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Do not let your daughter go on YouTube until this monster is banned from the site
Looks like Estreich is as fat as he was in 2008

Internet Scammer Damien Estreich (pronounced "Ass-trick") is the newly appointed leader of the Youtube Street Team, and YouTube Community Censor. He also is responsible for the infamous YourTubeNews propaganda channel on Youtube. He is believed to be the leader of the much loathed Kewl Kids Association, but due to the secretive nature of that group, no positive confirmation (or denial) off his position within its ranks has been forthcoming.

A high-profile and well-connected member of the YouTube community

Quote from the YouTube Blog, 11 January 2007;

Many of you have pointed out that we should be vlogging more ourselves, including site updates like this. I'm terribly camera shy, but we've asked a high-profile and well-connected member of the YouTube community, Damien Estreich, to help broadcast these messages (in addition to the ones we produce ourselves). He's working on his first one as we speak.


[email protected]

High Profile

It is a well documented fact that Damien Estreich does not have a high-profile. His YourTubeNews channel on YouTube simply has an artificially inflated number of subscribers because YouTube Head Office has put him on their new account signup invite page over ten times in the last three months.


Damien Estreich has registered a few URLs which he pretended were linked to a real business (aka teh Industry). He talked to a few other lonely and/or unemployed YouTube members on Stickam. He had the email addresses and the IM contacts of a few members of the YouTube Head Office.

If this really amounted to being well connected in the eyes of the YouTube Management Team then they would have treated the average 16 year old girl with a MySpace like a media mogul.

Damien Estreich Admits Encyclopedia Dramatica was right. About Everything - 1/29/2007

Damien Estreich, Leader of the Street Team, announced that everything that Encyclopedia Dramatica had documented was true.

vlog - Back in a week!:) - From YourTubeNews - 1/29/2007

This was posted 5 hours after ED revealed Miaarose's Official website was hosted on YourTubeNews.Net and 3 days after ED revealed Damien Estreich had used his YouTube privaleges to scam Miaarose onto the most subscribed lists.

Hey everyone! I'll be back in about a week or so. I have a few loose ends to tie up and some work to get sorted out. I'm working on some very exciting projects at the moment! :D

including helping Mia Rose with her music career (taking it from online to real life) and website, etc. which is really exciting. It's such a blast working with other YouTubers and seeing something real come of all this!! :)

I've been working with DirecTV as well as Associate producer, the pilot I've been working on just got green-lighted to series! woo!

BUT Most importantly I'm getting ready to fly over to Caifornia, to spend a week and a half at YouTube to see whether we can bring this to the next level and make sure that you are all informed officially about what is going on at YouTube!

we'll be working on a lot of awesome things including harassment curbing features and ensuring that user needs are reflected in the YouTube product, so that the well meaning members of this site can continue to enjoy it. :)

I'll be in touch with everyone very soon! No doubt there will be awesome interviews and misc footage put up on the YourTubeNews channel shortly.

So everyone Keep Smilin! and keep having an awesome time in our wonderful community.

Damien Estreich

dear YOUTUBE - From Paperlilies - 1/29/2007 - Posted at the same time as Damien Estreich's video - Posted at the same time as Damien Estreich's video

Is a commentary really necessary on these videos? Estreich was only telling the "[b] well meaning members of YouTube [/b]" what Encyclopedia Dramatica forced him to tell them by ED publishing the information when he would not; (Please note ED refrained from publishing Damien Estreich's flight details as it is impossible to guarantee that Jewish Extremists do not read public ED articles).

Paperlilies was only preparing the way for a [b] Triumphal March Video [/b] she intended to make a couple of weeks later as her Glorious Leader returned with the Discretionary Banhammer of Sycophant. YouTube HQ claims that he never received the BanHammer, but persistent testing of this theory has shown that he definitely has the Instant Messenger address of someone at YouTube HQ who does, and he will contact them if the price is right.

