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/cm/, known also as "Cute Male", is sometimes said to be the kindest of all the boards on 4chan. It was created last Thursday with the purpose of navigating pictures of animated male characters away from /c/ so the 16 year old girls and gays have something to look at. On /cm/ you will often see well-known male characters from your favorite anime, cartoon, or vidya game completely emasculated, fagified, and all-around raped to shit.

/cm/ is not to be confused with /y/, it's non-worksafe counterpart.

Typical straight guy on /cm/

Common Threads found on /cm/

  • -Insert current popular fandom here- threads: Once a new Kingdom Hearts game, or season of Fullmetal Alchemist comes out there is will constantly be one or moar threads featuring the popular male characters and "pairings" floating about. Once the popularity of said anime or game dies down, however, people will be so sick of seeing it that they will most likely sage any new threads on the topic.
  • Ears/Tails AKA Caturday threads: Kemonomimi-themed males, often depicting the shittiest of all fanart (for some reason), and barely ever get any posts half the time but still, people make them. A lot.
  • Slash Threads/Cannot Unsee threads: Threads ONLY depicting fanart of two males being faggots. Anything from holding hands to frotting can exist in threads such as these. Lurk with caution.
  • Borderline /y/ threads: Threads were /cm/ tries to post the naughtiest images without getting banned, completely missing the point that is a "worksafe" board. As long as they don't show peenor it's A-OK!
  • Foldershare threads: After a long hard day of collecting fan art of your favorite character, why not put it in a .zip folder and share with all your fellow h/cm/os? These threads are designed to make it easier to access a bulk amount of fapping material at once.

Attempting to Troll /cm/

Due to the lax nature of h/cm/os, trolling this board is often an unrewarding experience. More often than not, troll boards will be ignored entirely. However, many /cm/ users do not know how to sage properly, so try out the following:

How to troll /cm/:

  • Post yourself (or another ugly guy) and ask if you're cute.
  • Post a picture of a girl, real or animated.
  • Post Pron or furries.
  • Post Yaoi
  • Tell them that slash is retarded and unrealistic.
  • etc.


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