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Relationship and Downfall

'King Pwn' handling private matters like a true logical, intelligent person would.

The Dick was finally laid to rest (nvm bbl) today on November 5th 2010, having died of a broken heart. After spending over a year dating another youtuber living in America calling herself xxxThePeachxxx (which began when Coughlan666 posted a public video talking about how wonderful she is).

He was dumped last week in favour of a bisexual man IRL calling himself Devchelle2. The Dick's natural response was to demonstrate his desire not to punish xxxThePeachxxx by posting a video and turning the event into a spectacle on the Internets:

Since the video was posted, xxxThePeachxxx was flooded with trolls calling her a cheating whore. This inspired her to make a BlogTV statement that Devchelle2 offered her a place to stay out of the kindness of his heart after her father kicked her out and disowned her for dating Coughlan666 in the first place, and things just got complicated when xxxThePeachxxx ran to Devchelle2 for comfort and fell in love after barely a month of living with him. This all took place after xxxThePeachxxx in a fit of temporary insanity, decided to marry Coughlan666 and move to England to be with him before it dawned on her how ridiculous that plan was. Sounds implausible? Let the crazy bitch speak for herself:

Clearly, The Dick knows how to pick 'em.

xxxThePeachxxx vowed on BlogTV that it would take more to scare her off the internets than the all the abuse she was receiving on her youtube page. Less than 24 hours later, xxxThePeachxxx demonstrated her resolve against the wave of mean comments by closing her account. A few hours later, Coughlan666 did the world the same favour and removed himself from youtube out of guilt said he was taking a little break and would come right back to continue the same faggotry he is well known for.

The Dick Takes Responsibility. Kind Of.

Clarifying his previous internet-suicide note, Coughlan666 claimed he was just feeling so very guilty by "unintentionally" sending his rabid fanbase to swarm Peach and then proceeding to give vivid details of her her Daddy issues and private life. Richard then decided to detail his personal life over the internet by saying his viewers are wrong by taking such a vested interest in his personal life and how terrible the entire situation is because of his sabbatical, insisting there was nobody else 'doing this better than me!' before blasting his fantards for doing exactly what they did in the past and what he knew they were going to do again.

Peach is the opposite of me, she has some dignity.


—Coughlan before remedying the situation and blabbering about Peach's quite undignified personal life

The Dick Abuses All His Supporters

Crying over Amazing Atheist is one thing. But closing your channel? Have some fucking dignity...

Continuing his inability to understand he is causing all his own problems, Coughlan666 posted a video the very next day, quite clearly methed off his ass, pissing on all the people who offered positive comments in support of him:

Apparently, The Dick is incapable of restraining himself from announcing to the internets that his personal issues are serious fucking business.

It's been 9 days of Hell & I still don't understand what the fuck is going on? I hope it all makes sense or I'm stuck with this feeling :(


—Coughlan on his twitter page summing up his default mental state when uploading videos.

xxxThePeachxxx Shits All Over the Free-Thinking, Rational Atheist Community

"But but if you think about it, I'm MORE of a rebel for white knighting for Coughlan! WHORE!

A week or so after the initial dramabomb, xxxThePeachxxx decided to pull a very Coughlan-like move and undelete her YouTube. The unexpected twist however is that she took the oppurtunity not to reward her well wishers with praise and thanks for a show of support during her rough patch but instead called out the USI havin', herp derpin' clusterfuck that was the YouTube Atheist Alliance.

I got to see what this farce of a "rational free-thinkers" club was really made of.


—ThePeach, quite surprised by YouTube's lack of class.

Peach, much like Coughlan himself, seemed completely caught off guard that a horde of cunts who make a point of swarming those who hold a different opinion than them would suddenly turn so venomous so quickly once she did something they didn't like.

Peach and The Dick Today

Since the fiasco, both parties moved on from the nastiness and continued their lives peacefully. Or did they? A quick check of boths Twitter will show that, while Peach has made no subsequent reference of The Dick post-break up, Coughlan has sent frequent tweets her way on an almost daily basis, clearly ready to add stalking to his long and impressive resume.