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This is a comprehensive list of every known copycat of the Columbine killers, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. The two shooters warned of a revolution of violence caused by the creepy autistic admirers they would have after their NBK. Their predictions came true, as over 75 fanboys (and rarely, girls) have actually committed to their own attacks, or made serious plans for violence. Most notably, these include the mass murderers Cho Seung Hui, Adam Lanza, and Pekka-Eric Auvinen. Legit Over 9000 students in america have been suspended or arrested due to mentioning, admiring, or worshipping Columbine in some way. The homosexual kike couple, Eric and Dylan, have also inspired thousands of outcast Loners, and have countless obsessed fans from the cesspit that is Tumblr; these freaks are called Columbiners, and we have a page covering them as well.

Info non-talk.png This list is desperately needing names. Please fill in whatever details you can find, along with a brief description of the suspects.

A, B, C

Alvaro Rafael Castillo


Alvaro Castillo was another disturbed teenager obsessed with Columbine, and the posterboy for the Columbiners due to his obsession and actually going through with what he said he was going to do. He even went as far as to buy the same type of guns that Eric Harris had, namely the Hi-Point 995 Carbine. He also named his gun the same name as Harris did, "Arlene". Additionally, he made a pilgrimage to Columbine High School and the Memorial nearby. He made videos demonstrating his guns and trenchcoat, and allegedly killed his father at home, to "put him out of his misery." Alvaro sent his creepy videos and letters to the news, warning about his imminent attack in the same way that Cho Seung Hui did.

Alvaro then shot up his old high school on August 30th, 2006, only killing one person (his father). He set off 3 smoke grenades, damaged some windows (which injured two students), before getting v&. While being dragged into the partyvan, he screamed "Columbine, remember Columbine!" He was eventually sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole. Good riddance.



Adam Lanza

Adam extensively researched Columbine, along with every other mass murder in history. He had various files relating to the killers on his computer and cited them as a major inspiration / topic to research.

Alex Hribal

Alex is a pimple-faced little dweeb who sliced up his school and stabbed a few dozen kids before getting tackled and v&. He was known to have been an admirer of the shooters.

Asa Coon

This little faggot was the cringiest copycat of them all. He wore a Marilyn Manson shirt during the shooting. He got punched in the face and peed his pants, before retaliating by shooting the nigger bully in the ass. He shot a few others but failed to pwn anyone except himself. He also wore a trenchcoat and probably listened to the SCMRPG OST like the autistic nerd he was.

Amanda & Jerad Miller

They were a pair of loony fuckers from Las Vegas, who had a criminal past. They shot up a restaurant and killed two cops, then fled to a Walmart. They murdered an armed citizen who attempted to stop them. They got into a shootout and lost, with Jerad getting killed and Amanda becoming an hero. A picture of them dressed up as the Joker and Harley Quinn garnered a lot of attention online after their attacks. They had a connection to Columbine, as they (notably Jerad) had a strong admiration of Eric and Dylan, bordering on idolization. They apparently wanted to "follow in their footsteps".

To the people in the world...your lucky i can't kill you now but remember one day one day i will get you because one day all hell will break lose and i'll be standing in the middle of it with a shot gun in one hand and a pistol in the other.


—Amanda; May 23rd, 2011


Anthony "T.J." Solomon

On May 20th, 1999 (1 month after Columbine), Anthony smuggled a 22lr rifle onto campus and shot 6 students. One of the victims, a 15 year old girl, wast listed in critical condition but all students recovered from their wounds. Solomon attempted to an hero with a revolver, but was talked out of it. He called himself a member of the Trenchcoat Mafia and stated that he was inspired by the events in CHS. Originally planned to be sentenced to 300+ years, he had his sentence reduced down to 20 years by a successful plea blaming his mental illness.

Brian Draper & Torey Adamcik

A couple of nerdy faggots, just like Eric and Dylan. Instead of attempting a school shooting like most copycats of the Columbine massacre, these two decided to stab their friend Cassie Jo Stoddart to death, citing partial inspiration from the movie Scream.

