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Concerned Women for America
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Type Not-For Profit
Founded 1979
Location Washington DC
Key people Beverly LaHaye (Founder, Religious Nut)
Wendy Wright (President, Religious Nut)
Tim LaHaye (Author, Religious Nut)
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Industry Political Action Group
Products Suckering people out of money.
Bothering people with phone calls.
Website Concerned Women for America
A representative of the CWA.


You and your family sit together at the dinner table; it is 6 o’clock and you are all prepared for a delightful meal where you will all eat together as a unit and share a relaxing conversation about each other's antics and deeds from the busy day. It is a time for rest and it is a time for quiet reflection. The beef roast is perfect and mashed potatoes steam slightly in their crockery bowl. You share a smile with your sister as she hands you the Brussels sprouts.

Suddenly, you and your family are rudely and brusquely removed from your calm and quiet time together by the curt jangling of the telephone. A quick glance at the caller ID delivers you the message that you are being called by 1-202-607-2954 “Concerned Women”. Curious, you pick up the phone, wondering just who or what Concerned Women are and why they might want to call you during such a relaxing time. You bring the phone receiver to your ear and are greeted by mechanical noise resembling static and then the line abruptly disconnects.

You calmly sit back down to your meal and attempt to regain that relieving solace you once had, only to find that the phone call sits on your mind, ruining any comfort you once had…

202 607 2954

Somebody should be taking care of this problem...not naming any names here, just saying...

I am on the FUCKING Do Not Call list. I get at least three calls a day from these assholes who just hang up.


—Concerned Telephone Owner

202 607 2954 is a wireless phone that calls from the Washington, DC area. Some searches return an owner of CWA, NRSC, or NO ID, while other searches return a listing as “Concerned Women of America.” Whatever the case, the entity that owns this phone number is making telephone calls to just about everywhere within the continental United States, and it is doing it several times a day. After a small amount of digging, the phone number turns out to be used by InfoCision, a telemarketing company, on behalf of Concerned Women for America, a fundamentalist Christian organization founded by religious crackpot Beverly LaHaye.

If you ask a representative of the CWA about getting more than one call, or if you complain that you are on the national no-call list, they will apologize and state that the auto-dialer must be broken.

Beverly LaHaye

Beverly LaHaye
Tim LaHaye, looking like a marionette, shilling for Mike Huckabee.

Beverly LaHaye, who founded the CWA in 1979, is a wacko pro-Christian activist that shovels her shit in both the print media and online. Her books deal with keeping women in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant. She is openly against contraceptive use and wishes to “de-gay” faggots by brainwashing them with a series of straitlaced didactic designed for Sunday School six year olds.

Beverly also has the honor of being married to Tim Lahaye...Christian minister, author, motivational speaker, and the guy who brought us the stunningly mediocre film Left Behind, which starred another fundy Christian wacko: Kirk Cameron.

Tim and Bev revoltingly also co-authored a Christian sex manual, The Act of Marriage: The Beauty of Sexual Love which include special chapters for women with tips like: keep your feminine parts clean; pray and ask God for help in achieving sexual satisfaction (which you can read about on TOW if you want to hurl).

Because these two wield such power within the fundamentalist Christian circles, they must be considered crooks and thieves in the same vein as Jim Baker and other charlatans of his ilk.

Concerned Women of America

The Concerned Women of America is a women’s rights group based on beliefs founded in Christianity. They are active in the Pro-Live movement and wish to promote Biblical values among all citizens through prayer, education, and by societal influence. They see a massive decline in the moral values of the United States and wish to bring about a change.


—From my phone call with InfoCision.

In a nutshell, they are a fundy extremist group.

What does that have to do with calling you up morning, noon, and night, only to hang up on you right as you answer the telephone? A lot of people are wondering just that. Because this not-for-profit ministry was founded by Beverly LaHaye, all this good intention falls to nothing and results in the average person who might be interested in this sort of thing to be bombarded and browbeaten by shrill moralizing through…yes, you guessed it…repeated telephone calls. As they are non-profit, they are exempt from the no call list and can call you just about any time they want. Call and complain, they will tell you that their auto-dialer must be malfunctioning, and then they will assure you that you are removed from the list.

Two days later, you will get a call, probably when you are WATCHING A YANKEES GAME, that will be from..."Concerned Women".


Average response to an InfoCision call.
Big bucks and football stadiums...InfoCision.

Received multiple calls. The one time I spoke to them last month, I told them to take me off the list and they have not done so.


—January 30, 2009...and you are still getting calls in June.

InfoCision is an Ohio company founded in the 1970s by Gary Taylor in his garage. They specialize in working with not-for-profit companies like churches and lobbyist groups. Because all of this money is either donated or given freely by the government, everybody is responsible for Taylor’s success and for those annoying telephone calls you get all the time.

InfoCision’s involvement with the CWA is as a paid freelance contractor used to make phone calls on their behalf. Because the CWA is a not-for-profit organization, they are not on any current national no-call list. InfoCision uses this fact to its advantage by repeatedly ignoring any lists, complaints or requests for removal from the national No Call list.

