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What conceptart has become. No sketchbooks,no forum, just one wall page where you post and people give star ratings.

In the horrible teenage wasteland known as Web 2.0, every known site or thing related with art is infested with the cancers known as furry, generic animu and teenage angst. It is sad, but true, that people's first impression of art on the internets is the circle-jerk hugbox community known as DeviantART. There is one place out there, one of very few that is a dedicated art site that the main focus is amazingly NOT about how many pageviews you can get, how well you can trace inuyasha, how you can express your angst through shit poetry and furry cutting action, or how many times you can say "OMG! KAWAII =^___^= *Hugs* *GLOMP* OMG!1 DOOM!! GIR! ZIM!".

The place is ConceptArt, and the main focus is actually to learn how to become a better artist through critique and discipline, which is a rare thing nowadays. Yes, it is hard to comprehend that there is actually an art site where teenagers and furries are surprisingly in the minority, as well as everyone not being the owner of at least 3 neopets accounts. So then why would a seemingly drama-free bastion of sanity even be mentioned here? Well, read on my astonished friend:

Teh Drama

Who and what causes drama here? Well, mostly people from DeviantART, of course! (God help us if anyone from Sheezyart tries.) Since being raised in the degenerating masturbatory hugbox culture of TARTland, where words like "critique" are not in their dictionary, TARTlets have an expectation of being showered with pageviews and at least 9000 glomp emoticons. Upon posting their art, which is usually full of photoshop filters, lens flare, and FAIL, the response is generally an honest critique basically saying: "Yeah, it's bad, but here is some helpful advice from real professionals that will make you actually improve rather than stagnate . . . " A TARTlet, who can't comprehend that this advice is helpful, will immediately do the most predictable thing that teenagers do best: Violently deny that they have done anything wrong, and take it personally.

The usual excuses are to the effect of:

  • "This is my style"
  • "I'm only X-teen years old"
  • "this is an older pic"
  • "i like drawing manga, get over it!"

The Furry

Krystallwolvelt's "Evil Master of Puppets" from this thread: [1]

A classic example of this lunacy is this furry TARTlet who wandered in with a bloated ego posting some abysmal art with the pretentious title: "The Puppet Master" [2] Epic amounts of fail and sheer arrogance were displayed with this thread, and despite ConceptArt's best efforts, he continued to deny any wrong doing.

After however, having a severe ego inflation, and perhaps getting his artcrap hit on by some furry, he came back once more to post some mixed media crapwork [3] before promptly being lulzed off Conceptart for his sheer inept failure to understand that he should quit Art forever.

SnapeSnogger loses it

One of the more famous events happened was when Ms. Ego-Snoggy-Supreme ventured blindly into the ConceptArt forums posting one of her classic fetish fanarts. [4] She received justifiable criticism, then unsurprisingly went batshit insane. To make matters worse, some other Snogger fans came into the thread to defend her from the harsh undeniable truth. One of these was some cunt with the predictable wapanese name " Yusagi " who said some amazingly arrogant drivel such as:

  • "True talent doesn't require blood and sweat, and I don't know about Snogger, but I prefer to be taught by someone talented, than someone skilled--I can learn everything they know from a book."
  • Favoring snoggers "art" over something decent like this with:
  • "What makes that so good? I personally find them to be nothing spectacular, in fact, I find them to be dreary, and the second woman to be unintentionally fat." LOL, WUT?

Do try and troll her for the lulz.

Note: Read moar in the Snapesnogger ConcepArt incident

Chasethehedgehog lol =^_^=

i know that but I HAVE so many pageviews cuz im a good artist!!!


—Chasethehedgehog, babbling

No, you have many pageviews because.... well have you ever seen people slow down to look at a car wreck on the highway?


—Jason Rainville, speaking truth

i know that im not the best on deviantart but im definetly up there!!! and dont be loser who has nothing better to do but to shout names at other artists!!!

you guys are just like the spammers anytime i post pics you guys thro a hissyfit and just try to put me down ur all saying that i have a big ego, but i just have confidence inmyself, im not cocky, but howelse would i got that many pageviews!!! maybe 5% of those views were the spammers!!! and just because you get paid to draw doesnt mean ur a better artist it just means your luckier i shouldn't have even poste this 2cd thread becuz i should have known u guys were just gonna call me names again! im done on this websgite even devintart is better than this

The Saga of darthnader

What happens when a site so awesome as scares off the weaboos and furries? You would think that the lulz would end, but luckily for us all, there are still fucktards like darthnader who think that talking as if they were on ED= instant win. It appears that in the war to fight retardedness he became infected by the disease himself.

Interestingly, it seems that unlike most of those who try to gain their fame and asspats through behaving like Tartlets on CA, he saw the ineffectiveness of such tactics and chose to take a different approach: flaming the hell out of any such undesirable elements... unfortunately for him all such entities had already been scared off. And so he set off on a quest to search for crap and found Starththehedgehog100. His faggotry yielded the opposite of its desired effect, as instead of gaining the admiration and fame he desired he found himself, rather than Starth, as the target of ridicule and lulz.

Darthnader, however, did not take the hint that maybe he should stfu and instead went on to force a meme with his lame dribble of anti-animu copypasta to start a meme within the CA community like the meme spouting faggot he is. Not only did his efforts once again result in fail and lulz but gained him a spot in the coveted "Worst of CA" thread, thus immortalizing his name in CA history.


Typical Conceptart post.

Apparently there is another way to bring forth drama upon the threads of CA, and the way is to zergling rush/troll the site owner, Jason Manley. Apparently doing so will cause him to go apeshit, whine about how nice he is, talk about fighting off pirates, shut down threads and the entire lounge in a lame attempt to hide the mean things someone said about him, and wield the banhammer haphazardly striking anyone who is foolish enough to stand too close.

