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He knows, he missed a spot

Curtis Allgier (also known as Wood and Face-Tatted Skinhead), born August 25, 1979, is a Neo-Nazi murderer. He is known for having the entirety of his face tattooed, prominently displaying his feelings that we must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children. He may have even participated in a curb stomp or two. Ironically enough Allgier has so much ink under his skin he now qualifies as a black person.

Early life

Allgier grew up in a nice, multiracial suburban community in the middle of Buttfuck Nowhere. He got along with all the kids of other races. Then, one day, he got accused of robbing a bank down the street from his house. Since the security footage showed a young white male, the local police immediately arrested him. He was sent to prison. It is here that he was forced to become a White Supremacist to ensure his own survival.

Escape and New Sentence

Not wanting to be someone's slave bitch, he had no choice but to murder a corrections officer and flee to freedom. On the morning of June 25, 2007, Stephen Anderson escorted Allgier to the University of Utah, where Allgier was scheduled for an MRI, because he had been complaining of back problems. While waiting with Anderson in an examination room at the university's orthopedic center, Allgier was unshackled, then he overpowered and disarmed Anderson, and allegedly shot him in the head. After fleeing the clinic on foot, Allgier carjacked a vehicle, and led police on a high-speed chase. Allgier was captured at a fast food restaurant a few miles away, when a man tackled and held him until the police arrived. After getting a new, much more glamorous, sentence of aggravated murder he was no longer anybody's bitch. Instead, Allgier gets dibs on dat ass when a new child molester lands in his cell block. On April 20, 2010 Allgier married a white trash whore named Jolene in the Utah State Prison. The couple never met in person before they said their vows to each other behind a plexiglass window. Allgier was not allowed to rape his woman, unfortunately.


Allgier claims to not be racist. The tattoos on his face alone tell a different story. This article from the internets has the meanings behind the symbols on his face. This video, found on YouTube, shows an evolution of his tats from when he was a just a little tike who ran errands for the Grand Wizard, through his troubled teen years and into his full-retard present form.

There is a portrait of Adolf Hitler, the central figure of Curtis' worship, on his chest. Behind Adolf is a wall of flames, with the words 'honor,' 'duty,' and 'loyalty' inked above him in large font. This mural is best seen when Allgier has his orange jumpsuit's collar popped and his top two buttons opened. The amount of ink on him related to white supremacy is similar to the man with a small penis and his military-spec Hummer H1 trying to compensate.

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