By calling InfoCision, I was able to reach Sal Varsalone, a customer care specialist who deals with people who actually call back the number 1-202-607-2954 “Concerned Women”. Sal explained to me that InfoCision receives money from the CWA and that is how the workers at InfoCision are paid. Sal went to some length to explain to me that this was all done by anonymous contributions and donations, but did not wish to discuss any sort of money donated by political action groups or lobbyists. At that point I was given the number for the CWA’s Washington, DC office (1-202-488-7000) and told to call during normal business hours.

Don't think this stuff can add up to big bucks? InfoCision just paid for a brand new stadium on the University of Akron's main campus in Akron. The total bill was 55 million dollars and now the Akron Zips have a shiny new stadium to play in. It should be noted that the stadium is currently hemorrhaging money, due partly in fact to the wise Akron personnel leaving the lights on all night, just in case anyone within a two mile radius wanted to sleep.

How Can a For-Profit Company Be Tax Exempt?

Wendy Wright, President of CWA.

By taking and mixing the two most annoying things on the planet, fundamentalist Christians and telemarketers, the CWA has increased revenue several hundred fold. Also, they are pestering the hell out of their own base with little or no regard for the law...why are they allowed to do this?


—A detractor of the CWA and their tactics.

Simple, have two companies. The CWA is both a 501C3 ministry (which is totally tax exempt) and a 527 lobbyist group (which is a political action group funded by corporations and the federal government) at the same time.

A 501C3 is a group founded for Religious, Educational, Charitable, Scientific, Literary, Testing for Public Safety, to Foster National or International Amateur Sports Competition, or Prevention of Cruelty to Children or Animals organization. By being a 501C3, the CWA is exempt from taxation by the United States federal government.

A 527 is also a tax-exempt organization utilized to influence the nomination and election of candidates. They are also involved in swaying public opinion to attempt to change laws or strengthen currently existing laws. They are funded by political action groups that are paid for directly by corporations and even lowly tax payers who wish to donate, but they also get funding directly from the federal government.


Calling the FCC does nothing you idiots, you want to get in touch with the Federal Trade Commission.
They'll keep calling and calling and calling...

called our land line (which is on a no-call list) at 18:04, phone rang twice, i picked it up and there was a dialtone.


—When this happens, it is perfectly normal to RAGE.

FOr the past several days this number is identified by my caller id. NO one speaks and the line is hung up within five seconds.


—Why would they risk hate and scorn like this? InfoCision needs to fix that damn machine.

This is where this all gets really fun. Since the 202 607 2954 number calls out to people all the time, you can expect that there are several complaints about the number on various “what number is this?” call sites all over the web.


Sites that list complaints for the 1-202-607-2954 telephone number used by InfoCision:

Gallery of Complaints

A Troll?

CWA lunatics protesting something...probably something fun.

There is some conjecture that various Pro-Choice groups are using the “Concerned Women” ID tied to the telephone number in an attempt to annoy the American public into hating Christian groups by calling at odd hours and several times a day. This is not the truth. Through telephone calls to several CWA offices, ED has been assured that they (the CWA) are the people responsible for the calls, and thus they are the people who are creating the anger. So, if you have somebody you would like to complain to, direct all of your rage, vitriol, and hate at the CWA, not some tree hugging hippy Wook group that likes pro-choice.


Good group. Cheap (and brilliant) marketing. They only talk with you if you call them back, so thier fee is low for the company that hires them. You can call back and they will tell you what they are about or you can call back and say please remove me from your calling list and they will do so immediately.


—Then why do they keep calling me?

The phone # is NOT actually CWA. It is a group of homosexuals retaliating against CWA. They are trying to make CWA look bad. JNORMING knows, is one of them, and is taunting his victims.


—One of millions of rumors.

Same crap as what the folks above say. Keep getting calls almost on a nightly basis and sometimes more than once. No one answer and I'm on no call list as well.


—Yes, but you are on the NO-NO Call list, and therefore they call you.

Multiple calls from this number. No message, no one on other line. My phone numer is listed on the Do Not Call List. How do I stop this caller?


—hahahaha it’s like a robot with lasers in its eyes!

202-607-2954 hung up on me. Caller ID said "Concerned"


—They are concerned if you are doing something important.

Concerned Women is a polling firm. I answered 20 of their questions and they promised me $50 for my time. I just got the check in yesterday's mail. Boy am I glad I picked up the phone.


—Good one, you had me going there for a minute.

Why can't these organizations follow the rules of the Do Not Call List ???? How do I stop this caller?


—They don’t play by the rules that mere mortals play by.

Didn't answer


—Doesn’t matter.

I called (and was polite instead of insanely furious) and they took my name off of their list immediately (so they said) we'll see how that goes.


—Let me guess…you work for InfoCision?


Wendy Wright, current president of the CWA. See crazy up close!

TL;DW: clueless creationist cumdumpster


This faggot got his hands on some CWA literature.

This man is a man for Concerned Women.

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