This was what happened last Thursday as over 9000 forumites, tired of Jason's insistent demands for cash and admiration, stopped "baaah"ing and began to question his motives and demand transparency. Rather than an explanation being given the Lounge was closed. Of course, there was an uproar, and chaos ensued. Many, including long time members, fled the scene, taking refuge at other art sites. All the while the poor employees of Massive Black watched in horror as their fearless leader tore asunder the wonderful community they had so lovingly helped to build and nurture from its infancy, some questioning how they could have let it come to this, others asking the inevitable question; could they continue working for a creature so foul as to treat his devoted followers in such a heinous way.

In 2010, the San Francisco Pod of Manley's school, The Art Department ("Pod" doesn't stand for anything, Manley made it up because he likes making up dumb names for things. Possibly it is a reference to the average girth of the student body.), failed miserably. Faculty and students were screwed viciously as instructional DVD sale royalties went unpaid, instructors (including Manley) failed to show up to actually teach classes, and tuition fees were squandered on Manley's "restoring" a Dodge Dart that was propped on cement blocks in the school's lobby. Manley apparently wavered between "turning it into the ECTO-1" and "building a better Batmobile". As of this writing, the car remains primer-painted and finless.

In summer 2010, the SF Pod collapsed utterly. The Safehouse Atelier, a splinter cell, began operations in San Francisco under Carl Dobsky. Students screwed by TAD continue to roll into the aptly-named Safehouse to just get back to their goddamn educations please already jesus christ.

File:Jason manley.jpg
Manley reaches for a TAD tuition check.

The storm has subsided. An uneasy peace has resumed, but the trust is lost. Manley sits on his throne (actually a haphazard mucus-and-paper cocoon comprised mostly of TAD student tuition checks and a yellowish slime), nursing his wounded pride, missing the days when lifting a pinky would bring heaps of "thanks" and 6 to 25 pages of praise.

I mean really, have you given any scholarships lately? Build a low priced high quality art atelier which has changed the lives of it's students without having them see debt because of our profit seeking? How about thousands of volunteer hours? No? Help thousands with job boards and other services? Work on the future of the community? Fight for artist rights and anti-piracy? Fight against the orphan bill? Send thousands of emails and then work your ass off to support global charities?


—Jason Manley, in reply to something entirely unrelated

The other thing that is scary, and should concern us all, is that when the veteran contributors are silenced or treated with disrespect, they're eventually going to disassociate themselves with the community and it will be a loss for everyone.


—DavePalumbo, speaking sense. Gay, but sense none the less

The Legend of Nibru

The saviour of CA lulz

Being without Lulz for a hideously long time, the users of looked back to the golden days; Mankey, its first true lulz cow, the coming of Snapesnogger and the graceful entry of chasethehedgehog. CA users feared that, as a forest periodically needs a fire, without a healthy dose of retardedness they would be unable to cultivate this years' lulz harvest.

Then He arrived [5]

It began as it always does; beginner artist enters CA thinking it's DA and made up of similar beginner artists when in reality it's populated by industry professionals and serious students. The new artist, known as "divinenibru" also thought that his little activity, based around other artists drawing their interpretations of his very lulz-worthy character named "Nibru", was awfully unique and worthy of everyone's time (despite the fact that many activities already take place each week on CA, some with prizes, some led or joined by pros).

He's what I imagine my Guardian Angel to look like.


—divinenibru, after eating shrooms

Things that should remain constant through all interpretations:

- The Halo on top of his head, it should be a solid halo-shaped object above his head. The stripes don't have to be there though...

- His Mouth is stitched shut, his eye brows are composed of stitches and the marks on his right and left cheek (think of them as warpaint)

- He is old, has only his left eye and has long hair

- A Necklace that's the letter M

- He should be carrying a spear but the design of the spear can change


—divinenibru being unintentionally funny

Wesburt (a guy who's done work for Sony, EA & Activision) becomes Nibru's first disciple

Faced with a possible tartlet armed with a drawing made on lined paper, the jaded denizens of CA expected the obvious; zero participation with some light flaming leading to the eventual closing of the thread. Nearly 3 hours passed, and without a reply most CA members who happened upon the thread anticipated its quiet descent into obscurity or a quick skirmish followed by lock. No one could have guessed that it would resurrect Lulz on CA.

This turned out to be... not what i expected.


—Slash, tearful in disbelief

It all started when Wesburt decided that enough was enough. CA's undeclared war on lulz was an illegal war, and needed to end. Rather than mock the new user in customary passive-aggressive fashion, or direct them to CA's activity center, Wes did what no professional had previously dared; he joined in, becoming the first disciple and honorary templar in the church of Nibru. Like a true Nibru knight, he kept the trademark lined paper.

With one of their own taking the plunge, the art dragons of CA spread their sparkling wings, opened their gaping maws and unleashed a fiery barrage of professional-grade art based on a high school kid's doodle of a stitch-faced, MacDonalds-endorsing sneaker-wearing emo wizard with a doughnut on his head scrawled on notebook paper. Artists who had worked on AAA projects were joining in left and right, and over the course of the next few days CA users lawled and basked in the warm glow of pure, unrefined hilarity, all the while divinenibru (apparently having no concept either satire or what constitutes professional art) thought he had made some new friends.

el coro, showing everyone how it's done


Gallery of Win


To save the best for last, this masterpiece was posted by manky83 (who claims to be 23 in his profile) in this thread that became legendary in the CA community.

Just like people who will waste money on upgrades to cover up the fact that they drive a shit car, this is a perfect example of how no amount of photoshop shadows and filters will make a shitty drawing better. This thread became so awesome that the wasp and scorpion emotions were made official. There was even a fanart thread dedicated to the epic failure complete with multiple lens flares and lulz.


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