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Police.gif This article is completely true
The logo for the Kos, depicting Markos burning the American Flag. If you look closely, you can see a tattoo of the Freemasonry movement on the flag-holding man's hand.
Alternative 2008 Daily Kos logo.

Daily Kos is blog where pinko retard basement dwellers highlight the moar deluded of the leftard section of the tinfoil hat crowd's conspiracy theories about George W. Bush, conservatives, and the state of the nation. Articles on this shrill blog repeat how Bush stole the election ad infinitum, that Dick Cheney is a robot when he is actually just an eminence gris, and fantasize about Ann Coulter being a man. This last claim is particularly cruel in view of the Daily Kos viewpoint that shemales should always be identified as women.

The Daily Kos is a prime example of why we should be warming up the ovens for most bloggers.

Protip: 90 percent of the groundbreaking news on Kos is bullshit. Posting it on any intelligent forum will make you look like a retard. Don't believe me? Walk right on over to reddit's /r/politics section, where over 90% of the articles linked are from this blog.

A History

Daily Kos was founded by a beaner and closet homosexual named Markos "Kos" Moulitsas Zuniga in 2002 after spending the previous six months "interviewing for a job" with being trained by the CIA. Created to "fight the right in the blogger wars," it has become a popular clearing house for pinko news and propaganda. Like its sister site, Wikipedia, posters don't care about facts, but see the site as a vehicle for truth-free propaganda, and treat their own wild-eyed theories as common knowledge. Some also believe that Markos, being born on September 11, 1971, is the main-brain jew behind WTC.

Kos the paid consultant

In 2004, during the Democratic Party presidential primaries, Markos was a paid consultant for the Howard Dean campaign. You see, Kos is close friends with Joe Trippi, Dean's former campaign manager. He hardly told anyone about his being on the Dean campaign's payroll, and only disclosed their relationship after being pressured by media watchdogs. He finally posted a really super pissy disclosure for the duration of his time as a Dean consultant. To this day, he hates anyone bringing up his consultant work, and dodges the question about it.

Joe Trippi, Howard Dean's former campaign manager, is now the campaign manager for John Edwards' 2008 presidential run. The fact that Kos has been shilling for John Edwards since the beginning of 2007 is surely an unrelated coincidence.


  • The site has a very interesting policy on comments, barring new users from commenting on the first day they sign up. That is because they are fascist and fear dissenting thought.
  • They constantly have blog wars with Little Green Footballs in an attempt to see who can penetrate the other's tinfoil most deeply.
  • If you offer a dissenting opinion, the moderators constantly ask for "proof" that your opinion is right, even if you've already given it. If you continue to give dissenting opinions, you will be labeled a troll and have your posting "privileges" revoked.

User Diaries

Average Daily Kos contributor, Bertrand Newton

Because founder Markos Moulitas is a paid CIA disinformation agent charged with discrediting the liberal movement and is thus usually too busy cashing his CIA checks to provide adequate material for the blog, Daily Kos is now driven largely by user diaries. These generally fall under one of the following general headings:

  • "My brother's friend lost his job FUCK YOU GEORGE BUSH *UPDATE* My brother's friend is still unemployed after two years FUCK YOU GEORGE BUSH!
  • "I have an opinion about Israel. Does anyone else have an opinion about Israel? If so, we should argue about Israel on my user diary."
  • "Let's pretend like we rightfully despise Christianity."
  • "Hey, somebody just sayed something we disagree with, the GOP must be planting shills!"
  • "That idea is totally unrealistic and would never work in the real world, good job, we all agree."
  • "Fuck the war, and everyone who fights in it, they are all mother raping, baby killing, fascists...but I support the troops."
  • "Republicans don't care about poor people. Does anyone else in my gated community agree? My butler does."
  • "Bill O'Reilly is a liar. Who cares that he has the number one watched cable show in the world." Not to say that Bill O'Reilly is not a liar.
  • "It's conservatives fault we have high gas prices. Do you know how much it costs to fill up my mini van when I drive my 4 ugly, c-student kids to no-contact tag practice or to leadership counseling?"
  • "I'm pro-choice. And no, its not because I'm to fat and ugly that no one will fuck me...FUCK YOU GEORGE BUSH!"
  • "King George McChimperor BusHitler killed my dog! FUCK YOU GEORGE BUSH!"
  • "Evil Right-Wing Fascists Vote Against Democratic Collective Farm Proposal"
  • "I rock my jolly putting my dick in men's shit-holes and have pride in doing so"
  • "Ron Paul is a racist loon and 1000 times worse than anyone else, except Ralph Nader who is even worse"
  • "Hey I have a dumbass idea, let's root out all the Blue Dog caucus from the party and primary their asses!"
  • "BREAKING! Ron Paul supporters and Hillary-loving PUMAs caught red handed giving donations to Blue Dog Democrats and Ralph Nader. And I just lost my job. Waaah!"
  • "Global Warming: It's MUCH, MUCH WORSE than we thought 3 days ago when I posted my last panic diary about global warming"
  • "Stop calling it 'global warming' dammit, call it 'global cooking' or 'global baking'. 'Warming' is a corporate scam to downplay the urgency.
  • ONOZ WE'RE DOOOMED and billions of people and polar bears are gonna drown because the oceans are gonna rise 50 feet because George Bush stole the 2000 election from Al Gore. FUCK YOU RALPH NADER!!!"
  • "BREAKING: Big bad evil Monsanto plotting to kill our honeybees with aspartame and genetically modified crops"
  • "Hey, any furfags here staying in Pittsburgh for Anthrocon after Netroots Nation is over?"
  • "Coal industry is evil, evil, evil. No such thing as clean coal. Shut it down now, the coal industry is a bunch of baby-killing fascists...but I support coal miners."
  • "Hey, I have a dumbass idea, let's all turn off our lights for one hour at the same time to protest something. That way we won't have to actually do anything."
  • "Help! Harry Reid and Blue Dogs sabotaging single-payer health care YET AGAIN!"
  • "I has more pootie pixplzkthnx can has mojo now?"
  • "Donate now! Leave it all on the road! Stay the fuck in line! And don't forget to add $0.09 to your donations so they'll know it came from the netroots."

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