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A true primadonna among cosplayers, and that’s saying something. From his attitude upon entering his first contests, to his late and unlamented career trying to run a cosplay (into the ground) himself, Corey Gough's shenanigans have been a comedy of errors, replete with drama, from start to finish. In fact, he’s been shitting his signature blend of high-pitched hysterics and unwarranted self-importance all over the anime con circuit for 10+ years now.

Some Memorable Cosplay Entries

Skit #1

He managed to get his entire skit team disqualified at the last Nekocon, by showing one skit at rehearsal, and then doing something rather different (taking a fake dump and humping somebody's leg) on stage. Well, you can see the whole pointless thing on YouTube, and it’s no wonder that this tasteless mess got disqualified.

Skit #2

Previously seen in this video was a cross dressing Cory, this time as some squeaky chara from Mao-chan. However, he ended up removing the video from youtube.

Other Cosplay Wankery

  • His self importance was so great at one point that he claimed that "reading the fine print" on cosplay entry forms "wasn't his problem." It was, and he did not participate in that convention's cosplay.
  • At one cosplay, literally 10 seconds before he was to go on stage, he asked to hook his laptop up to the tech table, completely disregarding the "work things out with tech crew" instructions he was given earlier that day during rehearsal.

Related ego-wank

Oh look! He’s even a cosplay internet celebrity

Because nothing screams “I’ve arrived!” like shameless self-promotion. He clearly wrote up that nomination himself.

Some Ego-tastic Anime Con Hijinks

  • He once threw a Nekocon voice actor guest out of her workshop room before her time was up, so he could set up early for one of his ridiculous game shows. What overly complex bit of set-up necessitated disrupting a real guest’s panel? Handing the tech crew people a CD with anime theme songs on it. When informed of his error in timing, he proceeded to go ballistic on the head of tech crew, causing her to suffer a breakdown.
  • He once failed to show up entirely for AUSA, leaving them with nobody to run a whole department, with “medical emergency” as his excuse. And it’s not like he notified anybody beforehand; he just went AWOL. Way to screw over an entire con, dickweed!
  • He once handed a DVD of Japanese commercials to the tech crew at KatsuCon right before one of his game shows, with the instructions to “stop the video just before the actual product is shown.” Wow, those must be some kind of psychic techies, if they can be expected to know when the products are going to be shown, without a chance to preview the video.

Satan’s Gift to Wimmin (Or, overcompensating: yr doin it rite)

Corey has a lot of trouble keeping his dick in his pants. In fact, he has a lot of trouble keeping his dick in only one woman’s pants at a time. Here’s one short piece of his love life’s timeline:

  1. Dated anime fan “A”
  2. Cheated on “A” to be with “D”
  3. Got engaged to “D”, who moved to live with him
  4. Cheated on “D” to be with “?”, kicked “D” out, she had to go back to her parents
  5. Meanwhile, kept hitting on random cute female cosplayers whose cel phone #s he got from their entry forms
  6. Went crawling back to “D”, moved to be near her

Wow. Lotta class there, champ.

Hair Paranoia

So paranoid about his premature balding, he stopped washing or combing his hair, wearing it in a ratty ponytail to try to avoid even a single hair from falling out due to cleanliness. However, since he’s now screwing a hairstylist, she has laid down the law and forced him not to look like the greasy creep he is.

Back when he had more

The grease factor of what little hair is present in that delightful skullet has earned him frequent comparisons to The Crypt Keeper as well as The Rocky Horror Picture Show's Riff-Raff

Corey Gough at Anime Central

The Epic Uber Fucking Four-Year Trollage

Most of this is still posted publicly! Joy joy joy. Lap it up while it lasts, you drama junkies you.

Corey once sent a lovely little email to former staffers at KatsuCon that he eventually replaced. Proving once again that cosplayers tend to be ungrateful, whiny little bitches. And here was another whine, thinly disguised. So the couple had a terrible, wonderful idea. Troll-time! They wrote back, daring him ‘if you think you can do a better job, go ahead and try.’ Which brought a following, much friendlier email. See them both here:


They already wanted KatsuCon to suffer, and absolutely hated this insufferable little prick. So what better idea than to make sure that the con got the worst possible replacement? Everybody in the know was sure Corey’d fail, and nobody was disappointed. The secondary troll-goal became: Let Corey see how it feels to be forced to do some work, to not be allowed to be the center of attention, and to get sacked. It was sure to happen eventually; all that was required was to be patient, poke him with a stick once in a while to feed his paranoia, and point out all the many things he did wrong. They all got trolled on a long-term basis, and it was epic.

Rough Start

The first thing they did was to convince the con staff that a friend of theirs was willing to take over their job. She didn’t, of course; she just kept the seat warm for a few months, while Corey jumped up and down with his tongue hanging out, begging for the job. By the time she made it clear she wasn’t doing any work, they had no choice but to take him, and then they were stuck.

Next, they started posting selected emails from the super-secret staff-only KatsuCon mailing list. Every so often, they’d randomly post some amusing shit from the ML just to remind them that they still could. Anything they wanted kept private, got made public for ridicule and mock. Sure enough, a witch-hunt ensued, with the con trying to figure out just who was passing out dirt. They still don't know.

