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Due to the overwhelming lulz created by RFJason with his Craigslist Experiment, Lj-favicon.png CosmicJohn decided to copy it with Portland's Craigslist. The response has been overwhelming. Most regard this as old meme now. But, fuck them. The classics never die.

The SECOND Experiment

This is the ad, word for word. No picture was given. Original url

Alright boys, this is THE ONE you have been waiting for. I have been around craigslist for so long                                                         
and I can not take the boredom anymore of looking through your profiles.  If you like what you see,
CUM get it.

I am a 26 year old young professional looking into some SERIOUS bondage.  I'm talking nipple clamps,
spankings, hot wax, torture, burnings, slapping.  I am NOT getting the love that I need from home
and I need YOU to show me how it's done.  I can be your skanky little slut or daddy's little girl.
I want to be tied up and humiliated.  I am tired of men who claim to be strong and independent and
then are MOMMA'S boys in the bedrom.  I want you to TAKE CONTROL.  Spank me, fuck me, suck me.  Make
me your slave.  You got a cock?  Shove it in my tight mouth.  POUND my ass with it.

I am tired of telling you what I want.  I want YOU to tell ME how to do it.  I am not even close to
kidding.  Serious inquiries only.  You MUST be able to host or else we can work something out when
my husband is not around.

I am d/d free and looking for HOT NSA action.  Please respond.  Your pic gets mine.

CosmicJohn waited for the responses - he didn't wait long. Five minutes after it was submitted to Craigslist, responses poured in.

The Replies

Fibb Ironman

[email protected]

saw your ad here and wanted to say hi, i just moved here not long ago, because of my busy schedul i am looking to meet few friends here, i currently work as a fitness trainer, hope we can chat sometime or get together for fun, tell me more about you, i have pic in yahoo profile, my id is ifbb_ironman, i can not send you a pic cause i am at work and using their computer, you should pick me cause i am free of everything, i take care of myself as you can see, i can go all night if i am with right person, perhaps you are better than most woman i dated, not all woman can make me cum by bj, have a great day mike

Ben Vaughn

[email protected]

i need to abuse you soon. email me u horny bitch so i can give u this hard fucking cock now!!! going to fuck you like the dirty little whore u are!!!!!! going to abuse my naughty little girls ass, u need to punished!!!!!!!!!!


Sean Sloan

[email protected]

I can give you what you need, I know just how to make you moan in pleasure, while I please myself with your body. If you are for real and want to be satisfied at all levels, email me back.



Chris Clifford

you are sp what I am looking for and discreet is important as I am married aswell what area are you in if you are close then I will send you my pic


[email protected]

Hi there,

I want to bend you over right now and smack that ass around before I take it nice and deep.

I'm an attractive 29yo, very clean, energetic, non-sissy boy, with an athletic build and I know how to use it.

I've attached my current pic if you like what you see drop me a line.

Trey Wilson

[email protected]

alright bring it on here is a picture i will leave it at that and hope that you get back to me!


Tango Teetee

[email protected]

and located in Beaverton for your pleasure...............

John No



[email protected]

Hey how's it going. My name is Gary. I am 6'1" and 190# with blue eyes. I'm a Firefighter/Paramedic. I would love to get together and have some fun. Life is to short not to. You wont be disappointed.

P.S. Firemen can take the heat

Dean Shyshlak

[email protected]

Hello my name is Dean. I saw your ad on Craig's List and am very interested in getting to know you better, especially because you indicated you are sexually submissive while I am very sexually dominate and enjoy all of the sexual activities who mentione in your ad. As for myself, I reside in the Cedar Hills - Beaverton area, I am well educated, well traveled, and in a professional field. I am 40 years old, in good shape, athletic, 6'2", weigh 215 pounds, short brown hair, green eyes, and I am considered to be very handsome. I am also very out going, fun loving, adventurous and just enjoy life in general.

My interests are many and quite varied as I enjoy cooking, going out for fine meals, reading, stimulating conversation, red wines, everything to do with the outdoors, especially being in or near bodies of water, perusing garage and estate sales, exploring foreign cultures, quiet nights in front of the fire place, a night on the town and just love exploring life and everything it has to offer.

I would send you a picture, but in the past I have been unable to do that as Craig's List imposes file size limitations on their accounts. Anyway, I would love to hear back from you, exchange pictures, etc. Warm wishes, Dean. P.S. I have 8" cut with a big mushroom head and have been told many times that I have amazing stamina.

Chris Clifford Part 2

I forgot to tell you please email me beford 5 pm cause then my wife gets home and I don’t want her to walk in when I check my email

William Moore

[email protected]

My pet,

I hope you know what you are getting yourself into because I wont sho mercy once you are in my presence. I am 32 years old and extremely assertive. I am 6'2 and weigh 180 pounds. Though I will respect your limits, I will push you to the ends of them. All the things on your list I can do without breaking a sweat, will be sweating. I will slap you, spank you, clamp you, and make you squirm under my authority. Here is your new nightmares picture.....let me see yours.



Ken Ken

[email protected]

Finally someone I can get down with. I would love for the chance to train and lovingly abuse for both our satisfaction. I have a nice home so I can host. I am 37, white, 5'10", 180lbs, slim/athletic build. I have been searching for a woman open to some bondage and pain/pleasure. I am a professional gentlemen that likes to let loose in the bedroom. If your real and interested just let me know and we can exchange pics and make arrangements to meet so you can please your new master.



[email protected]

25/m/vancouver 6'5 blue eyes brown hair 200lbs

Michael Smith

[email protected]

hi!! Seems like had many imitators, time for the real thing!! I expect, demand instant action, to be for my pleasure alone. Nothing off limits, spanking, caning, and far worse. You submit?

I have pic, but here at library now, but will send, allow you to see.

I cannot host, but daytime tommorow I am free.

I expect a prompt reply,


Michael Joseph Schaffer

[email protected]

hey there! im 22 and very athletic. i love to take control and would like to set something up with you. sorry i cannot host as of now but soon so if we could work something out like you said that would be great! i have a number if you want to call its 503-255-3410 Your files are attached and ready to send with this message. Michael118.jpg

Rock Hardwell

[email protected]

My cock is waiting for your wet mouth... beg for my hot load.. after I pull out of your tight ass.. I tried to send you a pic but couldn't send via grisliest.. email me back and I will try again. say ( I'm a dirty little slut ) now go get your toys and cum play with daddy

Gerry Greatreaks

[email protected]

Hi there! I am a 31/m/SE PDX. I like your ad and would love to be your DOM. I am a DOM and have have for years. Here is a pic of me. Email me back if your interested. Please include a pic of you if you have one.



Robert Geissler

[email protected]

damm you and i have got to meet ,you sound like allot of fun i will be in Vancouver at the Hilton all next week lets hook up and you can be daddy"s little slut i will spank your little ass pink before i fuck it !! [email protected] or if you are for real call 1 360 430-9555 ( just put your ass @mouth in my hands and lets see what happens !!! call me !!!


[email protected]

six three, 188. told i look like wolverine or james dean. Im what your looking for, think we could have a fuck of a lotta fun. send me a pic. got internet for today till about seven and tomorrow. if we mutulaly like what we see ill give you my number.

I had some help from you Lord and the devil himself It's been strictly touch and go Yeah but who in the hell am I talkin' to there ain't no one here but me Then he cocked both his pistols and he spit in the dirt and he walked out in the street -Tom Ames Prayer- Steve Earle


Heather England

[email protected]

Humm,I took a peek at your post on cl after I walked in being with some friends of mine,whice we went topless bar hooping today and my Dick is achen for some one soon.Me, well, So,,I walk in,with thoughts of a nice looking,hot,sexy girl in my mind..And then I jump on CL to take a peek who might be that girl..I'm just wanting to lick,ram,suck and get my blood flowing with the right gal..I can host but I do have a room mate and right now,I want you.Anyhow.I want NSA FWB thing..I'm 35,hieght/wieight just right,no beer gut,don’t have a forest growing on my chest or anywhere on me,,clean cut,STD free and safe..I'm in SE Portland..Sound like something you want to do today? Please reply with pic. Thanks Danny

Heather.jpg Heather2.jpg Heather3.jpg


[email protected]

Hello slave slut...

