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Aspergerbenice.gif This person has Assburgers Syndrome,
so you can't say anything bad! :-(

Be aware of that, you insensitive fuck.




—Yandere the Weeaboo

CuteYandereNeko, FNAF-FoxyFangirlx3, CuteMegucaGirl or Harriet Alicea is a Canadian 14 year old weeaboo from the stinky bowels of deviantART who loves anime and is SUPER KAWAII PRINCESS DESU!!!11 of fucking everything, and if you tell her off, she'll tell you to eat dicks or go kill yourself. Her art is awful and will melt your eyes right out of their sockets, which will require bleach, and has a Mary Sue who is KAWAII just like herself. In Yandere's spare time, she loves to masturbate to pedophilia necrophilia animatronic porn. And she's reached OVER maximum level in being a weeaboo since she thinks Unkawaii is a word.

She seemingly cannot take criticism from others about improving her OC or artwork, as she believes people are bullying her. She also has a lot of crushes, and they're TOTALLY NORMAL!!!11. Actually, no they are fucking not and it's horrifying. She has made multiple accounts (ALL BAWLEETED, but lulz was documented) on deviantFART and dumblr. Yanderfuck also claims she has ass-burgers and was abused by her parents (lol, we all know that isn't true).

Did I also mention she hates Shrek, just like another certain weeaboo?

Yandere's Crushes

Holy cow girl by gummiwings87-d8dkqxm.jpg

That is really gross. The author of this article does not recommend yiffing the fox.

If the above image did not make your eyes bleed, I'm not sure what will make them bleed. Let's not forget folks, this girl is 14 years old! Of course, Foxy isn't her only crush that she has:

  • Thomas The Tank Engine (YES SHE WANTS TO FUCK A TRAIN)
  • Princess Unikitty from The Lego Movie
  • Fluttershy, Princess Luna, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, and Discord from My Little Pony
  • Tony the Clock from Don't Hug Me I'm Scared
  • Scrat from Ice Age
  • Olaf from Frozen
  • Bubsy the Cat (I'm not fucking joking, her new crush is Bubsy. FUCKING BUBSY.)

And I'm not even sure that is all of them, but I'm probably sure Yanderfuck has wet dreams every night about each of these characters. By the way, when she posted that comment on dA, everyone immediately fell over and puked, because that's just as bad as another 14 year old who wants to have sex with a 50 year old fictional man.

Holy shit, she made a hot top ten list for this shit:


Yandere fucked up hot list.png

Bloom Luna / Ruby Luna (Her Mary Sue OC)

In order to fit in the Mary-Sue category, you gotta use a base without creditting the person who made it, and apply colors that gives people eyesores.

Besides the eye-blinding colors, Yandere has seemed to base Luna off of herself, as they both like the same things (EVEN FOXY!) and both get butthurt when you call them out on their BS or anything else. Not to mention, Yandere has also used her shitty Sue to threaten deviants when they have made pretty good fanfiction that makes fun of her and said OC.

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Yandere's Blogs

Yeah, Yanderfuck here has at least two different blogs on the shit site Tumblr. While not much lulz really happened here like it did on her devaintART accounts, I would like to point out her about me:

Aboot me.png

Notice on the bottom where she doesn't want certain people following her? Oh yeah, like that's gonna stop ANYONE from following her stupid ass. Also, you're more than just lame, Yanderfuck. Let's also look at this:

Jfc15 by secret majora-d8bg2fo.png

Remember, kids! If you like Shrek, you are automatically a bad person, no matter the age, and you definitely wanna eat shit! Take note that Yanderfuck has no consideration of anyone, she doesn't even ask if you like Shrek or not, in fact, she thinks everyone is a fan of the green ogre himself!

And besides all that, she's also usually busy white-knighting the FABULOUS Alex!

Jfc10 by secret majora-d8bard9.png

Siiigh, doesn't that warm your heart?

Yandere Loves Drama

Did You Know: It's illegal to cyber-bully in Canada, and all the shit you're about to see is Yandere doing just that

If one thing can be said about Yanderfuck here, it's that she just LOVES drama. If you're just giving her honest criticism, she'll turn into drama, if you draw parody art of her character, she WILL definitely give you drama! One thing that seems to be her favorite however, is when she tells people to go kill themselves, and seems to not feel remorse when doing it either!

Yandere broke the BAWWWMeter About missing Pics
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As what you just witnessed, Yandere is an immature asshole who believes that if someone is pissed at you because YOU did something wrong, that gives her the right to insult you! Which leads us to the biggest boom of this faggotry...

