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Info non-talk.png Were you expecting to read about Jew minstrel Woody Allen? That's understandable.

Everybody is getting raped

Creepy Woody or Hentai Woody is a vaguely lulzworthy meme that sprouted from the depths of the well known shit board /toy/. It began with the Japanese toy company Kaiyodo pulling a reverse weeaboo and releasing a line of toys based on iconic characters from American television and cinema. One of these sets was Toy Story themed and gave Woody a hilarious interchangable rape face.

Sick fucks everywhere then proceeded to turn this terrifying pervert-faced Woody into an image macro, placing him in various immoral and sexually abhorrent predicaments. This meme does occasionally contain teh lulz because it fucks with your childhood.

Creepy Woody has become extremely popular with all the unfunny fucktards at places such as /v/,/a/ and /b/. There may be entire threads dedicated to this lovable rapist, or more commonly used to spam the fuck out of cancerous subjects by adamantly proclaiming THIS IS NOW A WOODY THREAD THIS IS NOW A WOODY THREAD THIS IS NOW A WOODY THREAD and unleashing a barrage of images depicting Woody's sexy shenanigans.

Woody's Hobbies

All of this shit actually happened in the movies, you were just too busy sucking dick to notice. His pastimes include:


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