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An artists rendition of Curly 2.0. Note the special curly pubic hairs.
...And his emo super kawaii!10! character

Curly, a.k.a. Letaliter, a.k.a. Letaiiter a.k.a. "Ferociter" a.k.a. the second worst Basement dweller after lSweetSinl, a.k.a. o0Pebbles0o (only because she starves her children by buying NX with their lunch moneys) is a twenty-something player of the online weeaboo RPG game, Maple Story. When born to his parents, Mo and Larry, Curly knew from the womb his "asspie"rations in life were to become successful and play Maple Story at least 100 hours/days/years. Curly takes pride in flaunting his not ONE, not TWO, but THREEEEEE level 150+ characters in the game, proving his phail at IRL. He claims constantly to have an IRL girlfriend, but we all know better.(Note just creating ONE of these characters is difficult to achieve in the game.) Curly’s favorite hobby is to KS (Kill Steal) other player’s monsters in the game with his guild, Leviathan. This is presumably for the lulz, however half the time he is doing it wrong, using devastating weeaboo insults such as “o_o” afterwards.

His favorite way to insult other players is the word ‘cunt’. This is not surprising as Curly has always strived for a vagina. This has shown through his use of strictly female characters.

Curly requires all Leviathan members to talk like this. With punctuation. At the end. Of every sentence. So that. They can appear. Moar. Intelligent. As if they. Were writing an Anne Rice novel. Even if you are conveying your point in clearly understandable English, you must add perfect punctuation for it is incredibly necessary on a serious game like Maple Story to be sophisticated. In short, they are all liberal art majorers or soon to bes who have yet to realize grammar is inversely proportional to intelligence.

Other hobbies (moar like crimes, amirite?) include:

  • Believing “inb4u” to be hilarious
  • Being extremely Mature
  • Being a cancer
  • Fapping to under-aged maple loli
  • Preaching black superiority
  • Making up success in a liberal art major
  • Convincing himself that his life isn't shit so he can lie online better

Curly is a clear example that the existence of Pedobear is indeed real, there are no girls teh internets, and somehow it’s possible to share the same name as one of The Three Stooges.

His Guild

The only weeaboo guild worth joining

Curly’s guild is parodied constantly by other guilds due to the lulzy drama he creates around him, such as provoking KS WOARRsss!010!! within the community and threatening players. Ironically, this is considered harassment and ban able In Maple Story’s Terms of Service, but why ban when you have tons of weeabos purchasing your shit?

EDIT: Apparently since Curly enjoys accusing guilds and other players of hacking: Here is a lovely screen of a Hubris member, a Deathrow member, and Ashton of Revival attacking a vaced Pianus.

Curly can also sometimes be seen patrolling on the username TemporalKnight. This is a cool name because it has the word temporal and knight in it. Despite his disdain toward teenagers and their ilk, he too is pathetic enough to incorporate a word such as "knight" to sound cool. Also note the nerdy and egotistic signature.

This is where he attempts to target users and tell them they are weak in a game. At one point he gave a speech about how if a character is too weak to hold their map with monsters in it, he is completely entitled to take it. Actually however, he feels he is completely entitled to everything anyway. GameFaqs users, despite being total fags normally, actually disagreed with his thread, noting him to be complete fail. The thread then died a quick and painless death. (Pics plz.)

Having previously owned the guild name “Hubris”, this was easily parodied as “Noobris”. One of Leviathan’s members claimed Copyright infringment, although jokingly, but will still always fail at life. Several spin-off sister guilds were created afterwards known as “Jewbris” “Boobris” and “Hoobris”, although Jewbris and Noobris win by default and all the other ones phail.

Finally, he changed the name of the guild to “Leviathan” in hopes nobody would notice. This proved to be epic fail, as immediately after the far superior parody guild “Lulziathan” popped up, the best guild EVAR in the game. Leviathan members, then butthurt by this obviously horrible act, will oftentimes “defame” a Lulziathan member’s character. Currently, members find this amusing and ask for moar defame plz.

It should be noted that Curly has changed the names of both his characters already. This has also proved to be a waste of his $20 dollars as players just found him anyway (yes, $20 fucking dollars to change both your characters name.) It is rumored that Curly has spent over $9,000 on the game itself, to create OMFG GODLEH characters by buying over-priced Nexon Cash shit with real money.

“Spechul” Minions

Curly, Holyport and Patsmells in real life

PatSmells: Will suck Curly’s cock at any given moment, but is an equal opportunist. Openly homosexual. Claims to have a boyfriend, but that doesn’t stop him from lusting after teh delicious curly pubic hair. Has deleted and used many of his “friends” for his own self-gain. Also argues 24/7 with 14-year-olds and is like 20-years-old wut? Is in love with his 16-year-old guildmate Reilden, and lusts after this pedophile prey. A video that showed up on YouTube dedicated to him [1]

Eagle/HellsSniper: Is a male in real life, playing a female character. Is Curly’s and so many other's source of underaged loli. Seen everywhar a pro penor shows. Unlike FagSmells though, this one is not actually homosexual, but will conduct in any homosexual activity should it please any of his guildmates or those from FallenStars or HotSauce and other such 'pro' guilds, or even anyone higher lvl than him.

