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Oh look! It's Dancing-In-Fire's natural habitat. Stupid Wigger.

Deviantart-favicon.png Dancing-In-Fire is a prime example of moronic 12 year olds on the internet who is yet ANOTHER Ausfailian. Not to mention she is Austral-Azn's number one fantard. As her name states she will be soon dancing in flames as she has started a war on a popular artist. Dancing-in-Fire thinks she's something she's not, JUST LIKE HER HERO AUSTRAL ASPIE. She too draws shitty Kingdom Hearts OCs and bad fanart of Organization XIII What makes it worse is that Dancing in Faggots claims she's 14 but is actually a twelve year old. DELICIOUS LOLI! Sadly, she is made up of so much fail even Pedobear wouldn't tap her. Thus begins the story of the failure loli troll.

Dancing-in-Fire A Troll? HELL NO

Screens were capped. Trolls appeared. Austral fans went batshit insane. A great troll's massive personal army appeared. The little shit didn't know hat she was getting into and tried to protect her beloved Ausfailian lover, unknowingly messing with an experienced troll. Dancing claims that she is a completely literate and well respected, which contradicts everything she has said below.

I told her to get a life, not "FUCK OFF" and "YOU LOSER" and btw you just wasted time on something I hardly read. Also people who draw "crappy" OCs have a right to do so, It's their art and they can draw anything they want, regardless if shin-zo approves or not.



Wow, what impressive linguistic skills!

The intelligent troll's retort:

I do wish you'd pay attention- this is a valuable lesson, one to add onto your education. Listen and learn, my dear, take critique like a stronger person than most everyone on dA, and you might just profit. I do highly recommend you re-read everything you just skipped.

The 'fuck off' and 'loser' parts were merely examples- if I were quoting you, I would have simply copied and pasted, I would have thought this was obvious. And I did pile the emphasis on a little heavy-handedly, forgive me if that was too much for your likes. but my point was simply that telling someone to get a life is an insult, and a totally redundant one if they do, in fact, have a life. See, now if you'd told her to, say....'stop being a bitch', then you would be totally right to say so. Saix is one of the first to admit that she is a complete bitch. Hell, her nickname is ' puppy', if we're going to get nitty-gritty. And I do not challenge your right to draw OCs at all. ...Disney might, since that organization XIII jacket is legally theirs and not yours to slap on whoever you want, but hey, I can overlook that for now. It is totally within your rights to draw whatever you want- you could draw a penis on a plate and call it art. But, since you're well aware of your right to draw, you should also be aware of Saix's right to like or dislike your art, and to say so. You've posted pictures on a public forum for all the world to see, and regardless of if you say you want critique or not, Saix's freedom of speech means that she can tell you, in no uncertain terms, what she thinks. However, the moment you start hurling abuse- that is, death threats, swear words, etc,- you've crossed a line and encroached on HER freedom. it's complicated, but basically, as long as she's not threatening you, she can say anything she wants, but if you come to her and tell her not to talk to certain people, you're actually in the wrong.






This is undeniable proof that Dancing-Faggot is illiterate, incredibly stupid, and cannot handle the truth.

Moar lulz?

you know what? you are a real fuck-mook, honestly you are so retarded I could gut you with a knife and your mum would thank me for it. The only reason why she'd cry is because she no longer get's her fifty-dollar-retard-allowance. My point is that you think it's alright to laugh at people just because they've been on the streets? The fuck is wrong with you? why don't you go back to eating out the twat of your retarded lover Austral-Retard or whatever her name is? also, there's no way in hell you are 14, and stop givng a bad name to Australians

have a nice day, signed, one of Sora-X-Riku's Loli's -> [link] I hate people like you



Since being butthurt over 9000 times wasn't enough, she continued to make failed attempts at trolling Riku, which ended it was so badly that it would put EFG to shame. Dancing began to insult Riku by claiming she was a crackhead bum who couldn't party NEARLY as hard as she could, which evidently started all the lulz. SHE CLAIMED SHE CAN DRINK HEAVY LIQUOR, GOES OUT TO PARTY WITH PIMPS, AND CAN GET HIGH AT THE SAME TIME. We, of course, know for a fact that this is a lie. Good thing there's a warning, looking at this journal unprepared could cause your eyes to explode.

Use scrollbar to see the full image

Lolfailure (2).png

The Personal Army

IT GETS BETTER. The artist she trolled had a huge personal army, who pwned the fuck out of the twelve year old loli wannabe-drunk. We have screencapss of this lulz for your enjoyment.

She's Full of Shit

After the fail journal came out, her so-called "friends" came out providing lulz and drama by telling her that she was full of shit and should leave the cool kids alone. This led to Dancing-Faggot's butthurt. Of course she whined, begged and claimed that her brother who went to school would kick their asses. Below is a screencap of her friend's journal, calling her out on her massive fail.

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Gelar win.png

This is undeniable proof that Dancing-Faggot is a liar. Funny how when threatened by the right person, your own friends will turn on you. Win.

For Great Justice

YOU TOO CAN JOIN IN THE LULZ. Simply post a big word over 9000 times on her page. She has the IQ of a baby on acid and will therefore go into a rage because she cannot understand. Post any dramatic thing you can think of to make her shit herself just like her idol Austral-Azn. This will lead to her become an hero.

Please collect your medals

If you are going to participate in or hack either Austral-Azn or Dancing in Fire. Please collect your medals.

Please collect your medals by Shin zo.png

Dancing in Faggots Has the Best Gallery EVVVUR

The moment you all have been waiting for. HER SHITTY ART!

Dancing claims that she should be able to draw whatever the hell she wants without other people giving critique on her shit art and complaining about it. This also proves that she is yet another tartlet who's not able to handle the truth Let's take a quick look at her gallery of Mary-Sues and Original shit characters. Wait, that's not all! She completely traces fucking everything in her gallery, just like Austral-Azn! What a great influence!

UH OH! She ADMITS SHE COPIES ART! It was imagec0rrupt3d's style too. OH NOES!

OKAY! I copied Image Corrupt3ds style of eyes, but thats only cause I like em! the rest of the pic was drawn by me, but alas, I do not own the awesome characters! lol, this is an Entry for ~IchigoxAki *Dragon88L 's contest! go and check it out! Rily [c] ~IchigoxAki Ienzo [c] *Dragon88L

wish me luck guys!~




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