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The pieces of fail for which he calls himself "the King of Stamps".

dA--stamps. (his new user name dA--bogeyman) , Rodney or The King of Stamps. A pedophile, creep, asshurt TARTlet and attention whore whose gallery consists mainly on tons of shitty, poorly done stamps, lots of chicks showing her faces and a message he asked with ass-kissing messages about him such as "dA--stamps kick ass", "dA--stamps is awesomesauce" and some terrible OCs he made.

He was kicked out from several dA stamp groups in the past and putted in his place for being a dramafag because they didn't allow him to use the groups as he wants. He also pretended to be a 19 years old person when he is actually more than about forty fucking years old.

So, kids, in this article you will see why you should be careful on the internets, and we will teach you there are faggots like him that is better to stay the fuck out to.

Conflicts with groups

One shiny day, around january of 2011, while dA--stamps was very happy masturbating to teenage girls, he has thought he can treat other groups as if they are of his own. But for our poor little dA--stamps, it wasn't that fucking easy :'( . Mean admins were blocking him from their groups for not respecting the rules of such groups.

DA--stamps was too retarded to even see the rules of the groups as seems, so he just decides to do what he wants. He also blocks them after throwing a bitch fit to avoid a reply, something that shows out his cowardy. And to top it all, he can't even insult properly, mispelling words like "DOUCHE BAG" and abuses the capslock key.

After all this cryfest, the devianTART admins suspended his poor ass.

Some of the admins of stamp groups provided some caps of his lulzy reactions of when his shit get declined, sometimes by the votation of several admins. Get prepared to feel all the RAEG!!!!!

DA--Stamps lies about his age

I was very young and this was my third concert. I had two older sisters (at the time of this show ages 16 and 14) and they were rock chicks and my parents made them take me to shows to "babysit" me. Lucky me, unlucky them LOL. They both had boyfriends and were holding hands/making out the whole time with them at this concert - I drank a coke and enjoyed the concert.


—DA--Stamps, admitting he went to a Ozzy Osbourne concert in September 19, 1981

The ticket of the Ozzy Osbourne concert he has gone in question

When it consists on failing at faking their age, DA--stamps is fucking sucessful at it.

On July 15, 2011 he posted on this forum thread claiming that he was 19 years old. When some TARTlet asked him how does he have tickets from 80's concerts, DA--stamps just replied "My father does those concert stuff ;)".

Oh, really?

Well. Let's take a look at his concert tickets gallery. Nothing weird at the moment, just some tickets to concerts of metal and rock musiOH WAIT WAIT! ...in the description it says Live concerts I have gone to. So it means little DA--stamps went to this concert. Even in the description says he went to this concert in 1981.

Considering all the previous, any imbecile would know this faggot has been lying about being 19 when he's currently a 42 year old basement dweller. And with this face, he was asking for signs to each teenage chick he was seeing.

Freakness and misogynism

Just to enumerate some shit regarding to his ackward views regarding sexuality and sex,

  • he is a member of lots of groups of female sexuality and pr0n.
  • he has faved lots of photos of teenage girls, many of them praising him.
  • he has faved slutty pictures of Candace from Phineas and Ferb, who is 15 16 years old.
  • he is a member of groups for teenagers and young people, considering he is more than 40.
  • he thinks male nudes on the internet are bad, but female genitals and tits are A-OK.
  • his stamps... well fuck it. Just take a look at the gallery below.

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The retard has to make lots of stamps about women addicted to sex About missing Pics
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Because we all know DA--stamps likes them About missing Pics
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Advertising yourself: YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG

In order to get fap commisions a.k.a fansigns and change it for 25 deviantART points, DA--stamps was found spamming all the galleries that could contain photos of chicks. After this, he was suspended (AGAIN!) and he had to conform with giving llama badges.

During his suspension, DA--stamps used another account, Deviantart-favicon.png stampstampede to continue being on devianTART and leaving in the same fansigns that were appearing posts with "puretty". The dumbfuck couldn't make it more obvious since he was commenting on the same fansigns and making stamps with the same horrendous style.

Reactions to negative response

Evidently, DA--stamps can't handle his shit not only in groups blocking and declining his stamps for being a DOUCHE BAG douchebag, but also with anybody calling him out or questioning his creepy behavior. He tries to hide them flagging comments as spam and blocking people from the group he is founder, Deviantart-favicon.png stampsunlimited, not without before leaving hilarious replies.

Also he calls everyone calling him out a "troll", a "liar" or a "hater" or someone jealous of him, which is utterly ridiculous because nobody would be jealous of a disgusting neckbeard without a life.

He has denied everything about being a creep, even when there is proof of him faking his age. Also he denies he has broken the rules of the site, when he was spamming around other accounts and harassing other members.

lulz and DOUCHE BAGGERY!!!!!11! About missing Pics
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