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Whenever I hear of culture... I release the safety-catch of my Browning!



"Culture" is the term used to define a set of behavior, trends, traditions, sex life, and status that groups of specific people use to make themselves feel special and different from the rest of people. Basically, it's the unique shit that certain groups of people do—including the action of thinking.

There are two main categories of culture: Internet cultures and IRL cultures.

IRL Culture

We will be focusing on American culture since noone gives a shit about foreign cultures, since they are all total Eurofags anyways. Many anthropologists agree that there are two types of foreign cultures; men with black hats looking at useless art and making useless poetry (found in English class), and tribes hopping around in feather costumes and cooking up useless medicine made out of endangered animals (found in social studies videos). To start off, one of the biggest things that defines America is their ability to consume resources excessively, and their god-given right to the rest of the world's oil. They are the most important nation in the world who needs to constantly remind everyone to nevar forget 9/11, and how they can kick the shit out of any other country.

American culture prides their rich spoiled whore celebrities, like Paris Hilton, to be good role models for the younger generation. The American Dream is winning a frivolous lawsuit against a fast food corporation, and always playing the victim. It's never your fault. America is a nation of entitlement... you are entitled to that SUV, you are entitled to cheap gas, and will go to any length to bomb free the shit out of any country that threatens the American way™.

Internets Culture

A nigger before internet
Same person after internet

Internets culture is far more corrupt than IRL culture in every single way due to the fact that it is ruled by teenagers. In IRL, media, politics, news, and every discipline is done by mature adults. However on the internets, everything is ruled by angsty social rejects who waste their lives playing WoW. Yes all the most nerdy angsty teenagers you can remember from highschool are ruling the internets, which is why it is such a cesspool of unnecessary drama. That's bad enough, but adding the anonymity that internet use provides makes a bad creature worse. To get an idea of what this makes, think of what would happen if you gave a retard a shot of steroids and cocaine directly into the frontal lobe.

One of the biggest examples of teens in power is Wikipedia which most administrators are still in highschool. This is the reason why Wikipedia is full such frivolous bullshit like the list of minor Star Wars droids (which is about roughly 3 times the length of the "History of the earth article").

Nurturing Stupidity

This is deemed normal on the internets.

One of the biggest things about internet culture is that if you have a belief or have a fetish, no matter how screwed up and wrong it is, there will always be a place on the internet for you that has other like minded people. So in a way, the internet nurtures dumb, sick, fucked up behavior. Up until recently, in IRL you would probably be lynched for running around in a fursuit, but on the internet you are a magnificent wolf who is in touch with his inner animal spirit and sexuality. The sad thing is that Internet culture is spilling into IRL culture, and with the addition of Liberal Guilt we can't to a thing to stop this faggotry.

This is the reason why the internet makes you stupid.


With the advent of high speed internet, everyone is obsessed with instant gratification which leads to more and more ADD cases for ever shortening attention spans. YTMND & 4chan are good examples of hyperactive behavior encouragement. Some people get to the point where their whole lives could be spent on 4chan mashing the F5 key.

Going and Fucking Yourself

Are you inadvertently offending your 'online friends' with your well intentioned emails? (If you're Swedish, it's spelled 'mejl'), Or perhaps you are one of those people who think it's up to a Mod to introduce you to an 'eCommunity' - find out just how pathetically wrong you were by taking this simple netiquette quiz. LOL Internets.

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