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Cownugget is a vore-loving furry "artist". As his main fetish, he seems to enjoy drawing pictures featuring other furries getting eaten. Unlike most furry artists, Cownugget does not draw his fursona often, but instead has become an artbitch for Arohka, drawing him vore art, and anything that suits the wants of Arohka. Arohka has commission him over 9000 times, asking for a picture more disgusting than the last. A bane to the internets is what Cownugget is.


Cownugget invented the character that Arohka uses, right down to the internal organs and features. Not many know this fact about him, so we know that even Arohka can't create a faggot character.

  • Cownugget's sexuality is unknown, but he is most likely a flaming faggot
  • Cownugget is a hardcore christian who dismisses science.
  • Cownugget's art is ONLY vore, look at his goddamned furaffinity here
  • Cownugget is too busy being a self important furfag to do any of the commissions that other furries pay him for
  • Cownugget got butthurt by Arokha, which can be seen here
  • The individual who added the above point is obviously Arokha.
  • Cownugget is also Gunmouth Furaffinity Gallery

So disturbing and yet you can't look away...

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