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CopperCab is actually a tranny.

     Enjoy your cock!   8====D (_(__)

Gingers DO have souls! Uh, no they don't.

Youtube-favicon.png CopperCab, aka Michael Faggabon, Michael Kittrell, and Michael Caparella, is a Christfag, ginger, redneck, off again on again furry, and 18-year-old yank butterton with a speech impediment, dental plan, and possibly bipolar disorder. He It is butthurt about his its lack of soul and is on a rage quest to let the world know just how gangsta a coppertop can be. Coppatoppa lets on to the public eye of the tubes that the South Park episode 'Daywalkers' 'Ginger Kids' (being srs bznz) has led him to consider an heroism. He cares to inform you that gingers, unlike Jew, have souls, and he will keep making videos to demonstrate this ad nauseum. Needless to say, once the ever present, never forgetting, never forgiving viewers of yootoob and everything Nets became aware of this, the gears of the Internet Hate Machine started slowly turning, and great lulz ensued. Many EDiots are preparing for another Youtube Civil War. Below is a the amalgamation of the videos which show his rage; if you want to see something interesting then try watching them all at the same time.

The original video.

Coppercunt is a fucking crybaby.

Gingers have souls rap.

Gingers have souls - the funk remix

No, YOU can suck it.


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History of CopperCab

'Twas before November, South Park made an episode, trolling gingers. After being made fun of at school, CopperCab experiences extreme butthurt and, like any other asshat, takes his raeg out on the teh interwebz, creating his first video. After loads of butthurt from Youtube-favicon.png IshatOnU, CopperCab makes a second video full of screaming and how much he hates the haters. He then makes a third video, trolling more on Youtube-favicon.png IshatOnU. After a series of bullshit CopperCab posted a message on his YouTube page stating that he talked to Youtube-favicon.png IshatOnU in private, claiming that he was actually a cool guy. However, this wasn't the end of his problems. Much to the disliking of CopperCab, The internet was flooded with over 9000 remixes despite the fact that the videos had only been up for about 2 weeks. CopperCab then makes a video about how he's so angry at the remixes and that we don't have the right to make fun of him. (But he doesn't care, so it's all good.) Soon after, South Park makes an episode parodying him, following hilarity and butthurt from the ginger community. Fueled by rage and semen, CopperCab makes his 7th video, asking why the media is doing this again. This currently leaves Teh CoppaToppa Chronicles to a "To be continued..." status.

The Soulless Ginger-Fuck Himself

He's also a wapanese faggot.

CopperCab in general is a fat, soulless ginger with a dental plan who has Tourette's syndrome. He is pretty much a minor Chris-Chan clone, but isn't nearly as much of an inconsiderate fucktard. He is a newfag to life, and believes that the term "Ginger" was created last Thursday by South Park, when in reality, the word "Ginger" has been used since the dawn of man. He also believes that everyone has the right to make videos. Half of his videos are him BAAAWWWWWing about how much his life sucks, and the other half rants on about how gingers are always getting discriminated, claiming that blacks, asians, and mexicans are never called names (like nigger, rice nigger, and mexican). He usually films his videos in weird-ass places, such as an alleyway or a park. This is obviously and attempt to lure us away from the fact that he is a basement-dwelling bastard. Often times, he attempts to unite ginger colonies to zerg rush haters, while constantly referring to gingers as their own separate race. This is far from the truth as gingers do not deserve to be one separate race. He frequently denies his destiny of an heroism, claiming that if he died, haters and trolls will have victory and become winrar. He makes up having friends while also making up sob-stories to trick us into believing that he isn't an antisocial lowlife. However, his main source of lulz does not come from the above facts. No; CopperCab is an epic lolcow because of his constant random-tantrums. As said above, he has multiple personalities: one being a calm-like, troubled, ginger who only wants to make things right by informing everybody that he has gone through enough in life, while the other is a verbal Bruce Lee who will ear-rape you for your sins. During these shoops of da whoops, he will usually do hand and face motions that look so fucking weird that it just makes him evern more lulzy. The aftermath of these RAGE explosions usually results in him staring into our souls as if he was thinking of diabolical plots to steal them in his envy-fueled mind. He suffered from massive butthurt when faithful internet users mass flagged his facebook account, causing him to be banned, resulting in lulz and win.

