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an example of the curb stomp.

Curb Stomping, verb: To place someone's mouth on a cement curb, and then stomp on their head from behind to break out their teeth or to smash their head in.

What is a Curb Stomp?

The Curb stomp is an effective way to get rid of Niggers and Jews. The Curb stomp is an act of hate one uses on a person/animal/thing to break their teeth or to break their head in, splattering Grey Matter every where. The most effective Curb Stomps are the ones that break said victums head in resulting in death and lulz for the Curb Stomper.

An Example of the Curb Stomp (the Sopranos)

History of the Curb Stomp

Curb Stomping in Europe

At least 100 years ago during the Lollercaust Nazis would Curb Stomp the jews' heads in for lulz.If a jew was acting up the Gestapo would roll in and Curb Stomp said Jews' head in, breaking their Jewish teeth and screwing up their nose. The Nazis that mostly did the Curb Stomping were the Gestapo, mainly because they wore heavier boots and were there all the time.This was the Second Preferd Method of taking out Jews before the Gas Chamber. As the Holocaust went on more and moar Jews were losing their teeth, and more and moar Nazis were creating lulz.

Curb Stomping in America

Klansman getting redy to Curb Stomp a Nigger

During the 40's-50's era of America, it wasn't the Jews heads being Curb Stomped, it was the Niggers. During this time the KKK roamed the streets. Before/During lynching season, the KKK would find a random Nigger and Curb Stomp his head.Unfortunately the KKK didn't have big boots like the Nazis so the Stomps were less lulzy. Also, during the 40's era, when Amerifags Rounded up the Japanese in little holding area, they also Curb Stomped them as well. Of course the US Government was to blame for those lulz.

Curb Stomping in Modern Times

Moar Curb Stomping fun

Now a Days you don't see the great Curb Stomp anymore. Mainly because people are afraid that the Partyvan will get them. But on rare nights, in big citys, near clubs, you'll see the occasional Curb Stomp being held.The victims in this are mainly drunks,Niggers,Fags, or people that didn't pay their rent.Either way its a lulz site to see and must be video taped for the Internet's Pleasure.

How to Curb Stomp

  • find victim
  • beat victim up until victim is unconscious
  • pick up victim's head
  • put head on curb of your choice (cement preferred)
  • make victim bite the preferred curb
  • lift up foot
  • slam down foot on victims head
  • ????
  • Profit!!!!!

How to not Curb Stomp

There are many ways NOT to Curb Stomp. Thanks to YouTube, these retards will show you how not to Curb Stomp.

Bad acting by Dykes

Plushies are not people you Dumb Fuck!111

Very bad acting by 13 year old boys

What to wear during a Curb Stomp

Curb Stomper

The only thing a Curb Stomper should worry about, in their stomp, is his/her shoes. The shoes should fit on your feet (duh), and must be very big (no, clown shoes don't count). The heavier the boot, the better. If the boot is made of some sort of Metal, it's a must have for curb stomping. Heavier boots grant you the ability to possibly smash the victim's head in (lets say breaking more than teeth). If you are a black person and can't afford a heavy boot, do not worry, as normal shoes work fine but are not as lulzy. So remember The Heavier the Better

The Curb Stompee

First off, you are a complete fucktard for even complying with the curb stomper's orders to put your open mouth on a curb. WTF? Taking a bullet would be preferable to being the victim of a curb stomp, which could render you a quadriplegic, needing a trained monkey to wipe the drool off your busted grill for the rest of your short-ass life. Putting your mouth on the curb is even dumber than letting a black person with a knife cow you into getting into your car and driving him away from whatever public area you happen to be in and facilitating your own rape and murder. Just take the beating or the bullet. Your chances of survival are much better. If you comply and become that Jew... well, sucks to be you. If you are the Curb Stompee you don't have to worry about what you wear, because chances are you're either going to get:

Types of people that deserve to be Curb Stomped


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