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Crossposting is simply taking something posted somewhere on the internet and putting it somewhere else for maximum keystroke value. There are two major varieties of crossposting:

  • Laziness-- When a user invested so much energy into his post that he wishes to put it into as many communities as possible, regardless of its relevance to to the community. This is why one frequently sees posts about cleaning up cat puke in Lj-favicon.png poor_skills.
  • Sharing the lulz /Fueling a flame war-- Drama, like sex, is lame when there are only two people involved. Therefore, exporting drama to a personal journal or another community helps to draw bands of trolls. Boob_nazis and the childfree are ripe targets for this type of crossposting.

On /b/

Cross-posting is quite common on /b/, and is known affectionately as copypasta, some notable copypastas have been Katy, Desu, "I GUESS THIS IS WHY THEY CALL THIS FORUM "RANDOM"!! XD", Dick Ants, and John

Desu cross-posting/copypasta in action.