Her Autistic People Need to Be Shot Comment

I shit you not, Aspies and Autistics alike immediately raged and flipped their shit when her comment was made public:

Jfc6 by secret majora-d8b2f61.png

When confronted, she had this comment to say:

Jfc7 by secret majora-d8b2f6r.png

There you have it folks, Yandere has self-diagnosed herself with Autism! Man, I wonder what Chris-Chan would say to this, considering that he thinks that Autists are supreme overlords and Aspies just steal their thunder. HMMMMM I WONDER.

So her Autism WAS Really all a Ploy


Last Thursday, Yanderfuck's sister, Charlotte, hacked her AskEllieTheAlicorn account and Shrek'd it all to hell. She now uses the account to interact with users involved with Yanderfuck herself. Screenshot above is proof from the hacker herself that Yanderfuck DOES NOT HAVE ASS-BURGERS. With that being said, she's also owned Yanderfuck a couple times:

Proof that harriet is a jerk to people by kittycatinahat-d8f7cqo.png

Charolette owns harriet again by kittycatinahat-d8f830k.png

Lol by kittycatinahat-d8f4d00.png

This girl has mad hacking skills if she can hack Yanderfuck's tumblr like that in a flash.

Please. Someone send this poor girl flowers and chocolates for having to deal with such a batshit sister like Yanderfuck.

Yanderfuck's Fetishes

Just like any disgusting person on dA, Yandershit here has her own fetishes. Some of them include Vore or that one fetish involving someone doing the potty dance or some shit, needing to use the bathroom real bad. Besides ruining the minds of many TARTlets on dA about wanting 'Foxy's penis', she decided that it was high time to spread on her profile that she faps to a certain picture:


Nobody gives one fuck if you cry or not.

And JUST what is this link leading to?

Charlotte and Tomoe Mami (Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica) drawn by Sea la.png

And here's another one:

Charlotte (Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica) drawn by YAZA.jpg

And also she faps to the article of clothing Ryuko wears.

Yeah. That. On her old blog, CuteYandereNeko (now deactivated), she had reblogged this, saying that it was FUHCKING DISGUSTING!!!1 during the very beginning of all of her drama.

There is obviously something wrong with this girl. She wants to fuck a robot fox with a dead child inside of it, fuck some legos, and even FUCK A TRAIN. Now, she's telling the world she faps to this shit.

You didn't have to tell us that.jpg

Of course she feels the need to go into lurid detail about it.

She's Back?

Ooooooooooooooooooooooooh by aprilshine03-d8g33hq.png


Oh my god.jpg

She's just ASKING to get trolls on her ass, holy shit.




In other related news I'm sure nobody gives two shits about unless you're a retard, Yanderfuck has come back, evading the ban her parents put on her.

Her Art

What can one say about Yandere's atrocious art? Well, one could say IT'S DOWNRIGHT FUCKING TERRIFYING KILL ME PLS, or one would simply set their computer on fire, because this girl literally draws some really weird shit. Her artwork makes FoodFight! looks like fucking Disney.

NO ONE IS SAFE About missing Pics
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Surprisingly enough, this twat had a fanfic that was never finished really, and boy it was fucking awful.

Here's the first chapter!

FNAF/PMMM/ETC:The Paw of The Crystal Fox chapter 1

Today was a nice day on earth. Oh, who am I Oh yes, sorry before I forget Ill give you an introduction to me my friends and my crushes. My name is Bloom Moonshine Luna, or Bloom Luna for short. I am half rainbow fox animantronic and half diclonius yandere magical girl I am a yandere, a virgo, panromantic, pansexual and I have a lot of crushes, but I will tell you them later, and that doesn't make me a slut or a whore. I love cute underwear nice things, anime cartoons, cute things and pregnancy and pregnancy art. I hate unhappy things being unhappy being called a slut and this disgusting idiot called Shrek. Ughhh And did I mention I come from another planet But I dont wanna talk about my childhood, ok as it makes me upset thinking about it dammit! Don't fucking pester me about it or I will kill you.....I mean will make you go away in the worst way possible, heh heh. And who are my crushes I have a lot but all you out there, i am not a slut. I cannot help having crushes easyily, ok? Anywho, I have a big crush on Foxy the Fox, Mami Tomoe and I have some other side crushes such as Discord, Jeff (The killer... weird huh???), Bonnie the bunny the HTF Flippy and I guess Marisa (from touhou)??? and some others too. And before I start with my story my favorite artists are Evascenesce Skillet and Linkin Park and if you don't like them, get the fuck outta here because I might mention them a lot.

