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Imagine for a moment that you're lonely, you don't have many friends and the ones you do have never want to hang out anymore. Your life is a depressing cycle of barren social interaction. So then one day along comes a guy who seemingly forces his way into your life. He seems alright at first, a bit pushy, but you give him the benefit of the doubt and let him on in the door. At first things are a bit fun, you think you've found a new best bud to hang out with and share your interests with. But then, slowly, but ever creeping, your new best friend starts taking liberties. Suddenly he's hanging out at your house almost all day long, he's sleeping on your couch, ordering PPV movies off your cable subscription, he's eating all your food, ordering pizzas and making you foot the bill. Before long your new best bud is a manchild mooching off your good graces, taking advantage of you and wrecking your shit without any remorse or regret.

This is the current state of the comics industry as of 2017.

But what is ComicsGate? Read on if you wish to know more.

It didn't take very long for fans to see the writing on the wall, or in their comics as the case was, and to start voicing concern and complaints over the continuously sweeping changes that were turning their beloved fandom into an overly transparent political platform for disingenuous dissidents and self-oppressing opportunists. The fan cries were of course met with scoffing belittlement and condescension. After all, if someone carries a banner of peace, you can't rightly criticize anything they do, or else you clearly oppose peace.

This is the battle standard of SJWs, who wrap themselves in amity addled armor, their "good intentions" paving the road right on into hell on earth. Any contrary complaints are cut down with ad hominems, the well poisoned and pointed at for pity points. In the wake of these attacks there was seemingly little fans could do to stop their beloved interest from being forcibly gang raped and gutted by these industry shills and shanks.

But like a band of rebels on the run the fandom began to rise and reorganize itself. YouTube channels, web forums and other social media sanctuaries allowed fans to quickly organize against the attacks and to educate and inform the fan base of exactly which comics had been compromised. A collective effort to actively starve the invading parasites of any revenue to prevent them from spreading further into the fandom.

Mark Waid

Mark is a regressive feminist white knight and anti-GamerGate who constantly strives to win back some semblance of his lost balls by righteously defending the virginal fee-fees of the apparently lesser end of the gender pool. Women, trans-women, feral furry bitches, hell, tri-gendered fem presenting unicorn-kin, if they've got some semblance of tits and tears... that's where you'll find Mark Waid; defending the imagined weaker sex against the vicious onslaught of condescending critique and sarcastic cynicism being cut across their babysoft skin.

What, precisely, Mark was planning to do when he came across Richard is a bit on the fuzzy side, but given what we know of the discussions in their private little industry insider FaceBook group... probably something illegal. Just, a bit of speculation, but given the constant crazy tweets from these loons openly advocating for violence, assault and hate crimes against people they don't agree with... yeah, not that big of a stretch.

Comic book fans of course responded to this lackluster display of pompous grandstanding by printing and selling t-shirts emblazoned with the text, "Hello I Am: Richard C. Meyer" as a means of mocking these goofballs and testing the limits of their irrational insanity to see if they'd start randomly attacking convention goers.

Kiwi Farms Favicon.png Oh look, a Kiwi Farms thread dedicated to the laughing stock and SJW lunatic!

Bleeding Cool

While the majority of news outlets had sense enough to NOT stick their hand in a proverbial hornets nest whilst flailing about, the comic news site Bleeding Cool decided to jump right on into the clusterfuck. Not only did Bleeding Cool attempt to push a blatantly false narrative of events, painting all these comic pros up as hapless victims, when they were the ones doing illegal shit and making countless threats of violence.

But Bleeding Cool didn't stop there, oh no, they wanted to ensure that their company name was permanently plastered into the connotative definition of the word hypocrisy and began to actively engage in harassing and targeting comic fans... you know, THEIR OWN FUCKING CUSTOMERS! Yeah, brilliant that, obviously a real brain trust over there at Bleeding Cool.

