Combining Cyrillic Millions Sign (Firefox)

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Oh shi...I just divided by zero!

The Combining Cyrillic Millions Sign

The "Combining Cyrillic Millions Sign", Unicode Character U+0489, (or ? to Firefox)is a character that, once pasted, allows one to type backwards without actually doing so, and when the text is copied and repasted elsewhere, appears normally.

Anything typed after inserting the ‮҉ .siht ekil gnihtemos skool taht epyt fo enil a ni tluser lliw retcarahc

NB. If you are viewing this Safari made page with Firefox, you should be seeing the following: Backward-text.png

(instead of: "Anything typed after inserting the character will result in a line of type that looks something like this.Combining Cyrillic Millions Sign.png")


There really are no applicable uses for the symbol besides being hilarious.

When put in the topic line of many forums, it reverses the text in the window frame, for example "Mozilla Firefox" would appear backwards. Though, that isn't very useful either.

Comes in useful for distracting yourself from your otherwise empty life by consuming an entire day attempting to make an article about it on a wiki work. And giving yourself a massive headache in the process.

Will make spellcheck and EDiots shit bricks.

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