I know what you want... what you need. You want to be used, be commanded, be taken. You are looking to be treated as the slut you really are. I know your type since I am a practising Dom. Yes...I've been in the lifestyle for a few years and I have had several female slave. You need to be need to be trained. I am 44 yrs old, 6'1", athletic, 42" chest, 33" waist, drug/disease free, non-smoker. Check out my picture and reply with a face pic and a body pic (nude) to me so we can talk about your training. Safe words used....



[email protected]

I read your ad on Craigs List and found it to be very intriguing. I am exactly the kinky partner you seek....I will humiliate you, stretch your tight holes to the max and make you beg for my little personal slut. I live alone....let's make this happen

Here is my story. I am 32 years old, stand 6'1", brown hair, and blue eyes. I work hard and play hard. I have an athletic background and take pride in keeping myself in shape. I am corporate by day and care free in the evening. Attached is a pic of not the best pic considering it was taken late at night but will give you an idea of what I look like...




John Castino

[email protected]

OK! You asked for it! Come and get it! I have been trying to find a Gal like you for along time. I live in The Pearl District. I am single and you can cum to my place and allow me to get out my box of toys, ropes, clamps, dildos, and wax to use on you. I am Italian and I am pissed enough tonight to get down on you something fierce. E-mail my home address as I am leaving work now. It is: [email protected] So, Fuck you and cum to me! John


Aaron Fischer

[email protected]

not into that bondage shit but Ill fuck you till your nose bleeds hit me back


G & D Playmate

[email protected]

lets go fishing? we are a cpl and he loves to give oral and she also\ lets meet no games 503-572-6443 call us

Oregon Gent

[email protected]

you'll get ton's of responses...but few like mine. If you're serious...if you're *real* .... and if you want to experience this hardcore fantasy with a real man, one who is safe, sane, and experienced......

get your ass over =====> here! <grin> Want to be taken, but feel total safety? I can do that. Want to be my slut-slave, with all your holes open for my use? Need to be triple-fucked? Everything's possible, baby...

If since and interested in meeting somewhere safe, in public, perhaps over a drink or coffe, come closer - tap my shoulder. We can reality check this..and...if we're consensual, leave from there......

Don't wear any panties. Be ready to get very wet for Me. I'll pack the massage oil and ropes.......<smile>

Steve White

[email protected]

I got onto Craigs List searching for something kinky...something unique and very erotic. I never expected to find that experience on here, yet I am holding out hope with you!! You appear to be EXTREMELY open minded as I am and that we have similar aspirations.

The basics: I'm 34 y/o, 6', 185 lbs, short brown/blonde hair, blue eyes, 7.5" thick and shaved. The clean cut All-American jock type who has a veratious kinky side underneath that innocent smile.

My interests: I am into a woman wearing fetish clothing (especially vinyl...I can buy). collars are a must. I love nipple clamp play for you and me. I am not into burnings or potty play, but am very into spanking, slapping, kinky & forceful sex, verbal humiliation...pretty much anything that will make you feel like a slut and a whore. I will ask for times to have you fight the torture so I can TAKE what I want and there will be times where you will get to roleplay and be daddy's girl and beg for it. Certainly I will retain some surprises to keep things interesting, but it will be quite decadent and naughty. Watching porn is a must, sucking cock and rimming is a must. U will be my toy and we will have tons of fun. If this sounds of interest to you, let me know.



Nunya Bidness

[email protected]

My wife is SO not into that kind of sex and I really want to do alot more. Especially, with a bound female. I WILL give you hat I want and you will only get what you deserve. I have a plcae to host, occasionally. This week is tough, as I have a show to do tomorrow night and a date with the wife tonight. Something can be worked in the near future, though. Physically, I am 37, 5'10" and 170lbs. I have long brown hair and green eyes, I wouldn't say that I'm hung, but I've been told as much. Seven inches, clean, trimmed and vasectomied. I am great with my hands, and teeth. Would love to blister my hand on your ass. Every time I watch 'The Secretary', I get a raging hard-on. My wife knows about my fantasy and gave me permission to find someone, hopefully married and unsatisfied, too. You sound perfect.

I am enclosing two pics, both very recent. Let me know if you want to know more or meet up.



[email protected]

love you ad, Im tried of about the same thing, girls who say they want to see about stepping into the limits of sexual adventure and then it's all this auto reply.

I know your going to get shit loads of replies, But I will blow you away. How about a full day of fun? Leather, nipple clamps, butt plug, dildo, ropes, a ball gag, a leather paddle and some of the best sex you have ever had. I want you to think about being my sex slave, and how you can serve me and I'll make sure you get the best fucking of your life for as long as you like.

tell you what, meet me for coffee this week and lets go from there, I'm in SE.


[email protected]

I understand.

I think back to the times when there were tribal wars and men would go through the villages and slaughter all the men, women and children and but not before having their way with the women.

I don't fantasize about killing any men, women or children, but I do fantasize about taking a woman really rough, without concern for her comfort.

Couldn't do that with my significant other. You understand or you would have asked your husband to abuse you like you want. You can't. It would change things.

I've had a woman like you. It was tough at first, to just let go of my inhibitions and do degrading things to her. She would tell me, and I would believe her, but habits are hard to break. I had to actually train myself to slap her hard. It was just so counterintuitive to strike her or pull her hair.

But I've seen how turned on she was and, consequently, how hard I got when I could just be a man. Like you, I know how good it is.

No pictures. Can't be discreet if I'm sending my photo. And I wouldn't think you're discreet if you sent one. Besides, you can't really see my male essence with a still shot. You have to hear my voice and look into my eyes.

Write to me. See if I don't have the mentality you want. If I do, we can find a way to meet up and do what we're going to do.


Don Berquist

[email protected]

Clackamas area. You have what I want and I will get it. I am out of town but will be back soon. Be ready.

Herbert Hatcher

[email protected]

the moment i get you alone I will grab you by your dirty slut hair and force my cock in that tight little mouth of yours, while you moan and start rubbing your pussy. dripping wet and out of breath from so much cock, ill slap you around and tie you to the bed and get the real party started....



[email protected]

Good afternoon, I read your ad and My god I must say that I am very interested. I would love to dominate you and tell you what to do and just plain and simple have you be my little girl. i love to Role play, and be dominant. me i am 35 years old, short brown hair, brown eyes. medium build 170lbs, tan complection. below is a little story for you to read. if you like it and like the idea lets talk and see what happens. I to am married and my wife works alot of evenings but if things work we can work something out if you are interested. Hope to hear back from you.

