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COTI (also known as Team COTI), contrary to popular belief, does not stand for Cocks On The Internet, despite the extensive and deep-throated metaphorical ingestion of wangs, dongs, dicks, pricks, and schlongs indulged in by its members. It is, amazingly enough, just another AIM chat room and unfunny forum full of faggots, fatties, furries and fugly fat chicks.

Founded by noted babyfur Rootdown as an alternative to using MUCKs to communicate with his "friends", COTI soon gained a reputation for hamfisted "prankery" and fumbled attempts at troublemaking, inspired by the big kids over to the now-defunct Portal of Evil leper colony, Sex Sex World. COTI can be relied upon to seize on any given meme weeks or indeed months after everyone has forgotten about it and jerk themselves witless over the shrivelled corpse.

Some weepy furry faggots consider COTI to be an anti-furry site in the same vein as Gayfaggotinc or VCL_Horrors, on account of a small inner circle that sometimes likes to mock, ridicule, and troll the furry community at large, but according to its creator and administrator, Rootdown, COTI is not an anti-furry community. This denial comes as no great surprise, since Rootdown is a babyfur artist[1]and most of the rest of the COTI clique are furries themselves with DeviantArt accounts and draw abombinable furry art and such.

COTI members have an inane jealousy of anyone smarter and/or funnier than themselves (i.e. the rest of the Internet), as demonstrated by this quote from Rootdown: "encyclopedia dramatica is what we here at coti refer to as hostile to comedy (htc)"

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