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Deviantart-favicon.png Cs-chan is a very talented artist whose art consists of poor anatomy, and lots of bright shiny colors. Although the gender of this TARTlet is unknown, many speculate he/she/it might be the person in his/her/its icon, which depicts a female or possibly transvestite azn. However, many also believe it is most likely a fatass pretending to be azn in order to gain popularity, pity and pageviews.

Cs-chan's avatar.
Ohhh so that's how she gets her pageviews. By acting nice towards anyone and everyone so they look at her page, then deletes them from her watchlist once they do...isn't she sweet?
File:Inn Black by acacin.jpg
The real Cs-chan who has never been an Azn womenz.
Cs-chan IRL.

Legend has it, cs-chan adds you to her watch list in an attempt to spread AIDS for miles and miles until we're all infected, like the Left 4 Dead of DevianTART. Oh, that and she takes you off her watch list after you have already made yourself look like a retard on her page by thanking her. She is now re-uploading her artwork, all the artwork she deleted on purpose, to once again, to get more pageviews and watchers.

Cs-chan's new ID depicting a retard. Note the high forehead, severe case of mong eye and the gimped arms/hands. Yes, this is truly the most accurate depiction of cs-chan to date.
Be careful when commenting back to cs-chan, she might just make them your last words. LOLWUTACUNT.


Recently, a journal surfaced, questioning cs-chan's gender, but also pointing out her obvious status as an attention whore.

Exposing the truth.

Also brought into question, is whether her art is really hers, or the product of someone else's work. To which of course her many followers suggest that any such idea is a lie.

Another theory toward cs-chan is that, maybe, she is in fact, a victim of 'circumstance' due to a bug in the system. This has been stated in another journal, one of several stating something strange about cs-chan. Which leads one to the conclusion of either she is a fat lonely girl searching for attention on the internet or that she is really a creepy old pervert looking for sympathetic lolis to lure to his den and feast on.


She's loving the sweet attention her retarded fans give her.

Why do you do it?

Ms. Baww-Chan's buttpal has posted a soppy journal. http://www.cs-chan.deviantart.com/journal/21822573/#comments KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!

http://cs-chan.deviantart.com/journal/21763832 Due to massive trolling and flaming, our beloved CS-chan had enough! She decide to post a journal in her hugbox asking everyone why they are flaming her.

WHY? We all know that no one will give a shit about your shit art and shit anatomy, stupid attention whore.

What makes it more pathetic is that most people commented there failed to see the truth. Cschanhadenough.JPG

Not long after this journal post up, somebody started up a thread which state teh truth answering her "Why people flame me?" in the forums. The whole thread is delicious, you can see how people really thinks of Cs-chan.


One of her past victims points out the truth

BAAAAWWWWWWW seeking attention again and telling everyone to ignore what she said. Cry us a river and drown in it plz.Nobody gives a shit about your butthurt whiney low self esteem self.She's telling us to do whatever we want. If that's the case let's all gather together and make her e-life even moar miserable.
She'll probably be back in a few weeks!! OH NO SOMEONE KILL THIS BITCH WITH FIRE PLZ!!!

Back on the internet again

Two days after committing to become an hero, cs-whore can't stand the lack of internet attention and retarded asslickings.

Duhduhduh, she is back or is she? She has never left in the first place and there's no such thing as "a trusted friend".

She delete the journal made by "her friend" and pretended nothing had happened at all. In order to expand her retarded fanbase, she fucking started the pointless comments/emoticon spams on shitty people's shitty art AGAIN.


Typical comments from Cs-whore, if you got one of those and pissed your pants and flocked over to her page to thank her.....

Congratulations! You've fallen into her slutty trap.

Even more if you watched her back because of this, you should shoot yourself for being such a dumbshit.

Attention Whore

In a journal posted by cs-chan, it states that her brother died (HE NEVER REALLY DIED, HER BROTHER DOESN'T EXIST), this post came about some two hours after the initial journal that called her out. Many wonder if this is another ploy for her own selfish gain of pageviews, or if he really just became an hero after he saw the kind of art she was concocting; while others still wonder if the brother actually exists.

The journal that launched a thousand BAWWWWWWS.

Like most individuals who post journals for pity, the bombardment of 'I'M SO SORRY!!11!' became readily apparent. However, cs-chan doesn't appreciate your concern and she blocks you regardless of what you have to say. Instead, she'd rather delete all your comments, and completely block you from her page.

Look at me, look at me! All you flamers and haters can kiss my ass. Ooooo someone is butthurt deep down.

After the barrage of 'absolutely inappropriate' things left on her page, cs-chan went on a mission to spam her entire front page, over and over again stating the 'killing' of her brother.

Later on, she added a very sad poll on her journal, asking whether or not her many watchers have ever lost a 'sibbling.' Upon glimpsing this poll, every emo flocked, posting stories or one worded comments about their experiences. As usual with these kinds of polls, a few fucktards show up and say, "No, but I lost my father." I don't believe that was the fucking question, unless your father is your brother to which we have a completely different story altogether.

His/Her "Stay and come back to my page, I have bewbs pics" webcam.

Her Loving Brother Returns

As we thought, cs-chan was known to have "lost a brother" and announced everywhere that he had died after two hours of being called out in a journal, making a poll on "who has lost a sibling/loved one?" and bashing people left-right & center with the MY BROTHER DIED AND I'M UPSET, LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE comments. Flag, spam, flag, hide, hide, spam. Her continous lies have increased so much that it seems she has forgotten the unfortunate death ever happened. She has stated she only has one brother who she is very close to as well in past journals which have been deleted, so he's helping her through her ups and downs now? Thought he was dead? Wow...just wow.