I stood at the kitchen window, a cool drink in my hand, gazing out at the figure by the pool, and I knew I shouldn't be doing it! Gazing on the lush figure of my own daughter! But I couldn't seem to help myself! From the time she first started developing breasts I'd found myself attracted to her, turned on by her! Of course, I'd hidden it away, the horny thoughts and the fantasies, and just watched her from a distance grow into one of the most gorgeous females you are ever likely to see. She'd gone off to college, met the man of her dreams, got married and had two children and lived in a different town for quite some time, but now she was back! Back in my house, back in my thoughts and back in my fantasies! The marriage had recently broken down, so she'd moved to an apartment close by with the two children, so that I could help and give support where possible, my own wife - her mother - had died some years ago and I was now living alone. I'm not even sure how it started, but over the past week she'd taken to dropping the kids at school each morning and walking around to the house to take a swim in the pool and take the sun beside it, and each day I'd find myself standing at the window gazing out at her, admiring her gorgeous body covered only fleetingly by her almost indecently small bikini! But this morning it was different although I didn't immediately realize why, then it hit me! Right between the eyes!! And I very nearly dropped my glass!! She wasn't wearing her bikini today! In fact she wasn't wearing anything at all!! She was lying face down on the poolside lounger totally naked!! My cock just about jumped through my trousers as I feasted my eyes on her back and on that incredibly sexy ass!! I had never, ever seen this much of her since she'd grown to full womanhood! And I drooled! My free hand automatically reached down and rubbed against my swollen cock, all the horny fantasies from years before poured back into my mind! And I knew if I stayed there any longer I'd burst!! I quickly put my drink down and turned to walk away, then froze! She had moved! lifting up onto her elbows and turning her head to look down at her ass! I guess to check if she was starting to burn! Well, she might not have been, but I certainly was!! Because I was finally feasting my eyes on her glorious naked breasts!! And they were glorious!! Quite large and incredibly firm for someone that had been a breast feeding mother!! And her nipples! Oh god, they were like miniature volcanoes!! I was mentally projecting myself out onto that lounger, my lips and my tongue reaching up eagerly to suck on those exciting breasts! And perhaps she felt my eyes on her, because her head suddenly jerked up and she looked around! I quickly stepped back further into the darkness of the kitchen, and then stopped as she seemed to look directly at me! Then I saw the faint shrug of her shoulders as if she realized that she'd been mistaken in thinking she was being watched, because the back yard was totally private, and I took the opportunity to slip quickly away into the other room. It didn't help, of course, every time I closed my eyes I could see her naked body, that tight, sexy ass and those firm, horny tits! And my cock would start pulsing and thickening all over again! I guess it was about ten minute later that she walked into the front room, wrapped in a towel that barely covered her ass! And walked over to me and handed me a drink, my drink!! "I think you forgot this!" she said, a small grin coming to her face, I felt the color rush into my face, and my hand shook as it took the glass from hers, her grin seemed to widen, "I thought I sensed someone watching me, it was you wasn't it, daddy?", I nodded, head down, too embarrassed to face her, she chuckled, "and did you enjoy the fact that I wasn't wearing my bikini?" she asked, I couldn't help the groan that seemed to come from my very boots, but I still couldn't speak, or even look at her, then she leaned forward and took my chin in her hand and lifted it up so I had to look her straight in the eyes, "and did you get a hard on looking at my naked body, daddy?" she whispered, "Oh, I know you've been looking at me every day, so today I decided to please you a little more by taking my bikini off! Did I please you daddy? did I make your cock all stiff and hard?" I think if she hadn't been holding my chin it would have fallen to the floor, I was that shocked!! As it was my eyes were just about bugging from my head and my throat was as dry as a desert! Then her grin turned to a totally horny smile, and letting go of my chin she straightened up and immediately unhooked her towel and let it drop to the floor!! And my chin did drop as I found myself staring at her completely naked body from only a few feet away!! My eyes almost on a level with her naked pussy!! A pussy she made no attempt to cover! In fact, she shifted her stance to open her legs a little wider until the pink of her inner pussy peeped through her blonde thatch!! My eyes darted up to those incredibly succulent breasts and again I marveled at their firmness and at the perky nipples that stood out a good inch and a half from her breasts!! Then came back down to feast on her succulent pussy!! I don't know how long she stood like that, allowing me to feast on her naked body, but I was totally on fire!!, "well, daddy" she almost purred, "does it excite you as much as you thought it would?", I jerked and gasped, my eyes flying up to hers, "Oh yes, I've known for such a long time that you wanted me! I saw it in your eyes, I saw it in the way you looked at me when you thought I wasn't looking, I saw it in the bulge you always got in your pants and tried to hide!! Oh yes, I've always known! But I didn't mind, because it always excited me to think that I was capable of turning a man on, even when I was quite young!! it became something of a game, to see how you would react if I wore certain clothes or if I revealed a little more of my legs or my breasts than usual, but then it wasn't a game any more, because I found that it was turning me on too!!" I gasped loudly this time, "It did?" I finally managed to squawk, "Mom, and it still does!!" she said, and I felt the heat really start to pour through me, "but I don't want to play games any more, daddy, I think we both have needs that can't be denied any longer! So why don't you take your clothes off and join me!!" and she turned and walked across the room and into the corridor - the corridor leading to my bedroom!! She had actually disappeared from sight before her words clicked through to my stunned brain and the brain released them to my body!! And then I was leaping from the chair and pulling at my clothes, struggling with buttons and zips that seemed to have a mind of their own! Then I was naked! And as rampant as I could ever remember being!! And I moved hurriedly down the corridor towards my bedroom! part of my brain was still saying, "this isn't happening, it's all a cruel joke!!" but when I stopped at the bedroom door, there she was, stretched out naked on the bed, one knee drawn up and moved sideways to open up her exciting pussy to my eyes and she was holding out her hands beckoningly to me!! I stopped when I got to the bed and gazed down upon her, in awe of her succulent beauty! Feeling the desire rising in me even more powerfully, and that hot smile came to her face again, "Oh yes, daddy, you really do want me! And you're so big!! Such a beautiful hard cock!! I can't wait to touch it and taste it and feel it inside me!! Please daddy, don't make me wait any longer!!!! I knelt beside her on the bed, and placing my hands each side of her body leaned forward and lightly brushed my lips across hers, and she moaned softly, I felt my throbbing cock touch and rub against her stomach and almost moaned too! My whole body was vibrating with the accumulation of 10 years of lustful thoughts and feelings, but I realized that this might be my one and only opportunity, and I didn't want to ruin it for either of us by acting like a total animal! So I held myself in check, just lightly brushing my lips over her face and eyes and lips and neck! Her hands came up to grip my head and pull me harder to her, but I resisted, continuing my feather like assault on her body, and she moaned and writhed beneath me, her hands finally dropping away as she gave herself over to my ministrations. Once that initial almost overpowering urge to just leap on her and ravage her had passed, I found myself enjoying my slow, languid exploration of her body, I marveled afresh at her incredibly firm tits as I licked and caressed them, and at her larger than life nipples as I gently sucked them, and she crooned softly to me, "Yes daddy, that's so, so nice! Take my nipples in your mouth! Suck them, suck them!! Oh god, that's good, Mom I've waited so long! lick me daddy, lick me, lick me!!", as my lips left her breasts and moved downwards, my hands took their place, caressing and fondling her incredible globes, and I was in seventh heaven! So many times I'd dreamed of running my fingers over her naked body and now I was doing it!! She automatically moved her legs apart as my lips and tongue moved ever closer, but she still jumped and jerked when my tongue reached her succulent pussy, as if it was completely unexpected! God but she was wet! Incredibly wet! And I reveled in the taste and the aroma of her! Again I kept the touch of my tongue light and feathery! Darting here and there, teasing and arousing, and her body responded with a sudden orgasm that took us both by surprise! But I used that to build on, tonguing her slightly harder and slipping my tongue between her pussy lips for the first time and lapping up some of her juices before slowly circling her amazingly large and stiff clitoris! So large, that I was able to