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Suck huge cocks like Corey
Then they aren't famous faggot

Corey Delaney is a 17-year-old cum eating faggot convict who thought it would be a great idea to invite random people to trash his house while his mum & stepdad were on holiday in Queensland, the asshole of the world's asshole. 500 took up the invite. The police saw a chance for their kind of lulz, so they dropped by to let those sweet lulz roll. When they arrived, they were pelted with bottles and suffered one broken windshield. Corey was later arrested for having a picture of a 11-year-old naked boy on his cellphone. This was an epic FAIL. The Vh1 claims that Corey is currently having the best prison butt sex evar.

He is now having buttsex on Australian tv. Experts have advised that partying is linked to aids. People like him pissing off the real Big Brother get blamed for for shit like this.

Biggest Faggot

Corey is also the biggest faggot known to man in the history of the interbutts. Nobody cares what Steve Irwin worshipers (aka Aussies) think. Australians are scientifically proven, as a population, to have an IQ lower than 50. Corey, with an IQ of 51, is technically the smartest person in Australia and therefore also the coolest. Disregard that last comment, it was jks lol. He's actually a massive faggot -- or rather, don't: he IS the coolest person in Australia AND a massive fag, which gives you an idea of what the poopulation of that convict shithole are like.

Corey's Gangsta Yo

TL;DR: At least 30 police officers dropped in to exercise their power by dispersing the drunken crowd massed at the Delaney's home after Corey's open-house invitation. Hoping to score some free drugs off the partygoers, they brought the dog squad. After procuring and consuming the drugs, they called in the airwing helicopter for extra war-zone effect. The police now want to fine him $20,000 to pay for their own lulz in the call-out.

  • On Facebook: Corey is now boasting that his employer is the 'Melbourne constabulary' and his role is to 'keep em busy and make em cum'.

How it started

What was supposed to be just a small, friendly get together quickly deteriorated into a giant boozefest as the dumbass put an open invitation on MySpace. People began getting drunk and falling over in Corey's place, and occasionally stepping into the yards of his neighbors, who in reality were Jews. They didn't approve.

Corey Delaney on TV

Why won't you take off your sunglasses? ...

Cuz they're famous.



It was pretty funny and I would do it all again.


— Corey Delaney, an hero

He thinks he's a big man. He's not!


—Corey's stepdad

He has destroyed our
faith in him as parents



—Corey's stepdad

How it ended

The cock fucker was forced to go home and cop some serious fucking shit from his parents, but oh no, they gave it to him lightly and his stepdad raped him anally only twice, whereas the accepted minimum amongst Australian parents for this degree of transgression is 9000.

News interview

'Anyone who can turn a party into a fun riot is worthy of hosting a party anywhere.'

After all was said and done, Corey gave a lulzy interview to the national tabloid shitfuck, where Corey pwned the anchorwoman for being such a cunt after she told him to take off the sunglasses he had on. Corey refused, saying 'They're famous.' He tried playing off the incident like it wasn't his fault and he shouldn't have to pay the fine. The most epic piece of lulz came at the end, when the newswoman told him to take a good look at himself, and he responded with:

I have. Everyone has. They love it.


— Corey Delaney

His persistent lulz regarding why the damage wasn't his fault spawned a forced meme on /b/, featuring a picture of Corey shooped over a disaster with the caption "Wasn't Me".

Opie and Anthony

Pretty soon, radio hosts Opie and Anthony got an exclusive interview with someone who supposedly was Cory.

Opie and Anthony interview

However, it turned out the person they had interviewed was actually an imposter. When the two shock jocks finally realized this, they were proven to be complete noobs and slowly recognize their own failure.

Anon gets involved

'It was pretty funny and I'd do it all again.'

On January 14, 2008, someone posted the story on /b/, prompting a backlash from Anonymous. Using his name and information on MySpace, the great forces of Anonymous were able to find the fucker's home phone number, cell phone number, and his fucking address. Australian /b/tards pissed themselves as they were convulsed by fits of jealousy for not finding out about the party until they heard of it from the TV, so they simultaneously sent massed hate messages to the party thrower.

We were just wondering when the next party was!

Ah, fuck off, man!



—Corey bawing at Anonymous

Corey lieks sum CP (LOL WUT?)

Needs soda and 11 year old.
Hai guise!!!
They're famous!!!

On January 16, Corey was arrested on child pornography charges. Some say he was well known to the police for his rape of children, but others say he just did it for the lulz. Most likely, the cockmongler simply took a drunken photo of a 15 year old girl at the party flashing her growler and the cops decided to teach him a lesson by any means necessary.

Monies for Corey

Having 'played it cool' Corey now looks like he can Jew. A 'party promoter' named Sabre offered him real Jew golds to host parties, saying 'A promoter who can organize a party for 500 people can make anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000.' With police currently weighing up whether to foot Corey and his parents with the $20,000 bill for their involvement in last weekend’s melee, Sabre said 'if his first event was a success at least he’d be half way towards paying the bill.'How wrong he was though, his first party barely got over 200 people, leading him in to moar financial fail. To further the lulz, Anon offered him $2000 on the initial raid to throw a party in Brisbane, all expenses paid. The next day, on and A Current Affair, he was blahhing about being offered 2k to organize a party. Many lulz were had.

Surprise! His friends are equally as retarded

Major lulz can be had by visiting Corey's MySpace (see links below, you twat) and reading the comments left by his friends. One good lolcow is some cockgobbler, hence the word bimbo in her name, who goes by the name of - [miisz_blOnde_biimbO] -.

heyyysz bbabbesz..

datsz Oriitee bubsz.. ummm im fRomm crruuddd. which is craigieburn hehe.

haha lolz nufnz crakin homie u? and fuk man wif all ur demands for ur bday shieeeet lil princess i guess i cud manage all them things but if i die in teh process its ur fault aye

wat chu up 2 2nitee? .xxiloveyou<3 [xOx]"ilu bubsz


—- [miisz_blOnde_biimbO] -

Also be sure to check out ARCHY#11 aka #29 MALWYN #4, [19..CяOиIιи IS HITTING UP OCEAN GROVE..19], and- y'know what? Fuck it. They're all retarded.

Corey gets pwned lulz—OR DOES HE?!?!

On 29th January, Corey was bashed by fucktard 16 year olds for loving the CP. Some say they tried to roll him for his famous glasses. IRL they actually did it for the lulz. Undoubtedly his mum will get scared and say "You're moving with your auntie and uncle in Bel-Air."

Chris, give it to him!


—Some faggot

However, some argue that the whole thing was a fake designed by Corey's new publicist. (WARNING: link contains lulzy cartoons.)


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