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CyberArmy is, according to their mission statement, "a community of computer enthusiasts who provide assistance to individuals and organizations to help them make effective use of the internet as a tool for education, communication and collaboration."

Nobody really cares about that though. They do seem to care about rank however, clinging pathetically onto a shitty American rank system, like a bunch of arse felching rankwhores. If any of the members dare to say that the ranking system is shit and should be removed, it is met with much squealing and bleating.

Site Emblem - you know what the black ribbon means.


CyberArmy hosts a medium-sized IRC network which is mostly quiet, but has been known to produce high-quality lulz.

Circa 1997-2000 it was a nexus of l337 h4x0r activity and spawned a few groups like "ph33r the b33r" and "hackweiser", but now a lot of them moved on to other places in the great coming of the false white-hat revolution and so now the place is inundated with mostly half-wit plebs who talk about what their cat ate for breakfast last week and now comprises of a community that smacks more of an emo-nest who are led around by various techni-twats trying desperately to get them to do anything worthwhile. What actually happens is that they give up and get a 'Ret' beside their screen name on the website. This indicates that they have failed utterly as a human being, and should join the ranks of people like agentmike, who is also a rankwhore there.

Also a number of 'challenges' are hosted. These challenges are primarily placed there to see which members cheat to win so they can be avoided as necessary from being given whatever sort of actual responsibility is lying about the place. Since there is no way to actually beat these challenges, the only reason that people who supposedly 'pass' them are not banned is because they are given reprieve from being punished if they continue to perpetuate the myth that there is actually something to be solved.

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