wrap my lips around it and suck it the way I had done to her nipples! And that sent her bouncing around the bed as yet another orgasm ripped through her!! Oh yes, my little baby was really getting turned on now! And so was I! I left her juicy pussy and ran my lips and tongue down over her gorgeous legs all the way to her feet, and she jumped and jerked with a gasp as I sensuously sucked on her toes!! Then I moved back up, this time positioning myself between her outstretched legs until I reached her writhing pussy again and plunged my mouth down on it! The suddenness and the contrast with the previous feather touch sent her arching immediately into another orgasm, and again my mouth was filled with her juices, and she was moaning and crying out, encouraging and directing my every move! She was totally lost now in the waves and waves of pleasure racing through her body! I glanced up and saw that her own hands were now playing with her momentarily neglected breasts! Squeezing them and tugging at the distended nipples! And the sight of her playing with herself sent a shaft of white hot fire racing through me, and I knew it was time for me to get in on the act, time to fulfill that ultimate fantasy! So I moved up her body, licking and lapping at her stomach on my way to her breasts, and she sensed what was happening and her hands dropped from her breasts, dropped to cup and caress my throbbing prick for the first time! And it was my turn to groan and writhe as she softly stroked its length!' Oh yes, Tina!" I groaned, "Touch daddy's cock! Stroke daddy's cock! It feels so good! Oh god I've wanted this for so long!! Guide me in sweetheart, guide your daddy to your hot pussy!!" and she did! slowly, teasingly, rubbing my cock head up and down her dripping wet pussy lips with one hand, while the other gripped and fondled my heavy balls, "Mom daddy, your cock feels so big!, so hard!, so hot! And you want to be inside me don't you? You want to feel your cock sliding deep into my hot pussy don't you? you want to fuck your horny daughter don't you?!!" she had taken the initiative now, teasing and arousing me the way I'd been teasing and arousing her, and I could almost hear the renewed power and authority come into her voice, almost an air of triumph! "Now daddy!! Now!! Fuck your hot cock into me! Fuck me hard!! Fuck me deep!! I want you!! I want you!!" and I thrust forward hard!! Burying my cock with one stroke to the hilt in her steaming pussy! And she screamed, long and loud, "Yes!! Oh god Yes!! You're fucking me!! Daddy's fucking me!!" and her body exploded in another violent orgasm that almost spat my cock right back out again! And bucked me from her body! But I gripped her tight and thrust my cock deep again! And again! And again!! All thoughts of slow and gentle were gone now from both of us! The tap had been turned on and the accumulated lust and desire of all those years was pouring out, and I rammed my throbbing, pulsating cock deeper and harder, and "Yes! Oh yes, Tina! I'm fucking you; I'm fucking my baby at last! I'm fucking my baby!!", and she was screaming loudly too, urging me on with every thrusting stroke! And it couldn't last! There was just too much heat! Too much raw lust! Too much desperate need in both of us! And I felt the juice begin to churn and boil inside my balls and I fucked her harder! "Oh god! Oh sweetie, I'm going to cum! I can't hold back! I'm going to cum!!" her body was bouncing on the bed like it was a trampoline, and her voice was hoarse as she screamed "Yes daddy! Don't stop! Shoot you're cum juice into my pussy!! Fill me up! Fill me up!! Fuck me, fuck meeee!!" and she wailed into an enormous explosion as my cock split at the seams and belched its load of hot juices into her pussy!! We were both howling and wailing as our juices churned inside her, and my red hot cock rammed and thrust into her bucking heaving body!! Neither of us making sense, but both of us emptying out more than cum juice! Emptying out all those years of secret yearning, of secret fantasizing! And it felt good! In fact it felt a hell of a lot better than good!! It felt fantastic!! Never in the wildest of my dreams had I imagined it would be like this that it would feel like this! Perhaps because I never realized that there was similar yearnings inside Tina! But I had no doubts now!! She was fucking me every bit as hard and long as I was fucking her!! And she was loving it every bit as much as I was! There was a huge, almost demented grin on her face as she continued to urge me on, continued to milk my spurting cock!! And I was only too happy to oblige! This was one fuck I never wanted to end!! But, of course, end it eventually had to, as the last of the juices was sucked from my cock by her incredibly athletic pussy, and I began to soften! But she didn't seem to mind, and just folded herself into my arms as our lips came together in a deep, passionate post fuck kiss! A kiss that threatened to ignite us all over again! But slowly the energy seeped away and we fell apart, exhausted! Just looking at each other through half closed eyes, with silly grins on our faces!! after a while of just lying, looking at each other, I asked if she'd like a cool drink, "Mmmm, I'd like that, I think I really need one!" she whispered, so I eased from the bed and padded into the kitchen to make us both a tall, cool drink, then carried then back into the bedroom. She had bunched the pillow up and was sitting half upright on the bed, but I was pleased to see she'd made absolutely no attempt to cover any of her gorgeous body. I handed her one of the drinks, then slid onto the bed beside her and pushed the pillow against the headboard and sat half upright too! For a moment we silently sipped our drinks, as a perfectly natural wave of uncertainty and embarrassment went through us, then we both started to speak at once! That caused us to burst out laughing, and that in turn caused the tension to evaporate! I deferred to her, "You first" I said She grinned, "I was about to say, I don't want you to feel bad about what's happened, it was something I wanted very much! Something I've wanted for a long, long time - her grin widened - from the very first time I saw you rushing from the bathroom to the bedroom with a massive erection and subsequently heard mom's squeals of delight!! Right then and there I knew I wanted your cock inside me! but although I often thought you wanted me too, I couldn't be absolutely certain, and I couldn't risk making a complete fool of myself, so I took the first opportunity to head off for college so I didn't have to face that - then she blushed, and giggled - the first time I had sex with Jeff (her recent husband) it was awful! Until I started imagining that it was you and not him! And then it was fantastic! That shook me up even more!! So I tried to put you out of my head and make a good wife and mother, but when it all started to unravel, all I could think of was coming home, coming home to you!! But until today, I still wasn't sure how you felt!!" I took both our drinks and placed them on the side table, then took her into my arms and kissed her deeply, cupping and running my hands over her breasts at the same time, and I felt her body responding. Then I pulled away and confessed that things had been much the same for me! I could even pin point exactly when it had begun, the night of her 14th birthday when she was getting ready to go out for a party! I'd walked passed her room and the door had been partially open, and I'd inadvertently glanced inside and stopped dead in shock! My little girl wasn't a little girl any more! She was standing in front of the mirror holding various tops up to her body, obviously trying to choose which one to wear! But at that moment she was wearing nothing at all!! I found my eyes feasting on her incredible tight ass!! And I found myself reacting! my cock hardening! And as she discarded each top and reached for another I could see in the mirror her gorgeous half formed tits! And I just about exploded! I knew I should move, walk away, that this wasn't right, but I was transfixed by her sexy body!! Until a sudden yell from her mother broke the spell and I dashed away frantically trying to get rid of a decidedly unexpected and unwanted erection!! After that, it just got worse and worse, although I never saw her in an undressed state again!! - Until today!! She laughed, and reached down and started to stroke my rapidly hardening cock! "Oh, poor daddy, if I'd only known, I'd have flashed my titty's at you every day!! " I laughed with her, "and if I'd known, I'd have flashed my dick at you every day too!!" I said Her __expression became serious for a moment, "we can't do anything about the past! But what happens from now on is definitely up to us! And I don't want to waste any more years wondering and yearning! Oh sure! I'll be hoping to find another husband, because I thank the kids need to have a father! But having really found my horny daddy at last, I don't want to lose him again!!" I felt the glow of delight flow through me at her words, and my cock swelled in her hands, and I leaned over and lightly brushed my lips across hers once again, "losing me isn't an option, Tina!! The only options for us will be when? where?, and how? Do we fuck!! Because I intend to make sure that you are never dissatisfied or hungry for sex again! Ever!! And that includes if you ever get married again!!" a huge grin filled her face! "Oooo!!! Goody!! Daddy's going to fuck me forever!!" and she swiveled around and plunged her mouth down on my now rampant cock! And I howled!! "Yes Tina!! Suck daddy's cock!! Fuck daddy's cock!!" and I reached for her body and pulled it to me and my mouth descended on her hot, juicy pussy once again!! And I began to carry out my promise!! Much to Tina's delight!!!!