The majority of this harassment was done by Bleeding Cool journalist Joe Glass, who is best described as a plumpous, perverted, transtrender. For the sake of brevity we'll just refer to him as "Jiggles" from this point forward. Jiggles is the type of sick fuck who pretends he's gay or pretends he's transsexual because he has some estranged cross dressing fetish or sissy cuck fetish he's desperately trying to pass off as a "lifestyle choice" in an effort to try and look "more normal". He actively uses the LGBTQRSTFU community as a kind of spring board for his deranged sexual deviancy. Much in the way a fat fetishist might infiltrate and encourage the so called "body positivity movement"... not because they actually care about such things, but simply because it's what get their rocks off on. Like when a pedophile tries to get a job working with kids, not because they care about children, but because they want to forcibly molest and rape them. That's Jiggles, that's Joe Glass, he wants to fondle his crotch space while running around waving a rainbow flag.

Jiggles decided the best course of action, as an employee of Bleeding Cool, was to try and file dozens of fraudulent abuse reports through YouTube in an attempt to demonetize and demolish the YouTube channels of comic critics like Diversity & Comics and his fans/subscribers. This worked for about a day, until YouTube caught on to what he was doing and then blocked him. At which point he threw a giant tantrum on Twitter where he openly incriminated himself and his employer while whining about how it wasn't fair that he wasn't allowed to abuse and harass others. Seriously, you really can't make this shit up. These people are so deranged it defies all semblance of logic and reason. At this point it's impossible to know just how much insanity has leaked into the water supply of the comic industry, but regardless the inmates are clearly in control of the asylum.

Magdalene Visaggio

Brian "Magdalene" Visaggio is a completely batshine insane dude.

Shon C. Bury

Shon's parents were too illiterate and lazy to know how to spell Sean, Shawn, or Shaun so they just half-assed his name, right along with his upbringing, which eventually cultivated an overly indignant, terminally flustered man child with an over sized ego and a giant chip on his shoulder. As bitter and angry as Shon is, he wasted absolutely no time at all jumping right on into the ComicsGate fray, immediately attempting to slander the name of the owner of the YouTube channel Diversity & Comics.

Apparently his "master plan" didn't include said slandered owner sharing some fun personal anecdotes about working with Shon, which very quickly came back to bitch slap him as he then spent the better part of a week furiously trying to backpedal out of the fact that he stole another artists work, tried to pass it off as his own creation and then only wound up relinquishing creative ownership after he had completely failed to capitalize on the work for his own personal greedy gain.

This is a routine pattern for Shon, where he randomly latches on to other people's work, then tries to ride around like a tick on their creative backs, trying to suck out as much self-centered gain as possible before they drop. He has a nasty habit of trying to make other people's work look like his own, or as if he's at the center stage of it all, rather than just a bandwagon jumper along for the ride.

He does this primarily through his "talent management agency" Space Goat Productions, which is just as sleazy as it sounds. He basically runs around grooming young talent into forking over creative control of their work which he then in turn... well, destroys, in most cases. Most recently his "Nerd Boss" Kickstarter crashed and burned. He cancelled the account within a week after it only managed to get 4 backers and $131 of its attempted $25,000 goal.

Currently the only semi-viable property he controls is a Burger King Kids Club style pre-tween furry comic called "Moonlighters". Which features horrendously disfigured looking characters that turn into badly drawn furries, with statistically improbable ethnic diversity and over exaggerated faces/expressions that make the whole slop mess look like a sack full of Emojis that nobody wanted sacked up with the ass end of DeviantArt and shat out a bastard child directly into the bargain bin at your local comic shop.

Dan Slott

Like most of the others listed here Dan has a bit of an ego problem. In fact Dan's ego is so absolutely massive it practically has its own gravitational field at this point! Dan doesn't want to listen to customers. To him, he's not simply supplying a product that people want, no, Dan thinks he's some kind of "artist"... and not like the humble sort of "sandwich artist" you can find working at Subway. No, Dan thinks his "art" is right on par with renaissance masters, to the point where he actively insults his own customers, going so far as to talk down to the pathetic peons and to tell them all that they just don't know what they want and that it's his job to force feed the philistines with what he deems as "acceptable".