Her "loving brother" came back to life and is now helping her through schoolwork. Miracles do happen.


Cs-chan's fiance was a cheater and liar, so she left him. PWNT. Guess the stupid bitch wasn't good enough for his tastes. LET'S TROLL THIS BITCH.


  • He/She adds OVER 9000!!!!! people to her watchlist per minute !
  • He/She watches everybody, but damn why does He/She have no favourites ??
  • He/She hides all comments that are not "Thanks for the watch !" or "I like your art !", even if He/She had hidden all comments now =/
  • He/She is almost always connected ! (I looked at her action for hiding comments, He/She stayed like 14 hours on DA !)
  • He/She can block you in 25 seconds or less !
  • His/Her avatar sucks
  • He/she spammed her own page saying repeatedly that her "brother died etc." When was the last time you saw a grieving person try to remind his/her self of her deceased relative and the fact that they were deceased by TYPING IT OVER AND OVER?!?
  • He/She, and most of her fans, talk in the language of Wapanese or other people that wish they could speak Japanese and think they can because they watch anime on youtube.
  • He/She seems to be on the internets a lot for someone who is mourning the loss of a loved one.

Taking A Break

BAAAAAWWWWWWW I'm so upset and emotional lately that I need to take a break from deviantART. According to her whining, a trusted friend will be left in charge of her account while she's gone. Aka not a friend at all but herself because SHE'S FUCKING ADDICTED TO DEVIANTART AND ONLINE 24/7 SHE CAN'T POSSIBLY STAY AWAY FROM HER FAVORITE WEBSITE FOREVER! Where will all the much loved mass watching/adding faves go? NUUUUUUUUUUUUUU.

By cs chan.jpg


Praise the lord she/he is banned!.

Yes finally she/he did to much baaaaw and shit and trash-talking that the admins gave her/him a break from Deviantart. By banning the shit out of cs-chan. Yes it´s true we have picture proof. Hurray!

It´s only temporary do, the thing will be back. Yeah sucks does it not? And SHE IS BACK.

What the FUCK is this picture doing in her journal? GET HER BANHAMMERED AGAIN for the lulz-and loli.

LEAVING DA FOREVAH!?!?! (nope, she's back.)

As of Last Thursday, cs-chan has said she/he is QUITTING THE INTERWEBS! Cleared out his/her gallery of misformed naked soft porn (AGAIN) and cleared out her pink turd of journal with the message:

I thought was I gonna be around a little longer but I decided against it after all. Take care everybody.


— cs-chan, bored of his bot existence of constant fav/unfaving and copypasta comments.

The drama queen is trying again, this time under a new username, Deviantart-favicon.png acacin. Also promenading around as a black male now? The princess has a penis. And of course continues his/her long standing tradition of posting banana boobed women and butt-hurt stamps.

New shitty art from her new account, because she totally left DA gaiz!!!
Her signature banana boobs seal the deal.
A self portrait you say?

The Butthurt Brigade

Deviantart-favicon.png doneit who has no real art of her own aside from a poorly rendered Naruto fanart, is consistent in defending her friend, cs-chan, to the death!11!!

She's very articulate, isn't she?

Any such comments questioning any subject around cs-chan, immediately becomes doneit's business. And like most friends of butthurt individuals, she will hunt you down and let you know that you're gonna get BANNED! She makes sure you know your opinions of cs-chan are absolute lies, and she stresses that your opinions do not matter, which clearly makes doneit a nazi.

Deviantart-favicon.png cole0123 is another of cs-chan's valiant supporters and animu artist. Another victim of shitty art syndrome, she draws fan-art, mostly the usual Kingdom Hearts, InuYasha, Pokemon and Bleach. Also, she has a side gallery at Deviantart-favicon.png NikkieCole which is basically the same shit as her other account, with a better selection of poorly drawn anatomy, which she likely learned from cs-chan, as well as a chart that shows her prices for commissions.

I wouldn't even pay for any of this in dogshit.

Play at her own game

To get on cs-chan's last tits, purposely watch her and fave her work, then reverse it and unfavorite/unwatch her. Make her feel she's getting your loving and devoted attention when in fact it's just as fake as her tactics are. GO AHEAD AND DO IT.

Conspiracy Corner

Some minor buzz has been accumulating over whether cs-chan plays both roles as herself and as her most avid defender, Deviantart-favicon.png doneit.

  • She and doneit both share the same hatred for using correct grammar in responses to comments on their pages.
  • She and doneit also only speak 'properly' when they're trying to make an extensive point.
  • They both seem to coincidentally always be on at the same time as each other, thus responding to each others comments within seconds.
  • They're both retards.
  • Deviantart-favicon.png TailsNCream has claimed that he has checked their IPs and that they are identical.

Moar Trolling Needed

Little Ms.Cs-Chan's blocklist doesn't seem to be full enough. Hiding and flagging even the loveliest of comments seems like a great hobby she indulges in. Why not do her a favor and troll her page to your heart's content? It's fun to witness the whore's threats of getting one banned or threatening to do something she wouldn't do IRL because she's too much of a scared cunt.

What you can do

  • Block her from your page before she spams her love all over it.
  • Tell her the truth why people hate her so much.
  • Tell her how to draw correct anatomy.
  • She loves to whore herself out in the complaints forum! Too bad she can't hide comments there! Quick! Here's your chance!
  • Tease her about her fiance' cheating on her. She's weak already.

Gallery of Lulz

[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

Gallery of Art

Like most animu artists on deviantart, cs-chan is 'popular' for drawing shiny, desu arts with a severe lack of properly structured anatomy. She also has a fetish for boobs with oddly shaped nipples, usually pierced multiple times, and yuri.

Look at all her wonderful arts below:

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