[email protected]

You open the door, a bit nervous but more excited. We stand face to face for the first time and smiles appear when we both sense the wonderful time we are about to share. You take my hand and lead me in, but I must kiss you, your stunning and I'm already very eager to hold you. I stop you and turn you around, look into your eyes as we draw closer. Our lips touch and all inhibitions desolve into a heated passion. We press harder into our kissing, slowly opening our mouths open so our tongue can roll around each others, I suck yours into my mouth and your moans tell me it's feeling so good. Our hands roam over each others bodies, exploring the curves that will be fully aroused in the hours we will share. You put your hand behind my head and lift your head and pull me into your neck, I know you want my hot mouth to kiss and lightly bite it. You gasp as I feel your leg lifting up to my thigh, my leg slipping between yours, pressing against your hot, soaking sex. You shamelessly grind against my knee, shudders running through your entire body. I hold my leg firmly there, letting you use it for your intense, building pleasure. I want you to cum so badly and tell you so. This is all you need to hear and begin to shake as you climax for the first time of the evening, moaning and telling me how good it feels. Your leg slides back down mine as I hold your still weak body up. You kiss me harder, and then place your hands on my shoulders, looking slyly into my eyes as you push me down, letting me linger on your tits as I suck them through your blouse but only for a minute as you force me down further till I'm on my knees before you. You look down at me and stroke my hair as you lift your dress up, exposing your stocking legs and garters. The aroma of your hot sweet sex fills my senses as you tell me, "Tod, lick my hot wanton pussy! My pussy aches for your tongue!" I lick up and down your inner thigh, teasing you as you squirm, trying to force your tingling sex onto my eager mouth. You reach down and pull your satin thong aside exposing your beautiful, moist lips to me. This is what I want so badly and I start to lightly lick up and down your opening, pulling your lips open with my mouth. I suck them in and then suck them up and down, your clit hardening and needing to be used by my most willing tongue. I slip my long, hot tongue into you, pushing it as far in as I can and holding it there as you thrust your hips back and forth, taking it in and out of you. You grab my hair and lift my face up to your throbbing clit and I can no longer ignore the one thing your so wanting! I suck your clit into my mouth, flicking the tip of my tongue over it, up and down and back and forth. Your heated lust makes you aggressive and you shove it hard against my face as I suck you harder and harder, letting it slip out of my mouth then I suck it back in, over and over as you urge me on. "Fuck yes that's right, suck it hard, suck it good baby, make me cum down your throat!" I suck you harder and harder as you begin to buck wildly on my hot mouth. Suddenly I feel you twitch as you yell out loud, "I'm going to cum so hard!!!!!!!! OH FUCKKKKKK YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!" I drink up your spurting cum as you splash me with your intense orgasm. Oh God your taste soooooo good!! I look up and say "I want so much more of your sweet cum darling, I want to drink you all up!" You step back to the bed and sit on the edge, pulling me to you and undo my belt and unbutton my pants, my rigid cock springing out, thick and throbbing. You spit on it uncerimounisly and stroke it from base to tip. Fuck it's so good and I tell you so. I push you back to the mound of pillows, pulling one away and slipping it under the small of your back, lifting your ass up. I stand before you, stroking my cock as you let your hands run up and down your tits and tummy and then finally down to your pussy, pulling your lips apart telling me you want me to eat you all up. You reach out to my hand and replace yours with mine and I rub and lightly spank your stiff clit as we stare deeply into each others eyes. I move around the bed and crawl up between your legs, running my hands up and down your silk stockings, and kiss my way up them. I don't hesitate this time. I suck your hot clit into my mouth and suck it like I hope you'll suck my hard cock. I feel you reach over to the night stand and open it. Within seconds I hear a buzzing sound as I look up to see you have opened your blouse and pressing the whirring silver vibrator over your shelf bra held tits. Your nipples are so stiff and you moan as I go back down on you, flicking my tongue fast and hard over your clit, trying to find the same rhythm your giving your nipples. You buck up and down moaning loudly at the pleasures your body is feeling. You run the vibrator down your body and then give it to me. I know just what your need! I push the shiny, buzzing toy up into your soaking hole, sucking you as I slide it in and out of you. I search for you G-spot and I can tell I have found it as you scream out when I touch it. Now I am so fucking hot for your cum I shove it harder and harder up to your sweet spot all the while sucking and licking you up anddown.I know your so close.Suddenly you start shouting out nasty fuck talk as you gush hot jets of cum all over my face. Oh God how I love it and lap it all up as fast as I can.You collapse back in the mountain of pillows as I let our toy slip out of your soaking pussy. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, This is going to be a long lusty, passionate night I can tell! Tod



[email protected]

hot, hung, and sexually talented guy would love to fuck you hard tonight- check out a pic of me at: ger back to me asap if your interested in the kninkiest hottest sex you'll ever have

Master Pierre

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your ad sounds to good to be true, but I will reply anyways. Hopefully you are a real person with a real need to do the things you wrote about in your ad.

Please read the following statements and if you agree with them, then write me back and we take it from there.

I am a submissive woman. I find pleasure, joy, and fulfillment from being submissive to another in a loving relationship. I am not weak, or stupid. I am a strong woman, with firm views and a clear concept of what I want out of my life. I do not serve out of shame or weakness, but out of pride and strength.

I look to my loving Master for guidance and protection, for never am I more complete than when he is with me. I know that he will protect my body, my mind, and my soul with his strength and wisdom. He is everything to me, as I am everything to him. His touch awakens me and his thoughts free me. Only in serving him do I find complete freedom and joy.

His punishments are harsh, but I accept them thankfully, knowing that he has my best interests always foremost in his mind. If he desires my body for pleasure, I shall joyfully give it to him, and take pleasure myself from knowing that I have brought him happiness. However, the pleasure of the flesh is but one facet of any relationship. The love, the trust and sharing, the words spoken and felt, those are all parts of this relationship.

I am a submissive woman. I am proud to call myself that. My submission is a gift that I do not give lightly, and can only be given to one who can appreciate that gift and return it tenfold. Only to he who has that strength will I give myself fully, because I am strong and proud. I am a submissive woman.

BTW, I am a Dominant male, 40 yrs, 5'9", 170 lbs.


[email protected]


so you want to be used like a tied up slut made to serve a Sir hu?

I am looking for just such a slut like Sir

Sir Michael

Keith Stampflee

[email protected]

Can you give me a golden shower?

Marc Richard

[email protected]

That is what you need....loved the ad slut.....does hubby know just how dirty his whore is? So tell me....leather or lace?....I have plenty of toys to fill all your holes and thensome....I am eyed, brown hair, 200lbs...and very willing to test your naughtiness....let me know if you are interested....I'd love to do to you what your hubby is afaid to do!......Marc

Jerry Johnson

[email protected]

Be my little babby girl and do as I ask you, you will be taken care of, but will learn hoe nasty daddy realy


Jerry.jpg Jerry2.jpg


[email protected]

here's what i want: to tie you up and fuck you silly in your pussy your ass and your mouth, not necessarily in that order. I recently found i like to tie girls up and use them for my rag doll. i want to tie your hands behind your back and fuck your face, or tie you face down to the bed and play with your holes. i'm tired of trying to please, although i will, i just want to do what pleases me.

27, willing to host.