To put that another way, Dan is an entertainment product provider who thinks he's an artist. Art and entertainment are not attached at the hip. You can have art that people find entertaining and you can have entertainment that people find artful, but they are not intrinsically linked. You can have entertainment without art and you can have art without entertainment. Art is largely about emotional expression and pursuit, where as entertainment is more like stress relief and escapism. Dan does not understand this basic concept though, which leads him to coming across as an ego bloated, pompous jackass who needs to rethink himself.

Brie Larson

Brie Larson is a third rate Hollywood actress slated to play Ms. Marvel in an upcoming film. Don't feel too bad if you've never heard of Ms. Marvel, she's basically the mascot character of the Marvel comic franchise. Basically the mutant, pink kryptonite, bastard child of Superman and Shazam, her powers are a random grab bag of generic super stuff. Her origins are that she got jacked up by alien DNA or... some such nonsense. Look, no one really cares.

The Hero We Need, The Hero We Deserve

At the center of all this controversy and industry fueled hate/attacks has been Richard Meyer, the owner of the YouTube channel "Diversity & Comics". Richard has been relentlessly attacked by the SJW communists, which is odd because he's one of the most soft spoken, laid back and easy going of all the comic critics around. It's possible that, that was perceived as a weakness on his part, which is what drove the Comic Pros to so blatantly strike at both him and his channel.

However, almost like something out of a comic book, Richard is actually a former United States Marine, who saw early on that his love of comics wouldn't produce a very viable or fulfilling career. He took a long look at pros in the industry back when he was still young and saw how bitter and miserable so many of them seemed to be. In turn he chose to join the military and to pursue IT interests.

That in turn allowed him to find worthwhile, fulfilling work outside of the comic industry while still being able to keep his foot firmly in the door. As a hobbyist with active experience working in the industry off and on over the years Richard has a unique perspective on the state of the industry, what works, what doesn't and what's fucking it all up.

Not so far entrenched in the industry that he's become subject to the invading SJW army's inflictive rhetoric and divisive ideology, he remains as one of the few pseudo Comic Pros not actively infected with liberal insanity.

As such, when he and his channel were attacked he instantly became a lightning rod for the cause. Comic fans flocked to his channel and Twitter account with praise and admiration for his unflinching refusal to back down or cave into the delirious demands of an industry drowning in its own self-repressive filth.

In the wake of all this controversy, in one of his comic review videos, Richard inadvertently created what would eventually become the mascot and comic hero of the ComicsGate cause, "Splatto Del Gato". Derived from hilarious background art found in one of the America Chavez comics Splatto became the embodiment of the cause to take back the industry from the insane SJWs

How To Identify An SJW Comic

  • Lots and lots and LOTS of racial recolors.
  • Lots and lots and LOTS and gender bending pallet swaps.
  • A statistically improbable number of gays and lesbians.
  • Characters shocked and amazed whenever a character "comes out" like it's 1985.
  • Purse Puppy liberalized Muslim characters that absolutely infuriate real Muslims.
  • Constant emotional validation, even when failing, because no SJW hero is left behind!
  • It looks like the Burger King Kids Club aka Forced\Tryhard Diversity.
  • The "art" looks like something you'd find in a 3rd rate DeviantArt web comic.
  • Character reactions and emotions look like a random grab bag of emoji rejects.
  • Minority characters are all superficial, generic, token backdrops... even when they're the main characters.
  • Very little action and conflict.
  • Conflicts are silly, simplistic and resolved at the drop of a hat.
  • Fat, ugly, unattractive characters.
  • It constantly lectures, preaches or talks down to the reader.
  • It hates the reader.

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