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LiveJournal is vastly improved when you realize this is the secret 'mood' for every single entry.
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Where tears go
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The proper form for crybabies

One who cries in a manner comparable to a baby. This term usually applies to butthurt faggots, this term is often used online to describe losers who have been trolled and can't handle the heat. This is usually said in the form of "go cry", which means nobody fucking cares, despite the fact that the internet is Serious Business.


Babies have been crying for almost as long as we've been giving birth to them. They never stop crying because they're babies. This is, quite literally, what a crybaby is - it's someone who never stops crying. If you feed them then they cry because they're sleepy, if you put them to bed then they cry because they shat themselves, if you change their diaper then they cry because John Kerry really wasn't the right person to run for presidency regardless of how much of a walkover the 2004 election seemed.

Stop crying, faggot. Nobody gives a fuck that you set off the fire alarm.

Leave her alone, god dammit!

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