So, what was I saying before I blabbed on about myself? Oh right, the authour, please get started. "Ok Bloom Luna!" Today was a nice day on the blue-and-green planet like Earth (This takes place in an AU where things are different now where characters from different universes can interact and such SHUT UP!!!). After Freddy Fazbears pizza was closed for forever and ever nya, the animantronics was thrown away, inckuding Bloom Luna. She was the last one to have been thrown away and the animantronics were thrown away one by one, so she couldn't find her crush Foxy. Finding this out, she felt very sad and was close to falling into despair. However, days later after trying to find somewhere to stay, she found another Rainbow animal, called Ruby Celestia who loved on Chica. She felt sad and lonely too and was about to fall into despair until she found some nice people there names where Madoka and Fluttershy and if she didn't find them, she would fallen into despair and Fluttershy was Madokas friend. "Hello Bloom Luna I see your sad and lonely, well I feel your pain. Its a good thing I found these nice people Fluttershy and Madoka or I would of fallen into despair because of how lonely I was. They are very nice and friendly" "But Ruby-" "Yes I understand, but dont worry we will find them and I think they are trying to find us too maybe. but their are some other inportant stuff I have to tell you." "What are them?" "Well, there are some nasty rumours of a disgusting asshole called Johnny Test who have made characters pregnant for a currently unknown reason. We have suspected that he is a member of the brogre army" Bloom Luna cried in rage at the mention of the disgusting brogre army, people who liek to have sex with shrek. "WHAT???????????" "Yes we belive the brogre armies ight have done these disgusting rape acts. We have heard that our friend Unikitty got pregnanted so we are trying to find her but while we were looking int his area, we found you. If this rumour is unfortunatly true, it may be your fate, to find and kill shrek. We all need to be careful. "Me and fluttershy have only become magical girls last week" sher said this while holding a cute squirrel-cat-rabbit like creature whos name is Kyubey. "So where do we find shrek" fluttershy asked, which Ruby Celestia replied "We dont know so we need to look everywhere while being careful and we are also trying to find a rumoured thing called the Paw of The Crystal fox that my parents told me about before the brogre army killed them and *starts sobbing loudly" and we are trying to find her parents we dont know what happened to them, they could have been captured and inprinsoed" "Shit, we need to find this Fox paw thing now or the Shrek army could take over everywhere!" Meanwhile while this was going on, Johnny Test kidnapped Sayaka Miki, Freddy Fazbear and Pinkie Pie and planned to impregnate them.

End of chapter 1. :3

Here's Chapter 2 if you actually sat through that shit

Recently, Yanderfuck decided it was time to remake the above fic, and oh my god, PLEASE PREPARE THE BLEACH.

Magical Girl Bloom Luna CH.1

(A few notes before the story starts: This fanfic is a remake of meh old fanfic called “FNAF/PMMM,ETC: The Paw Of The Crystal Fox or some other bullshit leik dat. I wanted 2 remake that fanfic so I did. If you don’t like crossovers or if you like Shrek, please leave now as u may not like dis fic and I use text talk and misspell words on purpose sometimes but not always because I like it and because I sometimes get lazy when i type so if you are going to call me a troll or insult me because of dat, then please get lost as I dont want you mean people. Also, i wrote this as a response to all those idiot brogres on deviantART and on tumblr who make Bloom Luna X Shrek art because they are Foxy X Chica loving losers who cannot handle it when somebody ships Foxy with anybody other than Chica either that or they don’t like that I HATE Shrek, so I wrote this not only as a remake of an old fanfic but as a response that shows that BLOOM LUNA HATES SHREK AND LOVES FOXY! P.S: This is a fanfic dat is a multi-crossover fanfic, where characters from multiple universes meet and do other shit, which explains why animantronics hate Shrek. Are we clear? good. Now i hope you enjoy this)

