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Moar info: D-malice.

Rounds on IRC

<%ShardDax> I was still gonna go deleting all I found

<%ShardDax> Userpages, articles, etc.
<Pory-tan> lol



—Made his 3 day ban turned into a one week ban.

<ShardDax> Meh alright then, have fun supporting bad trolls and trying to get Lmte his job back.


—ShardDax, Earned him a one month ban, and still clueless that 'talking shit = moar ban'

Rounds on Twitter

I sure hope you're watching me Tweet about it, because I'm doing this as hard as I can.



A month, for deleting spam on a page and removing something from my talk page? What the hell? I have projects, articles in wait, A PORTAL...


—ShardDax, how will ED survive without him?

@juniperjade Nah, Subseven's mad I'm deleting spam, therefore I'm "edit warring" or something. He needs to just fuck Icky and stop crying.


—ShardDax, Strike Three, he talked himself into a year. Goodnight sweet prince

It really is; looks like Subseven's having a nervous breakdown in real-time - RT @Thayora @shard_dax's talk page is hilarious



Subseven, still reading my Twitter? Count how many Music EDitors ED has now? Was it still wise you banned me for reverting a spammer? #lulz


—ShardDax, learned absolutely nothing from EDS1

Hey Subseven, told ya that you misunderstood me. Think I'm white-knighting for EDS1 when really I just think Metokur is fail-troll central?


—ShardDax, Totally not whiteknighting EDS1, he's just very concerned about a troll site with 5 active users

Because, we all know that #internets are #srsbzn and all, and that deleting one loser's spam is totally white-knighting for someone you h8


—ShardDax, because people always write songs in defense of "someone they h8"

The End?

Eventually his ban was lessened to a week, but not before he issued this hilarious ultimatum:

[01:54:49] <ShardDax> If sherrod doesn't work this out

[01:55:02] <ShardDax> I'm not coming back
[01:55:12] <ShardDax> And ED is completely cut from my record



—ShardDax, Threatening to break it off with ED forever if Sherrod doesn't do what he wants