DJ Danny

[email protected]

and you really dont know if you want to reply or email becuase you are looking thru all the guys post on CL and not sure i they really understand what you want or if even they would last more then 5 mins..what a joke..huh? well, I'm 35,5'9 weight is 165,clean cut,tats all over me,no chest hair,my package? trimmed,cut and STD free. I work,and play hard,and I want a female whos cruvey to slim,,age 19 to 40, and who dont ask many questions,,becuase I'm not going to,,this is about Fucking in a safe way and Its going to be a good fuck,,nothing less,but maybe more.. You like to be fingerd,licked,sucked on,fucked hard,your mouth used rightly,spaked,called all sort of names.Then please reply with pic and lets do this like its ment to be. D


[email protected]


your ad certainly got my attention! I imagine I can do everything you have been thinking of along with several others you have never even considered. Do you have your own toys? Bring them along! I have clamps, ropes, restraints, candles, whips, chains, dildos, plugs, beads, swings, etc. I am 29 and ready and willing to put you through the ringer, I have seen posts like this before and almost all have been people who have no idea what they want or just try to see what responses they get. Hopefully your not so pathetic and really are into what you claim.



[email protected]

still looking? serious post? or .. spam? I seen no location (i.e. pdx, vancouver) are listed. drop me a note if you're serious, and up for being intense. Have days free, including tomorrow, Friday or Sunday, and I will give you what you need. cheers, ak


[email protected]

I just might be your man how about a pic 4 pic and lets go from there.

mail me at [email protected]



Eric Shelley Frederick

[email protected]

You are a dirty girl aren't you? It is time for you to pay the price for that. I will start by telling you to make me a drink. When you refuse or if you do a bad job, perhaps spilling a drop I will have to punish you. I will bend you over a table using my foot to position you legs so that they are open just about 12 inches.

With my left hand on your shoulder I will spank you several times with an open hand. As you ask me to stop I will look you in the eyes and let you know that was the wrong thing to do. Then I will lift your skirt and pull down your panties to expose your bare ass. Your hands will grip the edge of the table with anticipation of what will come. The crack of flesh on flesh is unmistakable. The sting provides a moment of clarity, and then you start to sink into yourself as you let the pain wash over you. As you become accustomed to the spanking, you feel the rhythmic sting stop and hear some fumbling noises behind you. Fear comes to your eyes as you realize I have pulled out flexible lucite rod to cane you with. Several smacks later and you begin to bargain. You will do anything to make it stop. You offer yourself to me, just please make it stop.

I tell you that I will stop as long as you satisfy me with enthusiasm, but I will tie you up first. While you are still face down on the table I will bring your arms above your head and tie your wrists together. I quickly lash your bound wrists to the table and each ankle to a table leg. Your field of vision is restricted and you see me disappear from view as I walk behind you. You feel the familiar pressure as I start to enter your pussy.

This is what you wanted. You needed to be forced to enjoy this. Now you can take the pleasure without guilt. Someone else is making you do this. It wasn't your choice you tell yourself. Sliding me in and out of you finally works you toward climax. As you sigh quietly to try to keep me from noticing, I hear you. Did I say you could cum? No. Now it is time to make sure you know I am in charge.

Because I am feeling generous, I take out some lube and drizzle the cold liquid down the crack of your ass and rub it on me. You are worried, scared, but can't wait for what comes next. Painful pleasure as first a finger enters you and is then replaced with something much thicker. You bite your lip to keep quiet. Your whole body shakes with each thrust until finally you feel me tighten inside you gasping with relief. Finally, you have paid the price in full for your impudence.

This is just one possible scenario. I am used to using nipple clamps, floggers, canes, rope (my favorite), blindfolds, hair pulling, etc. I am familiar with all the safety issues around each of these. If you would like to try some of this out with an experienced, safe partner, then drop me an email. I am 5'10" 165 lbs, in good shape, STD free and ready to have some NSA fun. Respond with a picture and any questions, fantasies, or anything you would like to know or see from me.



Joseph Herndon

[email protected]


I would love to tie you up and do everything you listed and MORE!! The exciting part for me is that we are both married - I want to dominate you in your bedroom while your hubby is away! You got the guts for that? I am clean & safe (no drugs / disease) And I know what I want, and how to do it!




[email protected]

come over anytime! i am 31.


Antony Isolationist

[email protected]

I think what you need is someone to 'cuff you. take a belt right between your legs. give you a hard spank while my cock penetrates your pink lil asshole. you need to be the cumslut filthy bitch you are.

I can host and love to humiliate you.


Dave and John

[email protected]

Hello, this is two horney gentle men. we also live in vancouver. let us know if you'd like to get together or if this is even realistic. My name is Dave and John. We are around 30 yrs old about 5'6", 150lbs, shaved head, slender build, 30 waist, 7.5ct shaved and this is for both of us.

Dave and John

Dawg.jpg Dawg2.jpg Dawg3.jpg Dawg4.jpg


[email protected]

Hello there:

Hope you have swell evening... Lol! Well.. it's bright

and warm!! Anyhow.Yes! I I love be your secret friend and help you

with your fellatio fetish! You can suck my dick all you want! i love give you oral too!

I am interested to finding out more about you and your interest? hit me back!

I was imaging what you might look like ... :-D

From what i feel you are a awesome person

with great personality? Am I correct???? Do you have pict?

He he .. okay so what would like to know about me?

Well, I am single 5'9 medium build.

Rumor mill has it from my peers that I am a really sweet

guy and fun person to be around with. I think I tend grow on people b/c I am

such a dork. :-) I would love to hookup with ya and get to know you better.

cheers Pad

PS> Your answers First how do you like to kiss: Tongue Playing Options if you need them Deep throat Tongue playing Nibbling

Second how do you rate oral: 8 1-10

Third how do you like to ride: 1....23....1..23...1...2...3..123 Options if you need them 1....2.....3 123 Just in case that means slow and steady or fast

Russ Steams

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Hey there,

It sounds like your ol' man can't give your cunt what you need. Looking for a man to take control? I am looking for a hot slut to take control of. Give you the spanking and ass fucking you deserve. If you are a good slave bitch, I will let you cum in my mouth, maybe... after I cum in yours. You will get your holes stretched and very satisfied. I am a very naughty man who can fullfill your needs. My pic will be sent to another e-mail address for I am done fucking up good pics for the cheap fucks on CL.


Frost Frost

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I really liked your ad and thought I would drop you an email. I have ALL the equipment we would need to have some nasty bondage fun. Let me know!

A little about me:

I'm 6ft. About 220 lbs (Not a hard body but like to work out when I can). I would say I am HWP. I have blonde hair and blue eyes. I’m 35 yrs old.

I'm dominant and kinky so hopeful you like that. I prefer submissive women.

I am up for just about anything so if you are up for a challenge, email me back and we'll go from there.

K Webb

[email protected]

You really want to be pounded? i'm generally not a violent guy, but i'm getting somewhat curious into the S&M world, so I could use a good teacher. I'm just a plain dude, nothing fancy. Drop me a line if you're interested, and pictures would be dandy too!

sorry, for some reason my picture attatchments wont work. i am a loser and have myspace, so heres my URL:

Tai Grewal

[email protected]

You are just the type of girl i'v been waiting for. I'm not getting to play much at home. i want someone I can tie up, blind fold, poll your hair, but your nipples. fuck you inthe ass, do what ever I wanna do to you. make you cum so freakin hard/long that it starts to hurt. if your intersted write back...

Eric Huntley

[email protected]

Hi there... I'm what you're looking for...

My name Is Eric, I'm 26

Eric2.jpg Eric3.jpg


[email protected]

hey there

im rod, im sure your getting lots of emails well, you little slut, you need to be fucked hard, slapped around and told what to do. well, lets see pics. including naughty ones.

jra323 on yahoo im


Aaron Kester

[email protected]

have no way to send pics lost my cam phone on friday and not replaced it with a good phone yet want some sex call me at 503 737 5224 can meet whenever you want to so lets fuck

Big Mack

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You better be serious, or you will really have to take all my cock deep in your throat, whether you want it there or not!

