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Cokemusic is what you get when combine the shitty interface of Habbo Hotel and the lag of Furcadia, with 15% less homosexual furries. It was designed by Sulake, the parent company of Habbo, so expecting anything other than fail would be trying too hard.

In some strange way, it was somehow better than Habbo Hotel because you don't have to pay money for anything, but then again, Maple Story is free, and that still isn't any better than the shittiest MMORPG. However, MMO's are shitty anyway, yet people continue to use them.

The main objective of Cokemusic was to create songs in exchange for cred from users, creating dance parties and attempting to become the next hottest DJ by mixing pre-recorded loops together, just like in the real world.

In 2007 after the disbandment of Cokemusic, Habbo introduced a similar feature called trax, which is far easier to work with, but even shittier.

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