Chapter 1: Does Foxy love me? The sun was shining and it was a beautiful day outside. Bloom Luna noticed this while she has listening 2 all the evascenescence, three days grace, linkin park, skillet and vocaloid music she had on her mp3 player. Bloom Luna is a careful, 18-year old rainbow fox-wolf animantronic who is also a magical girl and has magical powers that she will use to protect her crush Foxy the Pirate Fox but they are secret (for now) and Foxy is unaware of her amazing and special kawaii powers…She does look a lot like a human but she isn’t one, she is an animantronic like I said b4. Bloom Luna has long purple hair with 1 blue stripe and 1 pink stripe on the top of her hair.. dey r NOT coon tails dammit!!!!, she has blue fox ears with white tips and pink insides, she wears a golden collar and a necklace with a golden pendant dat has a heart in the middle that is pink, a pink shirt with a blue dress on top of it and in the middle of the dress, there is a pink ribbon dat is very kawaii and underneath teh dress she wears white shorts so PERVERTS CANNOT SEE HER PANTIES DUHH!!!!, and she also wears long blue socks and red shoes and she has a long, and very fluffeh fox tail that some is purple, some is blue, and outside the white tip of the tail is pink but it doesnt cover teh blue….i hope dis all makes sense. Bloom Luna has a lot of friends, including her BFF Ruby Celestia who was a cat animantronic who wore a purple dress with black stars all over it and had the same ears as bloom luna, except her ears outsides are dark purple and has black and white tips, she had the same hair as bloom luna, except it is shorta, and the blue is light purple and the pink in at the bottoms of her hair and not at the top and her hair is curly as fuck, she has a light purple collar with a bell on it, and wears purple gloves with black at the frilly part but not on the frilly part of teh gloves, she wears purple socks and black shoes and her tail is purple with pink stripes and a black tip and I also hope that makes sense, Anyway, Bloom Luna was a comedian and had to entertain the little kids, even tho she h8ted it because little kids are very annoying and sometimes she got so annoyed she almost cussed, but she didnt as that would mean she would be scrapped and possibly even thrown away, unable 2 see Foxy-kun, the fox she loved a lot. Sure she had crushes on so many who were both boys and girls, but her love for dem wasnt as strong as her luv for Foxy-kun, she luved Foxy so much and it wouldnt be worth it anyway. So anyway after a long day of telling jokes that made the kids laugh their asses off (not literally), she wanted this day to be perfect, the kind of day that she

dreamed since she started to develop a crush on Foxy the Fox, I mean what’s their not to luv about that Fox, dammit, so it makes sense that she would have a crush on him. She wanted Foxy to know about her intense luv for him and hopefully he would confess his luv for her. Bloom Luna put her mp3 player away. Ruby Celestia asked Bloom Luna a few hours before midnight”Are you sure you want to confess? What if he doesn’t like you, ne? What are you going to do? What if he luvs somebody else?” she asked.Bloom Luna responded to her question, but u could tell she was a bit irritated with this: “I have a plan, okay?” with a kind-of evil smile. Ruby Celestia then said nothing else as she didn’t want 2 piss Bloom Luna off as she is quite powerful and has very sharp teeth, so Ruby Celestia stayed silent, lol. Bloom Luna walked 2 Foxy-kun and wanted to confess, badly. “Um…Foxy? I have something to confess. Umm…I really really luv u.”