How about clothes pins clipped on your pussy lips ? Is your clit pierced ?

You will do as you are told, maybe even in public !

Send me a pic, here is mine. My hard 7 incher wants to be inside of you NOW !!

Bigmack2.jpg Bigmack.jpg

Merlyn Emrys

[email protected]

Well, I know all of the fun knots, and how to use them. I am a big fan of rope bondage - tying you up where you can't move anything... then torturing you with my tounge, a dildo, a vibrator, my cock. I would love to keep you on the edge for as long as you can take it and then have a wave of orgasms wash over you until you are begging to have them stop.

Think I can't do it... I have done it before. It is a wonderful turn on for me.

As for my other favorite toys, a nice crop - clothespins, nippleclamps I love them all. Hope to hear back from you. Knowing that you don't have the courage to hit reply. In fact, I bet you are going - yeah right, this guy can't be all that... Well, you can't know until you find out. I just might be

Nathan Williamson

[email protected]

Your not sure what to think, to do as I stand in the corner watching you. The pressure of the rope begins to burn as you instinctly struggle to free your bound hands from behind your back. Looking at yourself, stripped, on your knees, facing a full length mirror - still not knowing what to think of this stranger that you have allowed to control you. A sense of fear sneaks out from within, nearly knocking you off balance but a quick jerk keeps you upright. As you continue to reel from the sense of urgency that your body released, I move in. Aggressively, I push you over - it's time for you to experience me. Ignoring your whimper, I firmly step on the small of your back, holding you down and push your pretty, needing little face into the carpet. You struggle as I slide a large stiff dildo into your mouth, you gag, choke and spit when I take it out but gasp when it gets driven into your tight wet pussy. I drag you up onto your knees and you feel the discomfort of the shaft as your muscles tighten around it. Unzipping my pants, then pulling a hard cock out and into your face, I push it into your mouth and grab two good handfuls of your hair. Slowly at first, in and out deeply, I drive my cock between your luscious lips. Then, without warning, without becoming orientated to the cock in your mouth, I pull it out, open your mouth and push it in again. You loose track of time and reality as I fuck your face. Tears stream, but something more begs to be felt. As I control you completely your hands reach and grab at the dildo still inside of you - not to take if out, but to pump it in and out of your dripping pussy. I have not said a word, not a moan, not a grunt, calmly, as I reach climax, I take my cock from you and release myself all over your face. Before you settle I leave your sight and still you do not know what to do, but you know that you will learn, grow and cherish these encounters...

Of course, there is plenty to tell about myself and many things for you and I to share before something like this WILL happen. I am fit, able and push but do not cross boundaries.

Troy Kirk

[email protected]

I want to PLEEEZZEE you soooooo good Baby........let me be YOUR you B CUM mine........our bodies intertwine.....and XXXtacy builds to INCREDIBLE HEIGHT'z.......a moment in time....when we two can give PLEASURE"z......without an end.....A Promise of what I offer to Thee..... Troy2.jpg Troy1.jpg

T Wilce

[email protected]

This is one of the scenes I'ld set up for you. I am walking down the street when you pull into your driveway. As you get out of your car in your sun dress you catch my eye. I watch you go to the back door unlock it and head back to the car where you grab a bag of grocerys and head for the kitchen.I know your alone because you had to unlock the door so I wait for you to come get another sack and as you step back into the house I'm right behind you.As you set the bag down I grab you from behind one arm pining your arms to your side the other over your mouth.Before you can even react we are headed for the living room where I force you onto the couch and tie your hands behind your back commanding you not to make a sound.Then I pick you up enough to slide under you with you laying across my lap.I slip your dress up over your ass exposing your sexy satin panties and begin to firmly spank that sexy ass till it is cherry red and hot to the touch while telling you how I'm going to turn you into my sex slave for the day.I then stand you up and rip the dress off your body and take off your bra.Standing behind you I begin to chew on the back of your neck while cupping a tit in each hand rolling the nipples between my thumb and finger till they are rock hard and I can feel the heat of your ass while it begins to grind back into me.Dropping one hand to your sloppy wet pussy I begin to tease your lips and clit till you are weak in the knees.I step in front of you force you to your knees and command you to deep throat me till I come all over your face .Then I force you to your back and bury my face in that gushing little hole of yours till you are bouncing off the floor with wave after wave of orgasms.Then I put a hand under each knee shove them to your ears and slam my rock hard cock up your ass till I"m about to explode.Then I pull out take off the condom and fuck your tities till I unload on them.Then I'll command you to lick me clean while I finger you to
another orgasm.Once you are through cleaning me up I'll untie you and command you to follow me into the bedroom so we can play some more.This is just the beginning of a long day; if you are interested in the rest of the day send me a pic with your reply and I'll tell you more of what is in store for you.I'm 5'6" weigh 250 lbs and have huge shoulders and big chest which is how I got the nickname. Buffalo. The one your mother warned you about



[email protected]

I know what to do with your type. Just a couple of weeks ago I was down in SF and I tied up a nasty little girl like you. Went on for hours.

And you give ME your picture first you little bitch. How dare you demand anything from your Master.

If I like what I see I'll tell you more.


[email protected]

HI mamacita, sorry because I haven't any pictures but if do you want to know me just give me a call, 503 381 6772, I'm so hot every day, and I'm looking for someone like U


[email protected]

I'D GET BACK TO ME ASAP IF I WERE YOU! In Portland bi monthly, can host in nice hotels, will be there evenings of 11th & 12th (then off to Eugene).... IF you are serious and like what you see....RESPOND ASAP!



Mike Carter

[email protected]

sounds fun!

Joe Hamilton

[email protected]

i have most the stuff all but the nipple clamps. all i need is you i can host in a great place send me a pic ill show you the greatest place i can slap my cock inyer face joe




[email protected]

If your really ready to be a real slut, Daddy's little girl, let me know. MasterVoni


[email protected]


If you are really looking for real wild action reply me back. I can host. About me I am 26 staying in Hillsboro. I am silent kinda person but I have a wild side which you would love to experience. I am sending my pic so if you are interested mail me back with your pic and we can go from there.




[email protected]

Good god your the perfect one for me. I'm looking for a woman that I can tie up and torture. I'm talking making you beg me to stop, making it hurt til you cry. Yes I would love to help you out with this. First I would start by gagging you, Then I would tie your hands behind your back. I would pull your blouse up over your tits and rip your bra off, I would then squeeze and smash your tits into your body. I would put nipple clamps on your nipples and hear a soft whimper out of your gagged mouth. Then I would pull your blouse back over your clamped tits to add to the discomfort. I would then pull your skirt and underwear off. I would play with your shaven pussy. I would tie an extremely tight crotch rope with a butt plug and a knot right over your clit. I would tie it in a way that when ever you moved it would be painful. I would then untie your hands and pull your blouse all the way off. I would tie a rope between each one of the nipple clamps and your big toe forcing you to bend over. I would start to flog your ass. Every time you tried to stand up your nipples would feel like they were being ripped off. I would then .......

Kolin Gilbert

[email protected]

Hey. I just read your ad, and am very inticed. It's hard to find a woman this likes to be tortured in this way. It's been a damn long time since candle wax.. I have been looking for someone that would like to be branded. I have also experimented in many other areas of bondage/torture for pleasure. Ym cam is down right now, or I would send you some pics.I can pic message some from my cell if you would like......I am definitely interested in what you talked about in your ad. So, please let me know.

Bill Smith

[email protected]

ok you fucking slut send me a pic of you getting fucked in the ass and with cum running out of your asshole and I will send you one of cum running down my 7x2 cock so you can lick it off me balls !!!! send now bitch!!!!!!!!