Brooke Higgins and Sienna Johnson

Two hot 16 year old girls who lived 10 miles from Columbine, who wanted to go postal at Mountain Vista High School. They got caught after vandalizing some bathroom wall and leaving death threats, and will now likely be v& for a very long time. These girls wanted to be one of the first female mass shooters but failed hard. The female brain isn't smart enough to pull off a crime as great as this.

Charles Andrew Williams

Charles was a 15 year old boy who shot up Santana High School on March 5th, 2001. Two students were pwn'd, whilst 13 were injured. An impressive feat, considering he was using a weak ass .22lr revolver. Growing up, he suffered extreme bullying. He hung out with skater kids, where he was accepted for the most part, although did suffer a lot of bullying from these 'friends' too. A few weeks before school, he sought out a school counselor, but was told to fuck off. I bet that broad felt real sick after the shooting spree, huh? As time went on, his mental state deteriorated, became suicidal and his wrath at these douchebags was accelerating. A few days before his shooting spree, he was made a laughing stock in his drama class by the teacher. He stated twice about "pulling a columbine." He told his friends the classic "Don't go to school tomorrow". He stated that he did the shooting spree because he was dared to by his friends.

The monkey in charge of Dumbfuckistan, W, gave a speech for the community. He called the shooting "a disgraceful act of cowardice," while bombing the shit out of innocent sandmonkeys who's country did nothing to the USA. He stated, "When America teaches our children right from wrong and teaches values that respect life in our country, we'll be better off." while snorting a line of cocaine off a 14 year old arab boy's erect penis.

Charles plead guilty to all of his charges on June 20th, 2002. He was sentenced to 50 years to life, and ordered to serve time in Juvi until he was 18. He apologized for his actions, even though those fags all got what was coming to them. His life was shit; a divorce, moving across the country, a death of his friend, being suicidal, drug use, extreme bullying, etc. He stated that he wanted to commit suicide by cop during his rampage, but surrendered at the last minute. His case has attracted a small following who seek to reduce his prison sentence. He will be eligible for parole in 2052, when he'll be 66 fucking years old. In 2013, he is now a tall man, standing at 6'4. He has found peace through time and has accepted his fate.


Cho Seung Hui

Cho was a batshit insane gook from Virginia who shot up Virginia Tech back in April 16th, 2007. He brutally murdered 32 people, and still holds the American High Score. Omar Mateen holds the American High Score with 49 kills. Scratch that, Stephen Paddock currently holds the High Score. Anders Breivik is still the current world champion as of October 6, 2017.

Cho was obsessed with Columbine as soon as it happened when he was 12. He directly mentioned "Eric and Dylan" as "Martyrs", and wrote poems and reports on them during his time in school. His manifesto sent to NBC, that has yet to be released to the public, is rumored to mention Eric and Dylan on a consistent basis.

Christopher Levins and Adam Sinclair

Two high school students from Dutchtown High School in Geismar, Louisiana, aged 17 and 19 respectively, were arrested and charged with terrorizing in early January 2004 after it was found out that they had wished to recreate Columbine on its five-year anniversary of April 20th. A person who remained anonymous snitched on their "elaborate" plot. The evidence that local police found were poems that they were being bullied, that they were a part of the Trenchcoat Mafia, and numerous other miscellaneous drawings and writings.

D, E, F

Darion Marcus Aguilar

The perpetrator of a Marylan mall shooting in 2014. He was active on dumblr, and was likely a Columbiner. He researched mass shootings extensively, focusing on Columbine the most. He is believed to have played Super Columbine Massacre RPG


Daniel Hawke Fears

A teenager from Oklahoma who conducted a shooting spree that killed 2 and injured 8 others, in the year 2002. He used a 20-gauge shotgun for a driveby massacre. He got arrested after he crashed his pickup truck near a police roadblock. Is believed to have been inspired by the columbine massacre.


Daniel Gonzalez

24 year old British schizophrenic druggie spree-killer who stabbed 6 people, killing 4, on September 15th and 17th 2004. Apparently was obsessed with the Columbine shooters and compared himself to them. Eventually commit suicide in his prison cell by slitting his wrists.


