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Using the word makes you end up dying like this

Kawaii (可愛い), meaning "cute" in Japanese, is another one of those terms that has been so abused by weeaboos that it has evolved into their telltale sign. Much like Desu, weeaboos enjoy screaming "kawaii" at the top of their lungs at anything that moves, infuriating anyone who hears them. Terms such as these are why many hope that all of America's "otaku" are deported to Japan, like they apparently want, and then committed to mental wards for acting like retarded children. And for those who are blissfully unaware, in Japan, no one of either gender over the age of 12 uses the word, as every time you say it, your penis/tits shrink.

Being Kawaii

  • Go on YouTube and find some anime, watch it, watch it again, and after you're done, WATCH SOME MOAR GODDAMMIT! COMMIT THAT SHIT TO HEART!
  • Look up some gay-ass Anime fansites and subscribe to them. Better yet, make your own fansite!
  • Learn to talk kawaii
  • Kawaii-ify yourself IRL. You can either go for the classic cute look or the innocent little 9 year old girl look.
  • Go to DeviantART, the main spawning place for kawaii fags like you, and make an account. Make sure your user name is some thing cute happy and fuffy such as, KawaiiKittee88 or maskedsugargirl or Xxbuffy-bunnyxX. Remember, your goal is to burn the thought of cuteness into the minds of EVERYONE ON THE INTERNETS.
  • START DRAWING SOME CHIBIES DAMMIT. It doesn't matter if you can draw or not, all the cool kids do it. Remember, the bigger the eyes the better.

Now that you are Kawaii, have fun in hell, because there is no other home for you. But don't try being kawaii in hell, trying to will only get you to super-hell.


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