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DTV Forum

DTV Forum is an Australian internets forum for digital TV and AV which is run by nerds obsessed with their e-penis and is a magnet for trolls, spam and fucktard n00bs, which can make it a good source of lulz.

The Forum

Typical DTV Forum post.

DTV Forum only has 2 mods for 30,000+ users. This makes it an easy place to troll and spam because it takes at least 100 years for the posts to be deleted since the mods are never online.

Every new member must have 5 posts before they are able to start a thread. This is a lame attempt to stop spam instead of appointing more mods which has failed miserably. New members are encouraged to use The red text thread and the Secondary Red Text thread to bump their post count to 5. However, some fucktard n00bs don't post in the red text threads and post rubbish in current threads to bump up their post count.


1337 h4x0r on DTV Forum.

The main source of lulz on DTV Forum is the HD-DVD & Blu-ray section where Blu-ray fanbois get crucified by the senior members of the forum. Many lulz can be had by trolling this section of the forum by posting Blu-ray propaganda all over this section.

Periodically, DTV Forum is trolled by complete fucktards who don't get the message and keep coming back. Many lulz are had by laughing at these trolls.

Trolling DTV Forum

You can troll DTV Forum in these lulzy ways:

  • Post about a reception problem in a completely irrelevant section of the forum.
  • Digging up old threads.
  • Post your 5 test posts in random active threads.
  • Post your 5 test posts in old threads.
  • Start a flame war with any senior member.
  • Post Sony and/or Blu-ray propaganda all over the HD-DVD and Blu-ray section of the forum.
  • Post LG propaganda and rave on about how good LG products are.
  • Post about how pointless HDTVs are.
  • Post Irrelevant questions about projectors.
  • Claim that you are an employee of a TV network.
  • Start a flame war with an alleged TV network employee.

How to troll DTV

In case you is stoopid and don't know how to troll because you is noob. Here is how:

  • 1-Visit and sign up to DTV Forum (Link on bottom of page).
  • 2-See list above and troll.
  • 3-????
  • 4-PROFIT!

Attack from the Black Jewish Fag

Last Thursday, teh DTV Forums was gang raped by a Black Jewish Fag. Guaranteed lulz. Black Jewish fag was banned immediately because the forum is racist and homophobic. And everybody just hates Jews.

Other Known Trolls

Steveb's first wikicide.
Steveb's second wikicide attempt, then gets pwned.
  • Blownpixel. Posted utter bullshit about projectors. It was thought that he was banned, but the fucktarded mods don't know what a permaban is and he came back 12 months later and started trolling again.
  • Panasung. Posts pointless shit about HDTV and flames certain forum members. When suspended for 3 days, he started his own forumto flame DTV Forum members and teh mods.
  • Steveb. Employee of NBN television, which trolls IRL in north western New South Wales. Criticizing NBN results in Steveb flaming the member that criticizes NBN which provides many lulz. Also known for committing a wikicide and returning 3 days later.
  • veratyr_99. Claims to be an employee of PRIME television, which trolls IRL in Bendigo, Victoria.
  • Santa. Leftard who seems to think he owns everything, including time itself. Spams the off topic area with anti-government propaganda.
  • Aloysius. Spams the off topic area with pro-government propaganda to troll Santa.
  • ibanez25. Misguided youth looking for attention. Author of this page.

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