Luke Man

[email protected]

Hi im luke, from SE Portland. Here's my pic. Im looking for new play friends, who can play during the day times (I work graveyard).

If you would like to chat, send me an email back. A pic or two would be appreciated. Im mostly available daytimes. And I love to play!



Jon Franklin

[email protected]

My soon to be says I am too agressive in the bedroom and can be rough. I have never used bondage stuff, but if you have it that might be fun. I do have handcuffs and am sure we can arrange a blindfold or whatever. Just looking for fun and good raw sex. pics are cool if ya want to swap. If interested lets talk. std free here as well.


[email protected]


452 Cube

[email protected]

oh damn, now that is a fucking post with bite! Do you have any requirements in a guy other then his ability to to give you what you need? In other words, age. I'm 43 and serious about what I like and how I do it. If not, let me know, we can swap pics and go from there.

Mister Fun

[email protected]

So you have received hundreds of messages I am sure. All claiming to have what you want. I have it. I have a huge assortment of toys, all designed to torment you into Ecstasy. I have my own private dungeon where you can be tied into many interesting positions. I have many years of experience, all boundaries respected but pushed.

Most of the ads like yours are from websites trying to get email addresses. Once I know you are really interested, I will send you pictures and tell you more of what you need to hear.


[email protected]

Hi ,

I tried sending my pics and file is too big to send thru CL; Please reply and I'll be more than happy to foward them to you. If you have more pics, please share them.Please look no further, I'm your dream and make your Fantasies come thru..

- Talking about Gentleman, I am and very much so!!! - I'm Black and origin from Africa, will show you another beauty area of our Darkness, - I'm 32 yrs and really matured, you'll enjoy conversation with me - I'm GOOD: goodlooking, well fit (play soccer) and in shape - I've a great Cock - and know how to use it, high sex drive with lots of stamina - I'm responsible - well schooled ( university graduate), a good job and independent - NO BS: I'm sincere, no games or drama - I'm fun to be around and you'll always enjoy our times together - I believe in quality and not quantity - will make a together memorable

You won't be dissapointed. if interested, tell me a little about yourself and will be happy to trade pics



[email protected]

Hello. My pic is attached. Peruse. Feast, if you like. Under my hand you would find the rewards of naughtiness. I prefer a "hands-on" approach, and only intermittent sessions, but I'm sure you will find it worthwhile. What you can't surmise from the picture: I enjoy knots. No STDs. 6'1. Married and discreet.

What I prefer from you is a return picture, your general location, and dates and times we could meet for an interview, in public, most likely. Also, please describe yourself a bit more intimately (likes, dislikes, wants, hates, fears, loves, ...). more is better, just this once though. mind you, unless I ask, I expect little talk from you.


Scott Jamieson

[email protected]

Spanking, bondage, nipple clamps, wax and more! You got it. Come to Daddy!

tribe-dot-net profile:


[email protected]


I am 31 5'7 160 lbs dark skin and eyes and fit. Would love to host. I have attached a photo for you.

Joseph Portland

[email protected]

I am currently looking for another fuck hole to abuse for my pleasure. My profile below is specific and clear about what I like, but in general terms you would be expected to service all manner of man, woman, and beast (I enjoy watching cunts suck/fuck dog cock) at my whim. I've also had 3 cunts who've fucked members of their family so if you've done/available to do that, you will receive special attention as that taboo turns me on. You would be gang fucked by strangers, given as a gift, beaten, whipped, chained, displayed in public, and sold / video taped for fun.

I'd want to chat online with you and then meet up if it's determined that you're suitable. I'm sure you understand that you've got a lot to offer as a fuck hole, but what's most important to me is that you're comfortable, indeed, you *need* to serve in the nastiest, most disgusting and humiliating fashion I can imagine. It is my goal with cunts that I own to turn them into pure fucking machines whose holes are availble at a moment's notice for anyone and everyone without limit or hesitation. It generally takes about one year or so to get you to that point depending on where you're at now.

If you're available to me, respond via email or find me online via yahoo chat. You can reach me via alt or [email protected] or genxmaster45 on YIM.


Your New Daddy.

Profile Attached -------

I'm not attracted to vampires or vague references to some other-worldly nirvana, I don't believe in "the one", have no interest in supporting your shopping habits, and couldn't care less about your "needs". I do know how to fuck you in the ass, I will use both younger and older women, you will feel pain, and if you're good I may buy you things. You shouldn't expect any committment, and my needs are most important. You will be attractive, submissive and have few limits if any. You won't be cut, but you may be choked. I will rape you or gang rape/bang you. I will put you in handcuffs and other restraints. You will be whipped. You will deep throat my cock--often. I will direct you to service men and/or women that you don't know. I don't care if you're married or otherwise attached and I don't care if your partner knows or not. I am a discreet, attractive, clean, healthy, very kinky professional with 12 years experience. You do not need to be available 24-7, but if you are I'll take advantage of that. I have a wide range of interests and you need not service all of them, but should perform a satisfactory range--enough to keep me happy. You are obedient, sexy, slutty and submissive. I am pleased when my partners are nasty and when they immediately respond to my voice. I enjoy using you for my pleasure. I am a moderate sadist (little blood or permanent marks/damage but bruising, etc. not uncommon). I have no qualms about causing you pain until you scream or cry. I don't have any interest in or time for games. I will clamp you, whip and beat you with crops, cuff you to the bed, choke you while fucking your ass (breath play), use restraints (ropes, etc.) fist your cunt and ass, gangbang you, and use you for various other sexual satisfactions. I do travel and have paid for partners to travel to me. I will reiterate--I am not concerned about your needs. I expect that you are a slut, whore, submissive, or slave. You need not be experienced, but I am not looking for those who are merely curious. If this is just an experiment for you that's fine with me, but you will be expected to service. I expect that you are for real (there has been an increasing number of commerical and/or non-serious advertisements). I also expect that you will have pictures and that you will describe your level of experience completely.

Muadh Abounaja

[email protected]

i have more if yr real and i just want from u respond and u will see....

I can come to you and you could cum to me slowly pounding you with my throbbing cock until your thighs start to shudder and you can barely even stand it anymore. Your nails dig in to my back as you bite your pillow case, then you finally release and you feel so good you start to laugh with bliss.....lets try that!!!I am down to tie you up and violate as well.... Here is a pic if you want a cock pic send me your email since it is too big for the c-list......See you soon..


Fred H

[email protected]

I will respect your boundries but satisfy your need to be sexually abused if that's your desire.


Fred H has threatened an internet lawsuit on CosmicJohn for posing as a young, nubile woman.

He first contacted Cosmic in his ElJay here.

The false advertisement and posting of information that has been gathered through it provides those victims with solid grounds for compensation for damages and prosecution for the offender." A quote from my lawyer. Your dumb ass has given me all the intel I needed to contact all the other victims and well, I we'll guess really fuck you afterall. I usually don't give a heads up for this sort of thing, but I can't wait for your subpoena to arrive. Who's laughing now bitch? This is also a formal request to not contact myself or the other victims. See ya in court.

Fred H then contacted Cosmic again after Cosmic laughed at him.

Look fuck head, I said not to contact me, you are going to get ripped a new asshole in court, your arrogance is going to make that asshole that much bigger. Oh and people speak differently, non-regional diction doesn't matter to me; her record in court does. Go fuck yourself now, I'll get my chance to fuck ya in court soon Informally, our out of court settlement offer will stand at $1000 per person per "experiment" with the entire balance going to cancer research. I'd start looking for a better lawyer if I was you. You're not as well protected as you think.

Currently, no judge is available to preside nor lawyers. This is a DEVELOPING OMG STORY.

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