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Ever wondered what happened to those kids back in school you thought could go on a killing spree, but never did? Well, they ended up crying on; one of the greatest satirical websites dedicated to ripping a new asshole into liberals and other fucktards in society.

Unfortunately they have bad aim and often rip into scientists and people that actually know more about history than they do instead. Lead by many closet homos that consider themselves the pinnacle of human perfection, they write fantastic columns about really cool stuff. When visiting, just remember they are “remaking modern society” from the comfort of their armchairs, you lazy faggots.

To's credit, they did espouse positive stuff instead of the negative bullshit of it's sister site,, which ruined the lives of many aspies and lurkers.

Alex Birch: Virgin or Homosexual?

When opening the website the first thing any unsuspecting Anon is hit with is a Wall of Text that could protect China from the Mongols. Most of the updates on this behemoth of information deal with their private lives and how it relates to good strong conservative values. However, the columnist of will sometimes mix up the shitstorm by complaining about liberals, the evils of niggers, and how much it hurt after Obama raped them senseless. Anyone brave enough to try and read all the hundreds upon hundreds of horrible articles may just want to grab a couple proxies and take a quick fap break. A Mission of Pedo

It is also of important notice that like many other places of Conservatism Pedophilia runs rampant like newfaggotry on /b/. Don't take my word for it, take theirs.’s fun to re-experience teen love when you’re nearing middle age,


—-Lori Hosea, lover of little boys. She goes on to say;

If 40 is the new 20, what’s so wrong about lusting after “High School Musical" star Efron...


The Source of Shit. The bloggers.

A normal person's reaction to reading the stirring, ennobling writings of Brett Stevens.

Every ocean of piss has a river that feeds it. has multiple bloggers that consider all else little more than trickles of urine from your cock.

  • Sofia Theotoky

This whore spends most of her blogging time talking about good conservative womyn, which is pretty goddamn hypocritical because this bitch hasn't spent one day in the kitchen making a man a sandwich. On her blog page she calls herself a rare breed of philosopher. This is bullshit, because bitches like her come in droves. Not to mention the ongoing paradox caused by her not being in the kitchen

  • Frank Azzurro

As a young boy, Frank was made fun of for having a silly last name.

More like Frank ASSurro, amirite!


—- David Davidson, the mean liberal kid from across the street.

So Frank, deep in homicidal Christian rage threw himself into his father's whiskey cabinet. After his father got home and beat him, he explained to the young Frank all the wonders of alcohol. So little Frankie grew up, got married, and had two little rapelets of his own. Frank then decided he had become important enough to express his ideals to the internet! Mr Assurro now spends his time when he is not in a drunken stupor posting well thought out articles for everyone to read!

Notable Trolls

  • BRUNHILDE [also: Brunhilda, Brunhild, Brynhild®. Victory wafter]

Chief of the aspic riders, noble hessian post master of death. Daughter of Alex Birch or, some say, of Dave, sister of Iconhoclausia and Dominating Fucker. Mother of Lord_Aspicofthesolitarybase_ment by ti inny_midget in some accounts mother of Levy_Spearman by Brunhilde fan #1 in some accounts.

She was the daughter of either Alex Birch (but probably not as he is either virgin or a homosexual) or of a mortal king, raised to be an aspic rider (of death). She was ordered by Prozak to ensure that the hunter, some say Jeff Tandy, who had abducted cargayass’s butt friend won the duel with Kam Lee, but she disobeyed his order and Prozak had to intervene. He punished her by banninh her into a long, deep sleep in a castle surrounded by fire that only the bravest BRUNHILDE fan would attempt to break through. Some say she was so punished for rejecting Prozak’s amorous advances.

Some Brunhilde fan rode through the flames to claim her (yay!) but then left her. In some stories she married this brunhilde fan and they had a daughter, Levy_Spearman, but the more usual story says that the Brunhilde fan left her after a while to seek further adventures (yay). He became a friend of Conservastionist, king of the stoic blogrealm, who wanted Brunhilde as a wife but was unable to face the wall of flame. Brunhilde fan #1, this time in the guise of Conservationist, rode through the flames once more and wooed Brunhilde for Conservastionist with advanced PUA methods such as negs, disqualifiers, and social proof. When she was married to Conservastionist, she realized how she was deceived and was very bitter. She quarreled with Brunhilde fan’s wife, princess of cock, mastodon fan’s sister, and tried to convince Conservastionist to spam block Brunhilde fan. He refused, but Conservastionist’s younger brother Stevens Brettens speared Brunhilde fan in the back and killed him.

Brunhilde, who still loved brunhilde fan #1, died with him. In some versions, she stabbed herself and was banned on the same spam blocker as Brunhilde fan; and in others she rode her horse through the flames of his spam blocker and immolated herself. As she rode into the flames of the pyre, she threw the ring of power into the Rhine. The Rhine daughters rose to claim it and a huge wave swept Brunhilde and the funeral pyre into oblivion.

The “nibelungenkied” has Brunhile as queen of Iceland (lol yay brunhilde’s ice queen trip! Go Iceland!), who would marry only the man who could defeat her in a trial of strength. She was promised to Brunhilde Fan #1 but he put on the helmet of invincibility and defeated her in a contest. Brunhilde fan claimed he was the invincible victor and married her. At the same time brunhilde fan married a cute hipster chick, sister of Conservationist, and later the young couple visited Conservationist and Brunhilde at their court where the two ladies had a fearsome quarrel. Conservationist ploted to avenge the insult to Brunhilde and induced Brutal Slayer of Christians to ask for Brunhilde fan #1’s help to repel an invasion. Brutal Slayer of a Christian took advantage of Brunhilde Fan’s visit to kill him.

  • Tiny Midget

Tiny Midget was a small burrowing homosexual mammal who delivered epic trollings of and the old site. He is widely regarded as being the true father of Levy_Spearmen.

  • Levy Spearman

How Levy_Spearmen came to be:

Tiny Midget secretly begot his son Levy_Spearman on Levy_Spearman’s mom, before she was taken to Mexico with her uncle Daniel Corchado. He set Dominating fucker’s sons, the Curvaceous Curves, or, some say, Dave, to guard his cradle in the blog wait room, where they leaped about him, clashing their weapons, as they had leaped about Tiny Midget himself at the Gojira guestbook. But the Mastodon fans, Tiny Midget enemies, whitening each other with Gypsum until they were anti-blackface, waited until the Curvaceous Curves slept. At midnight, they lured Levy_Spearman away, by offering him such childish toys as a bull-roararer, golden apples, a mirror, a knuckle-bone, a tuft of wool, and the first 3 Korn albums. Levy_Spearman showed courage when they murderously set upon him, and went through several transformations in an attempt to delude them: he became successively Militantididothcrusher in goat skin, Querro Mchungro, Cargest, Kam Lee, and a horse. At this point the Mastodon fans sized him firmly by his hoofs, tore him apart with their teeth and devoured his flesh raw. Kontinual interrupted this grisly banquet shortly before its end and rescuing Levy’s heart, enclosed it in a gypsum figure, into which she breathed life; so that Levy_Spearman became immortalized as a meme. His bones were collected and buried in the archive, and Tiny midget punished the Mastodon fans anally.


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