Typical CopperCunt haiter

Sadly, as fucking stupid as CopperCab is, at least 42% of his haters are even worse. An example of this young gentleman who amazingly enough, thought it was a good idea to post a video of himself joining in on the gangbang on CopperCab to quell his own insecurities even though he is OVER 9000 times the retarded faggot that CopperCab is.

CopperCab on paper

CopperCab HATES Boxxy

On January 15, 2011, Coppercab decided that He would blame Boxxy for all his problems in life. In his new video he said that Boxxy is responsible for all the trolls that have been targeting him. He even starts crying towards the end of the video, he even goes as far to claim that Boxxy is the creator of all the trolls on the internets, and that the only reason she is back is because of cash. Also on his channel, you can see the banner at the top calling himself "King of /b/" lol. Also despite making videos of Boxxy, the beginning of the video, you will lulz moar then you will care. BAU8H

...But He Does "Love" His Gramma

Or at least, between fits of incoherent rage, he simulates it.


In a shocking turn of events, on July 20th,2011 CopperCab's account was hacked by another dickless and possibly soulless vampire who won't even show his face. The video the posted by the UBER 1337 HAX0R was a tutorial of how to put on a condom, and is probably his painfully unfunny attempt at trying to be funny.

This meant CopperFaggot could no longer post videos of himself screaming incoherently at a camera while jumping around like a five year old with a temper tantrum. So CopperCab did what any fat ginger was capable of, and cried to his scary grandma about the hacker.


But beware CopperHacker. Because you have messed with one super angry firecrotch, and with all his rage, Coppercab will strike back and a chain of events will lead to the Rise of the Planet of the Gingers. But in reality, Copper Cab makes a video of himself crying like a bitch over how the hacker won't give him his account back. However it's most likely just a publicity stunt just like the rest of his videos.

The White-Knights

Since CopperFaggot's main channel got hacked, many other faggots made videos white-knighting their fat ginger king by telling the hacker to give CopperCab his account back, so he could continue making videos of his assburgers fuelled rage. But in the end, Michael got his account back, free to spread more of his faggotry onto the internet.


Yet another underage kid white-knighting CopperCab.

Underage christfag who thinks CopperCab is a pretty nice guy.

He KNOWS who you are hacker.

Fat white-knight.

Another fatty.

Junior Chris Crocker + Cuddly Toys.

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CopperCab's Girlfriend


Lauren, who goes by the YouTube username 'IrenicHippyKin' has the intelligence equal to that of a rock and has the body of a monstrous hambeast, but yet, is still too good for CopperCab. Sadly enough, all her videos were baleeted by someone with UBER L33T HAX0RS, In the end, she says he was a pretty cool guy (no, srsly).

After cutting her wrists in her bathroom from extreme butthurt due to those darn trolls saying nasty things like, "MAN THE HARPOONS", she returned in front her camera to answer some questions her fans have been dying to ask and to talk about her life and opinions on things. Lauren shows off how much of a Hippie she is by using such vocabulary such as "Aura" and "We are children of the Earth" and saying that when she is sitting on the ground, she feels connected with the Earth, which we all know means that she is a sick fuck with Dirt Fetish. She also has a need to discuss these deep, meaningful topics with someone who understands her, which only applies to people who are batshit insane.

In the end, Lauren and Micheal finally had their inevitable Earth-shattering breakup and still continued to remain a bloated land whale; eventually discovering that her videos were being featured here on ED, leading to her removing all her videos, in a desperate attempt to cover up her whale shaped tracks. To this day, Lauren has done fuck all apart from post pointless bullshit on herTumblr and occasionally posts bullshit of equal importance on her Twitter-favicon.png irenichippykin.

The Morality Club


The Morality Club is a channel organised by Michael and his friends. He explains that the channel will revolve around him and his christfag friends talking about what to do and what not to do and instilling good morals, because the current generation doesn't care about that. He says that a lot of people need this because they shouldn't be making fun of a ginger faggot who screams at a camera about his shitty world views because that's bad morals and it hurts his feelings. Their first video was supposed to release on the 1 July 2012, but nothing has happened to this day.

Southern Redneck Incest

In this video, Coppercab strongly hints that he had a sexual relation with his second cousin at a family reunion. Akin to stereotypical redneckness, he has a cool jacket with no shirt, and justifies his incestuous relationship.