Dimitris Patmanidis

Alias: Death_Salvation

Dimitris was a 19 year old student at OAED Vocational College, located in Athens, Greece. On April 10th, 2009, he shot up his college armed with a Tomb Raider arsenal; two pistols and a knife. Despite this handsome loadout, he only managed to score a single frag- himself. He injured 3 others. The motive is due to bullying, like 85% of other shootings. It was the first school shooting in Greece. He was frequently bullied, probably for still using Myspace in 2009.

Dillon Cossey

Some fatass who was planning an attack on his school, but got arrested after the NSA did their job right or some shit. Had frequent communication online with Pekka-Eric Auvinen, the Finnish mass murderer.

Dominick Sergio Maldonado

On November 20th, 2005, Dominick shot up the Tacoma Mall, located in Washington. He attempted to get the high score but managed 0 deaths and only 6 injuries, despite using a Chinese AK-47 and pistol. Maybe it's the fact that the gun was Chinese and probably shit. He took several people hostage, who lived to tell about it on the TV show "I survived...", a decade after the attack. The shooter was a 20 year old guy who had a tl;dr rapsheet. Shortly before the shooting, he broke up with his girlfriend and was fucked up on a lot of Meth. He got sentenced to 163 years in prison, and unsuccessfully attempted to escape on June 29th, 2011. During this escape, he took another fucker hostage- a corrections officer. He managed this feat using nothing but scissors. Another inmate was murdered by the pigs after he drove a forklift through some doors and crashed it into a fence. The shooter had a connection to Columbine through great personal interest in the story.

Eric McKeehan

Eric and two other students were arrested in November 2001, for plotting a Columbine-esque assault on New Bedford High School. Two were too young to be legally identified. A janitor found a letter detailing a plot to set us up the bomb and sh0t sk0l n0w. The loser sent the letter to the authorities. Somehow, (probably some dumb whore ratting them out) the teenagers were quickly apprehended and v&. This incident occurred just two years after the Columbine massacre, which is still fresh in americans minds a generation after it happened. In the immediate years following the bloodbath in littleton, there have been countless copycats.

Archive today-ico.png New Bedford tragedy averted


G, H, I


A german dude who went postal at his school in 2009. He apparently crunched data about mass murderers on wikipedia, probably including Columbine.

Grant Acord

A 17 year old student from Albany Oregon. He built several bombs and had a very detailed plan for an attack, modeled after the Columbine killer's own plans. He was only caught because a faggot snitched him out. He was obsessed with columbine and studied their weapons too.


J, K, L

Jacob D. Robida

A neonazi autist believed to have admired the columbine killers. A crazy ass juggalo who went postal with a hatchet at a fag bar in 2006 and sliced up a few bitches.

Jared Cano

In 2011, Jared Cano, a 16 year old stoner who tried to blow up Freedom High School in Tampa, Florida on the first day after being expelled in April of that year was arrested after an anonymous tip complained of him testing out bombs. He ended up getting his ass sentenced to 15 years in prison.

Jeff Weise

Jeff Weise was a fat injun goth outcast from some shitty rez in Minnesota. He copied columbine extensively; He researched the shooters, wore a Trenchcoat 24/7, watched the same movies and listened to the same music, and during his school shooting, even asked a victim "Do you believe in god?" the same line that Dylan Klebold spoke to one of the students during the Columbine Massacre.

John David LaDue

A 17 year old boy from Waseca, Minnesota. He produced several bombs which he recorded videos of him testing. He stored his weapons in a storage unit where a suburban whore spotted him acting suspiciously and reported him to the pigs. They caught him and he was arrested for 2 years until being released in 2016. He apparently wanted to kill his entire family, start a fire, then kill everyone he could. His journal revealed his plans. On fagbook, he liked guns, the "dark side", and nearly 200 heavy metal bands. He had a history hunting and posed with a slain deer. He idolized Eric Harris extremely. He wanted to initiate his attack on April 20th. The fag admitted he was never bullied, so he has 0 reason to want to do this shit. Faggot. He hated Adam Lanza because that fag targeted little kids. "I didn't want to be known as a guy who would go to a place with a bunch of kindergartners" John studied nearly 100 years of mass shootings in USA. It is very likely that if he wasn't stopped, his attack could have potentially killed up to 300 people, becoming one of the deadliest acts of domestic terrorism in the history of America.


