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Dual bukkake.
They won't admit it, but all women want one....so why not surprise her tonight. Be sure to bring at least 12 guys.
The result.
Many cum whores come to the sperm-burping arts from other fields.
If people find out you are a cumdumpster bad things may happen.
you inherit BUKKAKE!
Norse Bukkake
A cum whore enjoys a delicious cock cocktail. Gokkun ftw!

Ancient tradition originating from Hokkaido. It is pronounced bu-ka-ke, with a short pause between the first two syllables, like in "bookkeeper". The word itself comes from the intensified form of the Japanese verb 'kakeru', which means 'to put on top'. No, noob, it's the noun form of the verb "bukkakeru" which means means "to splash". Duuuuhh. It make me hard in pants!!

According to legend, it was historically only practiced by monks of an esoteric Shinto sect as the welcoming ritual of new miko (shrine maiden), putting her total and unconditional loyalty to the church at test. The arch monk and four young students he chose conducted bukkake in a hidden shrine. Although the mikos were usually aware of the practice they were often tied down to tatami before the act. The monks would then masturbate, shooting their cum onto her face. If the miko didn't voluntarily eat all of the holy water she was deemed unsuited for church service. Another possible origin was when a samurai's wife does something stupid, like leaving the kitchen, she was dragged into the street and tied to a pole as the samurai cums on her face for all to see. Unfortunately, nobody at the time screencapped it so nobody knows which one is accurate. We do know that if you are into bukakke, you may safely assume you are a sick fuck. The truth is that the hentai and porn industry invented it.

The practice saw a resurgence when hentai became popular, as a way to get around Japanese censorship laws that apparently let you show anything except pubic hair, or some shit like that, leading to pictures like tubgirl and lolicon, because lolis don't have pubes.

The Japanese work so hard, they make the rest of the world look like a bunch of pussies. I mean, if even their whores bust their asses like this, it must tell you something about the country's work ethic. You'd never see some lazy-ass American whore putting cum in her ear with medical tubing. That's the difference. Superior.

Cum Whore

How a girl should be treated.

Synonymous with the camwhore, a cum whore (aka cum slut or cum dumpster) is a type of whore who thoroughly enjoys the taste and consistency of delicious cock sauce. They also derive pleasure from cum being all over their bodies whether it be boobs, butt, legs, etc. Cum whores often have self-esteem issues and, ergo, frequently play a prominent part in porn. Because of this passion for the arts, cum whores are often highly sought after by frat boys when entertaining their fellow students.


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