CopperCab Fun Facts

This is an artist`s drawing of how the should-have-been-aborted, Youtube abomination CopperCab was ACTUALLY conceived!! Too bad his mom didn`t take any contraceptives!
  • CopperCab has multiple personalities, one being a non-racist christian ginger and the other a straight up nigra ginger dat needs sum chikins
  • CopperCab gots the same rights as everyone on yootoob
  • CopperCab can make videos whenever, and however he wants
  • CopperCab don't care what you say, so get outta here!
  • Coppercab has contemplated suicide.
  • Coppercab's favorite genre of music is rap, next to DUBSTEP; HE FUCKING LOVES DUBSTEP
  • CopperCab knows it's not okay to make fun of black and white and mexicans and all that
  • CopperCab has big lips like a dick suckin' BAWWWWWWWin' nigra
  • CopperCab's favorite food is ShitMcNuggets.
  • CopperCab believes that the stereotype for gingers is some new shit that just happened yesterday
  • CopperCab doesn't give a fuck if you think his singing is bad
  • CopperCab just wants us all to get along...FAG!
  • CopperCab is a ginger and proud of it
  • CopperCab like all gingers, lacks a soul, he also lacks a gallbladder
  • CopperCab has a message for all you fuckin' haters out there. Alright bro? Alright broskies?
  • CopperCab puts up with enough shit at school! and doesn't deserve to be treated like crap
  • CopperCab thinks South Park is serious business
  • CopperCab knows you want him to stop making videos, but HES NOT GANNA!!!!
  • CopperCab is fucking fat, so if he's in any way Irish he sure as hell has no idea what a potato famine is
  • CopperCab needs to get laid!
  • CopperCab can bite back. (gromph)
  • CopperCab is just doin' his own thing, man!
  • CopperCab hates the fact that y'all misconstroood, the fucking video.
  • CopperCab knows we wouldn't understand his depression
  • CopperCab likes to rage like a ragefag.
  • CopperCab hates Boxxy.
  • CopperCab is a humanoid based meme given life.
  • CopperCab has a crush on Sharon
  • CopperCab believes that niggas can say nigga, but whites can't.
  • CopperCab thinks he can say ginger, but daywalkers and sane people can't.
  • CopperCab dresses up as characters from 'Alice in Wonderland'
  • CopperCab thinks you're his "Broski's."
  • CopperCab enjoys Uwe Boll movies.
  • CopperCab is a contributer to The Eunuch Archive.
  • CopperCab plays Runescape
  • CopperCab is a troll.
  • CopperCab loves pumkins. Gaaaawd.
  • CopperCab gave up on equality for gingers because he's now stalking a girl and thinks its a better use of his time.
  • CopperCab thinks the girl he's stalking is his girlfriend.
  • CopperCab has no real friends because of his internet dramaz.
  • CopperCab is still in high school even thou he's like 21 he still pretends he's only 18.
  • CopperCab's twitter and tumblr accounts need to be talking down.
  • CopperCab is racist.
  • CopperCab is a Nazi.
  • CopperCab is Hitler's grandson and wishes for the extermination of every other race on the earth except Gingers.
  • CopperCab's parents made videos stealing his camera and SUPPORTING him to curse! Way to go parents!
  • CopperCab thinks he can make up laws and spread them via is videos.
  • CopperCab doesn't have a penis, it's true he admitted it!
  • CopperCab thinks wimminz are the stronger sex.
  • CopperCab acidentally (or on purpose) spits on the camera lens at least once every video. (It's true!)
  • CopperCab isn't an actor.
  • Coppercab fucked his second cousin.

Parodies arounds teh Internetz

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Notable Quotables

i'de rather be dead like a lump on a log, then red in the head like a dick on a dog


Youtube-favicon.png bestcarbonparts -practicing his rhymin' skillz

Eh yeah, I just wanted to say fuck you. You think you're the only person who gets a few jokes fired at them? Try being blonde and having tits so this automatically makes you some sort of meat?

The reason you're getting the piss taken out of you is cos you respond to it. Grow a pair of balls and man the fuck up. And why are you filming outside? Did your mum chuck you outside mistaking you for a lump of lard that belongs in the trash? Woops, sorry, was that insulting? Suppose I'm a racist. GINGER.