Oh, yeah, and the stupid fuckers forgot to swap over the con’s re-mailer to Corey's address for months, resulting in some hijinx:


Of course there had to be some wank stirred up on, captured here for your amusement, just to let him know he would be tested right from the start:


Ahead, Troll Factor Ten!

A combover by any other name is still a lame adaptive strategy

Then the real shenanigans began. He’d made such a big deal about how exclusive his cosplay was going to be, and how all the spots would be taken so fast after the reg form went online. So the trolls ginned up five fake entries, and submitted them. All but one were accepted – He may have spotted the obvious fake, but he didn’t spot the other four, even though they were mailed from the same IP address - Which left a pretty thin cosplay that year, when those four (of course) didn’t show up.

Start here and troll forward a few entries for all 5 lulz-a-licious hoax details

Fake entries were probably what led him to start requiring cell phone numbers on all of his entries. Of course, this gave him the added bonus of being able to phone up and hit on all the cute girls who entered, that he might feel like sleeping with. And call them he did. Ewww. Here’s hoping his current fucktoy has gotten all her STD shots.

Cosplayers always cause wank when they don’t win, but some of the decisions his judges made baffled everybody. But did he learn? Not Corey. Here’s his reaction to the fuss kicked up:


Continued Epic Flailing

You can read all about it in this LJ account, whose public entries have been dedicated to pointing out his and the con’s f(l)ailings, foibles, and wtfuckery.

Tl;dr - They couldn't do anything right.

This Wank goes to Eleven


After 4 years of this, he had managed to piss off virtually every department at KatsuCon. The tech crew hated him. Security despised him. The webmaster openly mocked him. The senior staff got fed up with making his hotel reservations for him. The new hall costume department had defected from him in disgust. Even his own staffers turned on him. And of course, at meetings he never bothered to attend, all these pissed-off staffers were complaining to the con chair, who decided to sack him weeks before the con was held. They just couldn’t get rid of him until his last show was over, because who would step in at the last minute to run the fucking mess he’d created?

So the show went on, with a record number of fuck-ups. He took no control over his own rehearsal. He tried to reserve a huge number of seats in the tiny hall for his contestants to occupy, but that was a ridiculous request since seating was so limited, so they got stowed in a green room (where they belong) instead (Never mind that he was informed that his cosplayers were Green Room bound at least 6 months before the con.) And the hall filled slowly, due to security’s anal-retentive need to ensure that nobody saved a seat. And there were tech glitches, as there always are, because electronic equipment is as fragile as it is powerful, and Shit Happens; none of that happened on purpose.

But the worst problem, entirely his fault, was that he required his judges to put on a skit. Judges are there to do a job, not hog the limelight, but then again, when you turn judging into a thing-to-be-got-by-sucking-up, and when your cosplay director sets such a fine, spotlight-hogging example, these are the kinds of judges you get. Well, they went off to a room to practice their skit, when they should have been wrangled to their seats, and got themselves locked into that room, and nobody bothered unlocking the door for another 45 minutes.

The con chair was thanking and congratulating his replacement before the staff dinner was over.

He’d been fired, and everybody knew it but him.

It didn’t help that his private writeup on “things to improve for next year” included a lot of insults to everybody surrounding him, including all the judges he’d chosen, and a lot of the staff. Nope, he still didn’t get it; he was the problem, and had been all along.

A Hissy-Fit is Born

Of course, when the public announcement was made after the Dead Dog meeting, he went apeshit, and claimed it was all a conspiracy between the ex-staffers and the entire current staff of the con to get him fired. See his attempted shitstorm here, from 4-chan:

And We Care Why? About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

Now, you know if you read it on LJ or 4-chan, it must be true. XP

Tl;dr – Here’s the summary:

  1. Corey: Bitch set me up!!
  2. 4chan: Horrible! Blargh! Vengeance is ours!
  3. Corey: Yes, my minions – Now, attack!
  4. 4chan: *Yawn* Bored now.
  5. Corey: But, but... *sputter*
  6. 4chan: We’re not your personal army. TITS or GTFO.
  7. Corey: WAHHH! **Headsplodin'**

As you can see, his attempts to incite the masses just led to more and more apathy. He tried starting a 3rd thread, but that was so pathetic that it wasn’t worth even screencapping. Corey may be a douchenozzle, but even he deserves some dignity.

Anybody else out there still think cosplay is srs biznez? Ahead, troll factor ’’twelve!’’ XD

Hypocrisy Much?

One explanation for Corey's behavior is the fact that he is a self-admitted, card carrying conservative. And we aren't talking the kinda cool conservative like McCain. No, we are talking the hardcore ultra-right-wing kind that shares company with the likes of Bill-O, Rush, and Coultergeist. He's so far to the right that he once called a moderate "friend" of his, "A liberal that was too much of a pussy to admit it." This explains his holier than thou attitude, his sense of entitlement, and general feelings that the rules don't apply to him. He's just emulating his heroes in congress!

But one has to wonder: What would his Ultra-Conservative cohorts think of his cross-dressing, promiscuity, or his deviant lifestyle choices?


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