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First Class all the way for $Spyed and his Jew.

The devianTART World Tour 2009 is a great big lulzy holiday adventure provided for two lucky adminz (one the Jew!!!1!1!111one!!11)! Of course Jew and $Heidi totally deserve a little trip around the world for all the great and worthy effort they put into making people give them money - to improve the site for the public (and pay for 1st class tickets and several mansions in Hollywood)!

WTF happened to Saturday?!?!


—$Heidi, on her failed attempt to count days of the week.

The team has just departed from Los Angeles and are still suffering from having jet lag - oh, the sacrifices they make for their adoring TARTlets, makes you feel so grateful; just like what Jesus did for us with the Romans and dying and all the other shit I learrnt but have now forgot! They've arrived now in sunset city Sydney, the uncapital of Austria where they'll meet the loving Aussies for the first time! Bet they can't wait.


Yes, seriously, these are the people who run devianTART. (I hate the retards who always spazz out at the front of photos.)

The journey's path overall has been kept a mystery for a reason we all know will prove useful to us in someway or another in the near future. What is known:

  • Forty Days long.
  • Cities most populated by TARTlets. See Below.
  • Burn Subscribers money with first class.
  • Meeting at art centers in each city (i.e Sydney Opera House).
  • Both $Heidi and $Spyed will keep everyone updated through journals.

Call for B& Ones

If you've experienced a blow from the mighty banhammer on dA, then you may want to make a scene about it! It has been recommended by Successful Troll (blatant self advertising) that you make sure to attend a deviantMEAT, and cause as much dArama as possible! There is a vast potential for epic lulz to be had - make sure you film it!!!11!11!1!eleven1

Cities Visited so Far:

Correlations in Cities Visited

It has now become blatantly obvious that the cities being visited, are not being visited because they have a high number of TARTlets, nor because the TARTlets are dA fanatics. Instead, the cities chosen, are chosen simply because they are places $Heidi would like to visit. Or where $Spyed's bureaucrat admin friends acquaintances live.

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