Why was Damien Estreich chosen as Street Team Leader instead of Argent009

On the surface both men appear to be very similar:

  • Both are morbidly obese.
  • Both are bald.
  • Both are virtually unwatchable due to extreme ugliness and facial muscle twitches.
  • Both are scammers who talk about community while acting only out of self interest.
  • Both are unemployed (although Estreich will now get handouts from YouTube for making propaganda broadcasts).
  • Both have violent tempers and are internet tough guys.
  • Both make crap videos that no one watches (see Estreich's personal porn channel for proof).

The only difference between the two men is that Damien Estreich treats everything that he learns or hears as a secret to be exploited for personal gain, whereas Argent009 makes a video out of everything he learns or hears, including the voices in his head.

To pamper his own ego, Estreich will often tell people that there is something that they do not know or something that they do not understand (usually adding "about teh Industry"). He will never go on to tell people that what it is that they do not know or explain what they do not understand, in case one of his simple scams become exposed to public scrutiny.

A study of greed

Here all, see all, say nowt,
tak' all, keep all, gie nowt,
and if tha ever does owt for nowt,
do it for thysen

When the RandiandJen's Apple Mac commercial video got featured on YouTube on the same day the account was opened, Estreich's ego compelled him to state that there was "more to RandiandJen than met the eye".
Any normal person would have been happy to let their peers know that the video's director was Tracy Peterson, who is internet-famous for stealing ideas from genuine viral videos and using them to make commercials for Facebook, as can be seen on the RandiJayne YouTube channel.
Rather than make this simple assertion, Estreich videoed himself beating off as he watched 3000 people post "WTF? why was this video featured?" in the videos comments.

So who is damienstreich?

Damienstreich was Born Yorz T. Noods, in Queensland Australia. His mother was part Aboriginal and part Maori. His father was part Truck Driver and part Alcoholic.
Damien spent most of his life in youth-offender centers for theft until he figured out that the easiest way not to get caught was to get some other fool to do the actual stealing for him.
Once he got out of youth custody he went straight to the local prostitute (who just happened to be a retard who spent all day putting together jigsaws). After convincing the prostitute that damienstreich was well connected in "teh Industry" he spent two months mooching off her and helping her with jigsaws (at this time he registered the www.HouseOfJigsaw.net URL).
The prostitute became pregnant and said that damienstreich was the father, although it was later discovered that she had told 23 other men that they were the father too. After the baby was born she asked damienstreich for maintenance payments. His response was to beat her so badly that she was hospitalized for a month.
As a result, damienstreich can now only make supervised visits to the prostitute's house and these visits are videoed in case either party decides to bring legal proceedings against the other.
Since the courts were taking all damienstreich's welfare money to cover unpaid child support debts, he could not afford prostitutes any more. He turned to the internet to look for young girls who would e-blow him just because he said he was well connected in "teh Industry". He found that the girls on YouTube would only "show tits" when he said he worked for YouTube, so he decided that he should create a "YouTube Community Channel" to make his lies sound more plausible. From this idea the YourTubeNews channel was born.
As damienstreich has become better known as YourTubeNews, he has tried to shake off all his old "friends" who only knew him as damienstreich who posted CP videos on his account.
He still resorts to using various Talented people to help boost honorz and with his background in prostitution, it is unlikely that this will ever change. He is known for having millions of YouTube accounts, all possible misspellings of his name, which he uses to favorite his own videos.


  • YouTube Co-Worker Michael Powers has given Damien the power of online communication to "do whatever Damien wants" on the YouTube.

Updated Faggotry

More recently, Estreich has come out of the woodwork again. Attempting to lure a new artist into his clutches, he has been blowing up Ana Free's YouTube videos with fake views. Along the way he has successfully added views to the last six videos she's posted. His faggotry knows no bounds. His calls himself an Artist Manager now and operates under a fake company named OMGmgnt.com. Check this fat fuck out at OMGmgmt.com or DamienEstreich.com.

Please check out Ana Free's cover of Yellow by Coldplay at youtube.com/anafree. It's so obvious that her new manager, Damien boosted those views given the fact that there are only about 100 comments, 30 of which are from Ana Free. There are over 200k views with literally no real traffic. Way to go, Ana. You really hired a stand up guy.

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