But in the middle of her confessing one of the worst possible things happened unexpectinly …, a brogre bitch decided to come inside Pirate Cove. It was surprissing that she came alone as the last times brogres came to attack, they often came in groups, waiting for their asses to be kicked. Bloom Luna thought “Why do these brogres think they can defeat me? Such fools, honestly, if Shrek hates me so much 4 not kissing his ass, he should come and try to kill me, instead of sending these bitches to do the dirty work 4 him”. Anyway, A jealous bitch whose name was Marisa Mouse with Long orange hair, a light orange dress, dark orange shoes and ears,a pinky-orangey mouse tail (duh, she’s a bloody mouse) and star-shaped earrings was furious. How dare Bloom Luna, one of her enemies because she hates Shrek because Bloom Luna finds the movies annoying and boring, try to ask out Foxy, her secret crush. Marisa Mouse, the mean, sarcastic and rude mouse was furious. She screached at the top of her lungs “HOW DARE U TRY TO STEAL MY CRUSH FROM ME! FOXY WILL NEVER LOVE YOU, HE WOULD NEVER LOVE SOMEBODY WHO DOESN’T LOVE THE OGRE-LORD SHREK! THOSE SWINE IN ANIMANTRONIC CLOTHING WHO HATE SHREK, THE AMAZING OGRE-LORD WITH PERISH AND SHRIVEL UP AND DIE AND FOXY AND ME WILL BE MARRIED WHILE YOU’LL BE DEAD! Right, Foxy?” Bloom Luna forgot that that bitch might be over hearing what Bloom Luna was saying to Foxy and was kind of embarassed to have been such a fool. “Shit, where was Ruby Celestia at this time? Was she preparing ways to capture the security guard and kill him all this time. Goddamit, Ruby! Why weren’t you here! DAMMIT!” She thought. Lucky 4 Bloom Luna, Ruby Celestia arrived, transformed. When transformed, she wears a purple tube top, with a frilly light and dark purple dress on top, while wearing purple and black socks, pink shoes and heart shaped dangly earrings. Her weapon is a wand with a pink heart on top. “Don’t worry Foxy or Bloom Luna, as I shall deal with mouse girl slut. “My name is Marisa, and I am not a slut, in fact Foxy is my first crush” Marisa responded, pissed off. “You keep telling that to urself, lass.” Foxy said. “I don’t love you and I will never love you. I only love Bloom Luna.” Bloom Luna blushed and cried tears of joy hearing wat Foxy-Kun said, as she longed 2 hear dat and now she heard that, she cried tears of joy.” Ruby Celestia then said “You brogres should give up already, as you will never win and soon, the ogre lord Shrek himself will die and den you will have to find somebody else 2 worship - if ur still alive dat is, lmao.” after Marisa Mouse bursted into tears. Marisa then screamed “You fucking brainwashed Foxy into loving you, I know you did as nobody would love a slut like u unless you brainwashed them into liking u, bitch! Prepare 2 die, you worthless whore!” Marisa den started to attack Bloom Luna with her powers. “Fake cheese spray!” she screamed as she tried 2 spray fake cheese onto Bloom Luna, in a poor attempt to blind Bloom Luna, but she missed and accidently blinded Foxy. Foxy cried as Bloom Luna screamed and got extremely angry and then got out her wand and screamed “Magical Fox Ultimate Attack Finale!” and Marisa was almost dead, then Bloom Luna and Ruby Celestia then combined both off their powers to kill her forever. Marisa was gone forever as she dissapoeered. It was a good thing that the Cheese spray only blinded Foxy for not very long and then Bloom Luna and Foxy were kissing after they told eachother they still loved eachother again. Dey were passionatly kissing and loving eachother and were being very loud when dey were making luv (but Foxy wore a condom) to eachother as they could bi as loud as the hell dey want when they were making luv. Yes, their luv was that strong. Moaning could be heard from all over the pizzaria and Foxy and Bloom Luna screamed loudly when that orgasmed as that orgasm was so powerfull Bloom Luna and Foxy were shaking and sweating, no it isn’t unhealthy lol. The reason why Bonnie, Chica and Freddy weren’t at the fight scene with Marisa was because they wer planning ways on how to stuff the security guard while having a sexy threesome and they were quite loud, but not as loud as Bloom Luna and Foxy. Anyway, after Foxy and Bloom Luna had sex, The clock hit 11pm. It was an hour b4 midnight. In the meantime while all of this was happing Shrek, the ogre lord was pissed on how weak Marisa was and how she got easily beaten. He saw this because he watched this in his crystal ball in his swamp. He now knew dat he needed more powerful brogres if they were going to “convince” Bloom Luna dat she secretly has a crush on Shrek, dump Foxy and kill/covert all other brogres, and no she doesn’t secretly have a crush on that fat ogre Shrek. Never in a million years, dammit! Anyway while that ugly fat ogre was planning nasty BS in his horrid swamp, Foxy and Bloom Luna had an idea. “So Foxy..” “Yes?” “If we are going to defeat Shrek for once and for all, In order to increase the chance of killing Shrek forever, we should team up with other anti-brogres and make a big team of magical and fantastic anti brogres so Shrek will die FOREVER!” “That sounds leik an great idea, lass.” “I already have Taylor Cherry and my other friends, but a few more wouldn’t hurt.” and they discussed how to get rid of Shrek until teh clock struckd midnight, when all the so-called “fun” began………..ugh…..

Fan-Art Gallery

During her stay on deviantFART, Yanderfuck received lots of KAWAII DESU art from people. I'm serious, this gallery is fucking made of win.

KAWAII DESU FAN-ART NE~ ^_^ About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

Most of these fan-arts though made fun of her, and her shit OC.

White-Knights / People who suck her E-Peen

Pretty much.

Just like with any weeaboo on DA or even the internet itself, one always has an army of white-knights to jump their dick.

Deviantart-favicon.png tsunlollipop - TARTlet who sucks Yandere's E-Peen the most. Draws like shit and uses bases like shit.

Deviantart-favicon.png majesticblueskies - BAWWWWWWs when someone calls her out on her bullshit.

Deviantart-favicon.png magicalpineapplex3 - Came out as a troll account.

Deviantart-favicon.png too-qlitched - Came out as a troll account.

Deviantart-favicon.png tsunderegiri - Came out as a troll account.

Deviantart-favicon.png cutiepiechan332 - Ponyfag in denial.

Deviantart-favicon.png Linezy - If you tell her that her queen does something wrong, she'll go batshit insane and say bad things about you on your screenshots she mentions to Yanderfuck

Hm by secret majora-d8aw1fd.png

How the fuck anyone thinks she's a nice person is a mystery to me.

Rants Done on Her

VeggieBeBitchin' Takes a Bite at Yanderfuck

It's an hour long, but the Black Parade rips Yanderfuck a new one.

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