Jon W. Romano

He was a 16 year old who shot up Columbia High School, located in suburban Albany, New York. Only one person was wounded by this jackass. He was severely mentally ill and was barred from attending the school for a while, similar to Jeff Weise. He lost all of his friends and was extensively bullied by the school. He watched Michael Moore's movie, Bowling For Columbine, and referenced this in his suicide note left at home. His suicide attack failed as two teachers successfully talked him down, wrestled the guns away, and detained him in the office until the pigs could arrive. Archive today-ico.png (archive) Archive today-ico.png (archive)

Jose Reyes

A 12 year old boy from Sparks, Nevada, who on October 21st, 2013, stole his parents pistol and shot up the basketball court, injuring three people, one of which was killed. After this, he committed suicide. Police found pictures of the Columbine killers on his phone.

File:Jose Reyes .jpg
Too Young R.I.P

Josh Magee

A 17 year old boy from Nebraska who was inspired by Columbine. He was arrested in early 2004 after he was caught. The cops found a fuckload of bombs and weapons.

Kali Jade Bookey

Columbine massacre obsessed Kali Jade Bookey (aged 15), of Wisconsin slashed the throat of her brother’s girlfriend. During the attack, Bookey referred to herself as a ‘psycho’ who was looking for her ‘first kill’. Bookey’s Facebook page “Laudy Love Kvety” posted a picture of Eric Harris, one of the Columbine shooters on his birthday. Bookey told police she didn’t want to kill her bother’s girlfriend; just scare her enough to make her move away. Bookey had become jealous of how happy her brother was with his girlfriend.


Kimveer Gill

This guy was another loser who failed to get the High Score. He shot up his school, Dawson College, and killed only 1 person, injuring 20 others, before becoming an hero. He was known to have been obsessed with Columbine, 9/11 and other tragedies along with conspiracies. He wore Trenchcoats, obsessed over Goth culture, and made various posts / rants relating to or mentioning Columbine.

Lindsay Kantha Souvannarath, Randall Shepherd, and James Gamble

A trio of tumblrinas who were obsessed with Columbine, gore, BDSM porn, and other degeneracy. They planned to slaughter a mall in Canada, but were stopped by a snitch as they made threats directly hinting at their intentions. One of them (the one with the guns) became an hero, while the others were quickly v&. James was the ultimate fanboy of Eric as he wore KMFDM shirts, dressed the same, listened to the same music and made the same retarded rants on his shitty site.

M, N, O

Matthew Murray

Matthew Murray (Alias: Nghtmrchld26) was a manchild satanist guy from Colorado who went for the high score. He was strongly influenced by Columbine, and probably visited the area since he was just a few suburbs away.

Martin Peyerl

Martin Peyerl was a 16 year old kraut who was apparently an outsider at schule. Descriptions of Martin were similar to the Columbine sh00ters. He enjoyed playing video games and shooting. He was obsessed with Nazi shit. He also wrote about Columbine in his diary the day before his shooting. On November 1st 1999, not even a year after Columbine, his parents left to visit the grave of one of Martin's grandparents, however little Marty wanted to stay home. He broke into his dad's gun cabinet (that held at least 10 guns) and took a Ruger Mini 14 out, along with a shotgun. He then shot at everything he saw, including a cat. His sister came home and they fought before Martin peacefully broke up the fight by shooting her 5 times. He then went into his bathtub and shot himself with a shotgun. He only killed 4 people and the cat.