Youtube-favicon.png redbowlking -raeging and getting trolled by someone who got trolled.

I want to roll you down a hill, I imagine it would look like a garbage can on fire.


Youtube-favicon.png xxonelastliex -using his 10 year old imagination

shut up ppl hes a red head n if he didn't have a soul how did he make this vid n leav red heads alone man its not funny i black hair n idk call me a freak but he's a human being not some puppet thet u can beat on so leave him alone n all red heads for tht matter


Youtube-favicon.png SameeeboyFBI -white-knighting

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Quotes by CopperCab

I don't care, you can't stop me. owl(I'll?) make videos all I want to


—CopperCab trying to threaten trolls with his nerd rage and dyslexia

I got a message for all you haters! All right, bro!? ALL RIGHT, BROSKIS?!



I've contemplated suicide.


—CopperCab, potential an hero 2010?

I'm red haired! I have red hair! I got red hair, AND I'M PROUD OF IT!



Everyone else gets respect! I mean, white people, black people, Mexicans, EVERYONE!


—CopperCab, on thinking Gingers are a race

So..yeah...don't fricken be like that okay?


—CopperCab, failing at rage

...AND I FUCKING LOVE DUBSTEP!!! But RAP is awsome too.



....If you think i don't have a soul you tell me... otherwise fuck you



GINGERS HAVE SOULS!... I go to church, I'm a Christian


—CopperCab, expressing his beliefs



—CopperCab having a seizure

If I can't go around the halls calling black people mexicans and all these chinese people...anyone bad names, then they shouldn't be able to call me a bad name! They shouldn't be able to call me ginger!


—CopperCab, on thinking "ginger" is an insult

I'm gonna keep making videos..BUTNOTFORYOUHATERS!


—CopperCab, on not being able to use spaces

You know what..I'm done making this video..cause y'all PROBABLYJUSTHATEONMESOMEMORE!!


—CopperCab 1/2 way through the video.

Black people can call themselves whatever they want, but no one else can. Mexicans can call themselves whatever they want, but no one else can. Well you know what? I think I should be able to call myself whatever I want, but no one else can! THAT'S HOW I FEEL!!!!!! And if you feel different about that..I DON'T CARE, CAUSE THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU!


—CopperCab making a valid point

(chargin lazars)I'm not gonna let you get one over on me, I'm gonna keep making videos. You can hate on me all you want, tell me to stop making videos.(and FIRE!) I'M NOT GANNA!


—CopperCab expressing his opinions, and being dyslexic



—Epic rage ensues

You're the original reason we were started to make fun of! But no! You have to go and mock us AGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAINNNNNNNNNNN!!


—Coppercab showing his definition of the word moar.



—Coppercab trying to lie to himself about suicide

You're turning me into bullshit, making me out to be some sort of JOKE!!!!!! I'm not, I'm not a joke......*Blinks*....I can blink, I CAN BLINK!!



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The Many Faces of CopperCab

Gallery of Ginger About missing Pics

YouTube Comments

You are bound to see these comments:

Hollywood Hillbillies

The stars of the show

In January, 2014, Reelz began broadcasting his new television show, Hollywood Hillbillies. In it, he works with his agent, David Weintraub, to capitalize on that e-fame while it's still less than five years old. Weintraub brought the entire family to California so we could watch this YouTube superstar find work in Hollywood and become IRL famous. The real star of this abomination is his grandmother, "Mema", who is a typical white woman from the American South. Fat, racist and hilarious, Mema never fails to deliver lulz.

Jews are too smart for manual labor


Mema, tells it like it is

I had no idea the little shit could rap.


—Mema, Who thinks the little shit can rap

In October 2015, Mikey made the trip back to Grayson, after Reelz failed to renew Hollywood Hillbillies for another season. Mikey still raps, and his music can be found at, along with several other MySpace bands not worthy of a real contract.

Another Internet tranny

Claire Kittrell fka Michael Kittrell

Last Thursday, Michael came out as a proud member of the elite club of the seemingly never ending stream of hideous trannies who are addicted to the Internet, once again proving that the Internet makes you gay or a lesbian tranny. There are those who believe that Claire is trolling what's left of his followers:

His mother must be so proud


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  • CopperMomAndDad - A parody channel of coppercab's pretending to be his parents.
  • T-Shirts - CopperCab sells T-shirts.
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