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Cute Overload is, as the title implies, an obnoxiously cute website specializing in baby animals, more baby animals, and grown animals that look like baby animals. The site also provides the sauce material for many animal image macros, though most are of the ICHC variety.

The founder and main poster, Meg, communicates with randomly CAPITALIZED words, textual renditions of a bad French accent, and a strange vernacular of her own devising -- half "lolcat," half baby talk. Commenters slavishly imitate her and repeat "dead from cute" and "omg brain esplody!" ad nauseam.

Some argue that Meg is an obnoxious retard, but others point out that her particular brand of disgusting cuteness has probably provided her with unlimited disposable income from a job that involves looking at puppies all day.

Ridiculous drama

One might not expect a website about cute animals to have any drama beyond people arguing over what color of kitten is the cutest, but when one remembers that the site's primary audience is PETAfags, crazy cat ladies, and 16-year-old girls, one recognizes the potential for limitless idiocy.

Cats 'n' Racks

One ongoing controversy concerns the image category Cats 'n' Racks, which obviously involves cats (and sometimes other animals) hanging out in between chicks' boobs. Predictably, every time one of these gets posted, some feminist has to get butthurt about all the sexism, or compare it to porn even though there are no nips ever, or just make stupid comments about "omg claws!" like that'll somehow dissuade hot girls from putting kittens down their shirts (it never does, thank God).

This looks shopped

In some cases, cute pictures are obviously shopped. In others, they are obviously not. Regardless, someone will inevitably assert that they can tell by the pixels, and accuse the site of fraud.

Cat washing

Did you know that washing a cat is abusive and will traumatize it for life? It's not like cats have an effective long-term memory of about two hours, or anything. No, if you wash your cat for any reason, it will never recover. Unless it had fleas, or got splattered with paint, or has a skin condition, or was sprayed by a skunk. Those are legitimate reasons, so kitty will be fine.

Tasty animals

It's probably not a good idea to allow a cat to play with baby rabbits, or to give a dog a chick, unless you want to clean the results out of your carpet.

However, because so many of the site's readers are rabidly childfree, the biggest animal-eating drama ever was sparked by a baby gnawing on a cat. Commenters were convinced that the cat was being tortured, and rooted for it to turn on its vicious sprog oppressor and claw the shit out of it. The sentimental mommies of the site, on the other hand, lamented the parenting stupidity that could place a cat and a baby in the same room.

Coming in a close second was the drama caused by posting pictures of an azn baby drooling on a puppy, because someone had to whip out the Korean food jokes, and then the rest of the thread involved everyone insisting that they don't find racist jokes funny, the liars.


Meg once posted a picture of an irritated cat sitting on a toilet seat with the title "Get out of my goddamn pink bathroom." The reaction would lead one to believe that most of the commenters had never been to a website besides CO, and had thus never been exposed to such horrifically foul language.



In March of 2006, Slashdot linked to CO, which had the usual DDOS effect. In retaliation, one of the CO posters put up a retarded list of nerd stereotypes that were old meme in junior high.

Slashdot, being used to this sort of thing, decided to ignore it and turn their site pink as an April Fool's prank instead.

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