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Ostensibly this is a soccer clique, but in reality it's a support network for ugly people.

A small group of people with common purpose.


A large group of people who vote on each other's hotness.

Internet Cliques

The Internet, just like American high schools, is rife with cliques. There are two main reasons for this:

  • Nerds were ostracized in American schools and, in an attempt to recapture what they perceive to be something they "missed out on" in their american youth, they create cliques which they cannot be excluded from.
  • Jocks ostracized people in their american school and, in an attempt to escape the horrors of adult life that they were far too busy to prepare for, they create cliques through which they can bully other americans ad infinitum.

Distinguishing between the two forms of clique-creators is pointless, since as time progresses Nerd Cliques will behave more and more like Jock Cliques. This is because Jock Cliques are what scientists call 'natural cliques', whereas Nerd Cliques are 'formative cliques', and any given 'formative clique' will eventually become drunk on its own sense of worth - assuming it doesn't cannibalize itself.

Some Example Cliques