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Notice the blood around the butthole?

Cross Ange, also known as Skyrim with Gundam, or Magical Girl Hitler: the Normalcaust, is Sunrise Studio's new masterpiece of 2014. Other than the aforementioned anal rape above, the anime itself is a trainwreck filled with lesbian jails, Normas and true originality that makes Eva looks normal.


Just Last Thursday, humans discovered a way to have magic powers called mana. Instead of starting an epic lulzfest by throwing spirit bombs at each other, they decided to behave like a bunch of figatrons. Some humans do not have mana and are thus branded as normalfags and are sent to lesbian island to get probed and fight DRAGON, aka, Dimensional Rift Attuned Gargantuan Organic Neototype.

Ange, a 16 year old princess, jailbait, and female soccer player was discovered to be a norma after exposed by her incestuous brother. Ange was then send to anal rape island to get anal raped by a mechanical hand and other lesbians.

The rest of the plot is pure shit and not important, other than for showing Sunrise's laziness and unoriginality. Oh and Ange pissed herself. That's all.


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