it was reborn as Civcraft, a kind of mental hospital for the delusional, no life, morons who are typically abandoned at birth because their mothers saw what they had wrought and were disgusted with themselves, who then took their lives shortly afterwards, because who could live with themselves after that?


The Beginning

Civcraft started off as innocent as a haven for AnCaps could start. They mined all the diamonds. Fought all the people, and created massive penis towers in their seat of power, Columbia, where civilization, or some faggoty shit like that, started on Civcraft. people were killed and locked in the End, a special mod made for Civcraft as a sort of penal system for the only sane people on Civcraft to chill in after doing God's work. More cities were created, and more autism was spread, and their website,, was sprung into existence to provide an online community outside of the hellhole that was their server, for people to talk about all the diamonds they found, or who they killed, or for stirring political debate to occur. It is commonly accepted that ttk2 is plugged into the website at all times in order to look after his creation like the God that he was to it.

The Invasion

Some awesome guys came and decided to kill everyone for shits and giggles, and "resistance" movements were created to fight back, and almost everything on the server was destroyed. All cried, jimmies were rustled, the AnCaps bemoaned the loss of their diamonds. It ended after the holy warriors who destroyed everything got bored and left. Victory was proclaimed. Parades were had, dicks were sucked. All was well in the land of Civcraft.

The Rebirth

So, some guy talked to ttk2 about hosting their website. He informed the public about the horror that was Civcraft, and ended up releasing all the server files for public viewing. Many people denounced him for his civic duty, but he was overall seen as a hero to the internet community for his actions. In the end, however, ttk2 persisted, and recreated the server, as Civcraft 2.0, which increased the difficulty of playing by adding a seemingly endless list of mods, and consolidated the power in the AnCaps. Everyone else was mad about it, but ttk2, shedding the lie of objectivity, banned them all.

The Ragnarok

TODO. Talk about ttk2 spawnkilling everyone, amiright?

People & Organizations

List of Players

  • ttk2
  • Foofed
  • Matticus Rex
  • Laurelai
  • Tea Jizzle
  • Berge 403
  • dbb
  • Blue Avenue
  • Barack Obama
  • Adolf Hitler
  • HenryDraton's Bots
  • Erich Honecker
  • Bill Williams
  • Wilgar
  • Gloria Steinem
  • A Hamster
  • Tutterise
  • Bleeding Madras
  • waffle4brkfst
  • And a bunch of other faggots who are gonna cry that they're not listed here



The LSIF(Lazy Socialist Irrate Faggots) were a bunch of Anarchists who banded together when it became apparent that their shitty political ideology would be the end of their enjoyment of Civcraft if they didn't group up. It apparently worked out for them, and all was well.


A bunch of libertarians who collected all the diamonds and feebly discussed their political ideology on their website,, while they pissed themselves because they were too busy writing erotica about their loves, Ayn Rand and Ron Paul.

Everyone Else

Please refer to Autismcraft.

External Links

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