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A typical cyberbunny ready for love

Cyberbunnies are the bane of all the Internets. They are made up of 16 year old girls, pedophiles and FBI agents. In roleplaying sites, they are often cleverly disguised as young anime chicks wearing lingerie and posing suggestively for horny fifty year olds everywhere. Usernames range from 2hot4u to hotgurl_lookin4ablow and they introduce themselves with "hi cutie asl???//" The teasing and tricking of these fucktards usually lead to lulz all around. Cyberbunnies are closely tied to Pedo hunters

General competence

The IQ of cyberbunnies are seldom above room temperature, and as a result they typ lyk d1s and don't understand complexities such as sarcasm, common sense or dignity. It is incredibly easy to bait a bunny into a private room and make him or her believe that you are just the right age and are Brad Pitt or Pamela Anderson.


One can gain quite a few lulz from tricking these failures at life into cybersex, only to do something completely impolite and inconsiderate to the poor, defenseless cyberbunny. An example is IRC's BloodNinja or Dave's group of lollercoasters. Lulz occur during the "Bunny Baiting", the building-up, and the aftermath. It is a wise idea to log the entire event and post it on one's LiveJournal so as to further humiliate the 16 year old slut. Some ways of ruining the cybersex would be to:

  1. Be impotent
  2. Find everything sexually appealing except the cyberbunny.
:01:50:30 [Mercedes] get redy for me baby
:01:50:47 [roaden_blonde] takes off her bra
:01:51:08 [Mercedes] spred ur nice legs 4 me
:01:51:08 [roaden_blonde] man dont u know wat size of bra i wear 
:01:51:27 [roaden_blonde] spreads her legs open
:01:51:54 [Mercedes] here is my pic
:01:51:57 [Mercedes] []
:01:52:37 [Mercedes] hot eh?
:01:52:43 [roaden_blonde] it hought u waz 15
:01:53:05 [Mercedes] hah i lied
:01:53:20 [roaden_blonde] ha ure a man hore
:01:53:32 [Mercedes] i not a man hore
:01:53:42 [roaden_blonde] yea u r
:01:54:16 roaden_blonde exits from this room
:01:54:22 [Mercedes] u wana stil cybar?
:01:54:26 [Mercedes] ...
:01:54:30 [Mercedes] ;.;

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