Holyport: Curly’s favorite minion in the guild besides Cocksmells. Will come to KS wars when Curly is losing. Only used for his Bishop classes nuclear DBZ-like powers. Attempts at intelligent communication with this creature result in failure, but at least his power levels are high. (Looting his monster drops specifically results in 100+ lulz points.) Edit: Holyport is one of the few Maple fags who still play. His new character is a battle mage called Auraport, so go say hai!

Memorable Quotes

Jesus doesn't save, he nukes.

These are typical threads with Curly’s responses, proof that he has a real life:



Notice the only one making sense is necroshadow73.

Lol. Too bad I get my stuff for free because I'm awesome like that. I'd rather just get my accounts and equips by merchanting in the real world. You do, what, merchant in game and spend thousands on your cash shop hair, clothes, 2x, etc? I wish I was like you, assy. Beating up kids IRL who are 2x younger and threatening to kick hackers ass IRL online. Ballerrrrr'.


—necroshadow73, telling teh truths

You're an IRLZ maple merchant? Please tell me who cares more about this game.


—Criticizing the dude on GameFaqs, and being completely ironic in the process



—Curly, trying to get past Maple Story’s shitty curse filter



— inb4u, but failing it

I will nuke your maps...with Genesis. HISsssssssssssssss


— Curly, threatening to Kamehameha your monsters

Its all about the grinding baby. Chicks dig someone who can grind for hours


— Curly, delusional Maple Story player

So you're worse than me at two things then: Grinding and bragging. Thats one person so far that I'm better than for sure in this topic


— Curly, failing to realize sitting at a computer for 50+ hours isn't a useful skill



— Holyport, 16-year old Invader Zim fan girl

Notable Emoticons

o_o<---At a loss of words

D:<---"I think I've had too much cawk!" face. Used when he's overdosed.

=O<--- "I'd really like some cawk right about now!"

XD<---Generic laughing face that nobody likes.

o_O<--The universal weeabo face. Used when unable to respond, as he is to busy fapping to his own character.

(>'(>'O')> <---Raping his loli ( Eagle ) and enjoying it.

A Nigra?

A severe case of denial.

Interestingly enough, it is rumored that Curly is indeed a nigra. This is entirely plausible as the consumption of watermelon has led to the seeds swimming straight to his brain, causing him to do lazy nigger things such as play Maple Story. This is why a parent will always tell their child to never eat the watermelon seeds, lest the seeds grow inside their intestines into nigra ones. Expert Lulzologists have diagnosed Curly with “Anti-Nigraitis Disorder”, due to the fact that he only finds playing white female characters appealing. This is his secret desire to be the obviously superior Aryan race through Maple Story’s superior online game-play.

Curly Cash


Hey babies,

My name is Curly, and I hate every single one of you. All of you are fat, retarded, people with lives who spend every cent of their money on actually useful things. You are everything bad in the world. Honestly, have any of you ever gotten any Maple pussy? I mean, I guess it's fun making fun of people because of your own insecurities, but you all take to a whole new level ( Lvl 1 that is, ha ha. ) This is even worse than jerking off to pictures on

Don't be a noobass. Just hit me with your best ilbi. I'm pretty much perfect. I'm leader of the guild Hubris, and was captain of the anime club in High School. What sports do you play, other than "jack off to REAL PEOPLE"? I also get straight A's, and have a banging hot Maple girlfriend (She just blew me; Shit was SO underaged). You are all normal, sensible people who should just kill yourselves. Thanks for listening.

Pic Related: It's me and my lolicon.

How doth thou create butthurt?

An easy way to troll Curly or a Leviathan member is to loot their monster drops ( as shown here) This causes cries of “KSER!” and accusations of harassment. We know of course this isn’t really harassment as harassing a nigra is doing it a favor.

Other ways include:

  • Joining Lulziathan, and trying to recruit Leviathan members
  • Trying to recruit Curly himself
  • …Rejecting him for nigra status (only cool nigras allowed.)
  • Constantly reminding him of his failure IRL
  • Going into their Amoria party quests and looting their shit
  • Create a noob character and spam his whisper chats
  • Defame their character randomly ( IGNS: Letaliter, Letaiiter, Ferociter)
  • Summon on their characters while they're afk
  • Trolling his threads on Gamespot or Gamefaqs ( username: Temporalknight )
  • Not placing a period at the end of your sentence

A great way to cause intense butthurt is to tell a member they are too old to be playing Maple Story. This will cause a response such as, “I am not too old for Maple Story, for it is a game for everyone. Yay verily.” This is also known as “Denial” as a majority of players aren’t old enough to vote and thus people Curly’s age are in the minority.


Only you can prevent forest fires by adding moar Curly failure screenshots! Act now!