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crackers tend to be more pale than this.

Crackers (A.K.A. Dog Fuckers/Horse fuckers/Bland yogurt/Car Fuckers/Cumstains or Inbred-Americans), are a useless disgusting-backwater-horse fucking-dog marrying-culture appropriating hopeless sub-species of cancer. They are usually found sniffing coke in a trailer park dumpster high on the illusion that they are better than everyone else. Crackers know nothing but violence,everywhere they go death, faggotry and rape will follow.There is nothing they have touched in the past that isn't in some way fucked up now. Crackers by definition are stupid , if they hear gunshots they go to them, if they lose their jobs they kill their families ,they drink for death and give more fucks about their dogs,Wholefoods and yoga than themselves.


  • The internet is the crackers favorite source of entertainment, often "trolling" and spending his time on youtube leaving racist messages for every human videomaker.
  • The only way to deal with cracker "trolls" is to usually ignore them , laugh at them or kill them.
  • Crackers usually still can't get over the fact that blacks can drink out of the same water fountain as them.
  • Crackers usually marry within their own family, to continue the cracker line in the family tree.

Using Cracker in Conversation

"I cannot wait until those cracker assholes get voted out of office."

"Oh shit she ain't do shit but being another fuckin cracker like the rest of them rednecks HAHAHAHA! FUCK YOU CRACKER!!!"

"Fuck all you white sonsa bitches. And fuck all you alien bastards. And fuck you robot punks. And fuck your white paintings! Most of all FUCK YOU CRACKER!"

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Symbol of most not-edible crackers.

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