P, Q, R

Pekka-Eric Auvinen

Pekka was the Finnish school shooter who murdered 8 noobs back in 2007. He idolized the killers and made dozens of videos about them. He even plagiarized their manifesto (specifically, Eric Harris') and words on his channel & manifesto. He considered himself another Eric Harris, who would inspire his very own followers. Only his friend, Mr. Saari, took him up on the offer, killing a few more with a similar shitty .22 that he purchased from the same gun store.

Randy Robert Stair

Randy was a demented Tranny and Columbiner who shot up his grocery store, killing 3. Like Cho, he locked the doors to the place before sperging out and becoming An hero. In addition to mass shootings, Randy was obsessed with Danny Phantom and made up his own fantasy world about it.

Robert Steinhauser

Robert was a kraut who got expelled from his schule for not attending and forging a note which said that he was at a doctor, which is why he wasn't attending. What he was really doing was hanging out at a gun club. He tricked his mommy into thinking that he was still at school and apparently "was fascinated by the attack at Columbine and admired Harris' and Klebold's methods" according to Peter Langman. On April 26 2002, he discriminately targeted and executed a fuckton of teachers with high skill, and accidentally killed 2 students after shooting through a door. I guess skipping school to go to gun clubs was worth it, even though it got him expelled. However he somehow lost all of his fucking braincells mid-amok, because a teacher managed to lure him into a classroom and lock him in. However, Robert hadn't lost enough brain cells to realize that it was a good time to an hero because the pigs would probably zerg rush the room ASAP. At least he was a copycat who was decent.

Robert Gladden Jr.

Bobby was a 15 year old boy who conducted a school shooting at Perry Hall High School, on August 27th, 2012. He attended the first two classes of school, went to the restroom during break, reassembled a 12 gauge shotgun, and loaded it with live ammo. He snuck the shotgun into the cafeteria, shot a 17 year old guy in the back. He was quickly rushed and subdued by a teacher. More people detained him, but he fired off a shot which struck the cieling. Several people suffered minor injuries in the chaos that ensued. He was sentenced in February 2013 to 35 years in prison. During police interviews, he revealed that he had an interest in Columbine and an admiration for the killers.


S, T, U, V

Seth Trickey

He was a 13 year old boy from Fort Gibson, Oklahoma, who shot up his rural middle school and injured 5 students a few months after Columbine. The police recovered a 9mm handgun and found no motives for the attack. The gun was owned by his father, purchased 6 years prior to the attack. He conducted his shooting spree with just one 15-round magazine; he waited for the bell to ring and then picked off students as they entered the school. After unloading all the bullets, he was quickly tackled and shackled. In 2002, he apologized for his actions;

I exploded; I know I was angry. I put a lot of pressure on myself to make good grades. If I didn't make that goal, I would get mad. I got mad at myself and at the school, because I felt they didn't do the right thing or something like that. I feel really bad, really, really bad that I did it. I wish I didn't do it every time I wake up in the morning. I wish I never hurt those victims, and I wish I never hurt my family the way I did.


In 2005, 5 years, 3 months, and 23 days after his shooting spree, he was released from prison, due to being a juvenile (13) when he was arrested, and now hitting the age of 18.

Archive today-ico.png Classmate, 13, held in shootings of Oklahoma students, Archive today-ico.png 5 hurt in Fort Gibson school shooting, Archive today-ico.png Gun in School Shooting Was Father's, Police Say, Archive today-ico.png School shooter says he's sorry, Archive today-ico.png Seth Trickey's release final, judge declares.

News Video

Sebastian Bosse

Sebastian Bosse was another pissed off 18 year old virgin. He tried to shoot up his school using Flintlock pistols and a shitty single-shot rifle. These are the types of weapons from the 16th ~ 18th centuries, that required you to take half a minute to carefully load, and were usually as accurate as a sawed-off shotgun. Impressively, he injured 20 people total, but sadly the only fatality was himself. He also wore trenchcoats.

Stephen Kazmierczak

Responsible for the NIU Valentine's Day Massacre. He studied V-Tech and Columbine extensively.

Sulejman Talovic

They planned to steal his guns afterwards and shoot up their school, the plot failed because the man had stored his guns in a safe.

Tim Kretschmer

An IRL troll from Germany. This delusioned teenager went for the high score and killed 15 people in March 2009. He was well-aware of Columbine and used a picture of the gunmen as an avatar or signature on a forum he browsed.

Todd Cameron Smith

He shot up his school only 8 days after Columbine happened. He killed one, injured another, and missed his third target. He got wrestled to the ground and arrested. Throughout his life, he was extremely bullied and dropped out of the school a few months before shooting it up. The father of a victim forgave Todd, and became an anti-bullying activist.

Vester Flanagan

Proving that not all Columbine copycats are skinny white and asian fags, Flanagan is a nigger faggot known for killing two reporters during a broadcast on live TV. He admired Eric and Dylan as well as Cho, especially the latter for his impressive kill count.

Victor Cordova Jr

A middle-school aged mexican who shot up his school in Deming, New Mexico in late 1999, just months after the Columbine massacre. He boasted to his classmates about his ammo and stated he would kill them all. He stated "Watch, I'm going to make history blasting this school".

W, X, Y, Z

William Atchison

Aka User:AlGore, Atchison went to school disguised as a normal student, then proceeded to kill a pitiful number of two people before becoming an hero. He was a notorious edgelord who made hundreds of edits on this wiki about school shootings and Columbine in particular.



These people weren't criminals or were John/Jane Does.

  • 3 kids arrested for planned attack on their high school in Hoyt, Kansas. Each possessed a black trench coat.
  • Five kids from New Bedford, Massachusetts were arrested for planning an attack on a High School, wearing black trench coats.
  • Three students from Port Huron, Michigan were arrested on suspicion of planning a columbine-inspired attack on their school.
  • Just one day after Kimveer Gills shooting, a 17 year old boy revealed to the police that two students at his school were planning a mass shooting based on Columbine. The police arrested the youth, and found sawed off shotguns, automatic weapons, pistols, ammo, bombs / guides, camouflage clothes, gas masks, suicide notes and more.
  • Four young people are arrested in Loudown County, Virginia for the stabbing/slashing death of one of their fathers, wearing black trench coats.
  • Oaklyn Public School, Camden, NJ 3 boys were arrested after they attempted to carjack a vehicle on their way to attack a school. They were wearing black trench coats.
  • A letter sent to the parents of Dylan Klebold by the Jane Doe; An unidentified Jane Doe was a 17 year old girl from Pennsylvania who was planning a massacre, and wanted to be the "first female shooter". She was charged as a juvenile, so her identity remains unknown. She sent letters to Susan and Tom Klebold, the parents of one of the Columbine killers. [1]
  • On April 20th, 2015, a 13 year old boy from Spain murdered his substitute teacher by shooting him with a crossbow. He injured a few students with a machete. 3 years before this, another spanish dude was arrested due to wanting to plant bombs around a university. Online, he documented his admiration for Eric and Dylan.
  • In 2001, a threatening and suspicious note was passed along to the police in Elmira, New York. The cops found a senior student who had access to a pistol, 18 bombs, and a sawed off shotgun.
  • An internet conversation was sent to the pigs. They found the suspect, a student, was planning a massacre at his school. He had a stolen AK-47 in possession.
  • In 2011, a snitch ratted out a Utah teenager who made plots to kill. He went as far as actually driving to Columbine High School, hundreds of miles to the east, before he attempted his attacks. The teen actually interviewed the CHS principal, Frank DeAngeles.
  • In early February 2016, a 17-year-old Benton High School student in Benton, Louisiana posted a Instagram photo of himself photoshopped behind Columbine High School and had a caption with the following: "your favorite school shooter is now one year older, and one year closer to the master plan." He was arrested, charged with terrorizing (info coming out that a crime was in progress or about to take place), and was expelled from the school.
  • Two 13-year old boys were arrested in Colorado Springs with conspiracy and "inciting destruction of life or property" on October 9, 2017. They established a “kill list” that named other students, faculty and staff at Sabin Middle School. Evidence was found including firearms (PD: Teens arrested for ‘kill list,' plotting attack on school)

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